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Battle B-Daman Cheats for GBA
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Battle B-Daman GBA Cheats

Rating: 4/5 VOTE
Battle B-Daman Cheats

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Battle B-Daman

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Night Blade 85%
When you get the golden pass, enter HIDDEN SWORD.
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A quicker way 2 night blade 53%
Don't listen 2 him! enter HIDDEN SWORD when you have the silver pass so u'll have quicker.
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Zero codes 53%
Hidden blade "gives you night blade "gives you spirit dragon", ancient spirit ", thunder dragon "gives you Gourai-Ryu", edge of fire "gives you Flame Blade", gust of wind "gives you Repumaru\Shinobi Cat", cats love fish "gives you the part CAT BARREL. By the way it meows when you b-dafire."
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Battle B-Daman Cheat 50%
Battle B-Daman

Bronze Pass Zero Codes (US)

Effect Password

1000 B-Dabucks B-DAMAN
2000 B-Dabucks WING NINJA
3000 B-Dabucks B-DAFIRING
Chicken Barrel A CHICKEN!
Iron Stabilizer STEEL BOOT
L-Shoulder Grip, HOT FLAMES
R-Shoulder Grip,
Booster Boots
P. Bottle Magazine BIG BARREL

Sliver Zero Code US

Effect Password

"Aqua Zepher" Armor Set FROM THE SEA
"Flame Blade" Armor Set EDGE OF FIRE
"Progress One" Armor Set THE ORIGINAL
"Reppumaru"/"Shinobi Cat"

Zero Codes (Gold Pass) (US)

Effect Password

"Emerald Mirage" Armor Set GREEN ILLUSION
"Gekifuu Ryuu" Armor Set DARK WINDSTORM
"Gourai Ryuu" Armor Set THUNDER DRAGON
"Spirit Dragon" Armor Set ANCIENT SPIRIT
Stream Pegasus GIFT FROM ATLUS


Costume Change

Under B-Dabattle, if you press the R button on the character

select screen, you may change your current character's costume,

for certain characters only.


skull dragon

beat pete alot of times [about 100-160] to get skull dragon when I

did this it took me a long time
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You get a chicken barrel!
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Battle B-Daman 953032How do I get all the b-damans after finishing the story, I have beaten Enjyu like a 100 times (and im not kidding), and I still can't buy the last part of lightning kahn, am I supposed to use a certain type of b-daman or beat him without taking damage or something like that? Answers: 3
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