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Wallace & Gromit In Project Zoo Cheats for PS2
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Wallace & Gromit In Project Zoo PS2 Cheats

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Wallace & Gromit In Project Zoo

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Destroying Enemies 100%
Most enemies can be destroyed with Gromit's hand to hand combat moves. Use them instead of your weapons. You might need to stockpile ammunition for other tasks.

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Finding Coins and Tools 98%
Coins and Tools will make magical chime sounds when you are close. Look around using L1 and L2 if you do not see them the 1st time.

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Polar Bear Locations 98%
On the ice level, there are 3 caged Polar Bears that you have to free. The 1st one is close to the platfirm over the steam jet where Wallace is. Go to the top of the tower with the rotating platforms near Wallace, and aim down at the handle that's above the pole that the cage is hanging from. (it's near the base of the tower) Shoot it 3 times to lower the cage to the ground. The 2nd one is on a cliff behind a frozen waterfall. Once you get wallace to fix everything at the top of the tower. you will find a switch that will make a pipe shoot water into a pool above the cliff causing the pool water to flow over the cliff, revealing the caged polar bear cub. When you cross the side river in the cave, go to the other side where there will be a few pressurized switches. Jump on them all before the timer goes off, and a rope will lift the 3rd caged polar bear cub out of a big metal box.
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Aiming At Distant Targets 98%
Gromit automatically sights enemies in 3rd person view. When you hold the L1 + L2, the auto- aim is turned off, allowing you to aim for distant or difficult targets.

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Destroy Spike Balls 98%
To destroy a spike ball, perform a smash jump on it a couple of time, and they will explode. For the giant spike balls, you will need to to this a few times. Just make sure that you don't do it while their spikes are sticking out.

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Octave Security Puzzle 98%
When Wallace and Gromit get to the Octave Security in Act 4 Part 1 of the Warehouse level, shoot the large padlock on the big gates with the turnip launcher. Afterwards, when Gromit walks up to the large keyboard on the floor of the room, the keys on the keyboard demonstrates the sequence of notes/keys that Gromit should stand on. It is quite fast and a light comes on above the keys, but not necessarily above the key that Gromit needs to stand on. Also, there are 3 notes, then four, and finally five. When Gromit stands on the 1st 3 correct keys, the next sequence will be quickly be demonstrated, and the same happens with the 3rd and final sequence. There are 8 keys on the keyboard. The 1st sequence is 1 2 4. The 2nd sequence is 5 3 6 5. The final sequence is 4 6 7 5 3. Wallace and Gromit can now go through the doorway to the next level.

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Bonus Level 96%
After you rescue the baby, go to the area where the elephant has knocked down the doors. To the left of the doors leading to the next part of the jungle is a water chute. Jump into that water chute and go into the hole. You will reach a bonus level.

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