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Bionicle: The Game Cheats for GBA
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Bionicle: The Game GBA Cheats

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Bionicle: The Game

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All Toa Symbols 100%
Go to the passwords screen and enter 3QQQGC. Toggle from toa to toa nuva by pressing R.

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Have Onua's Level Done 100%
To complete Onua's level, just go to passwords and put in "WLBQBB".

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All Toa Missions Completed 100%
Enter FD555B as a name.

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Unlock Minigames 96%
Unlock a selection of 6 minigames by entering unusual names. Start a new game and choose one of the names below as the name of your character. After the adventure begins, save your game. When you reset and select a single-player minigame, the name's listed game will be available.

Name - MiniGame

8mr472 - ussal crab dig

9ma268 - ngalawa boat race

5mg834 - koli football

3LT154 - kewa bird riding

V33673 - huai snowball sling

4cr487 - ignala lava surfing
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Defeating Makuta 67%
Enter J+B%%% as a password. when you get to Makuta, pay attention to the color on his back. press R to change your blast to that color. hit his back till he falls.
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Takanuva 67%
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