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Final Fantasy 4 Advance Cheats for GBA
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Final Fantasy 4 Advance GBA Cheats

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Final Fantasy 4 Advance

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Completion bonuses 100%
Win the game and continue from your cleared saved game file, then explore the surface of the moon until you see a face-shaped rock. Enter it to access a fifty level dungeon. The Music Player option will also be unlocked in the Extra menu.

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The 50 Floor Dungeon 100%
Win the game once and then go searching on the moon's surface for a boulder that's shaped like a head, with a face.
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1991 Developer Team Office 100%
When you get to the Underworld for the 1st time, defeat Golbez in the crystal room. Get access to the armory, then go down to the weapon/armor room. Go behind the pillar that is between the 2 shop desks. Move up from there to enter the hidden Lali Ho Pub. Now, move to the right to the dark spot on the floor. You can move through the wall from here. Climb down the stairs to reach the hidden 1991 Developer Team Office entrance. Enter the hidden area to chat to the game developers.

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Cecils Dark Side 100%
Do NOT attack Cecils Dark side, this is tha fastest way to win. If you attack his dark side you will win, But the voice will be disapointed. Alls you have to do is wait it out and heal if need be, you will win in around 3 rounds.
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Fast Level gain as Paladin 100%
Before you go up Mount Ordeals make sure you buy the Light set of armor. Go up Ordeals, after becoming Paladin kill off other party members (SPOILER, since you lose all these characters soon anyways) and proceed to mop up undead. The light armor protects against undead and your new sword destoys them fast. Enjoy fast level gains:)
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How to beat cecils dark side 20%
Ok you need to have like around 30 hi-potions and attack him with your sword alot and he will lose trust me hes hard but you have 600 hp so its no big deal you can beat him!
By: 2075416(4)
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