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Game Boy Advance (hardware) Cheats for GBA
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Game Boy Advance (hardware) GBA Cheats

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Game Boy Advance (hardware)

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Maximum HP (for Gameshark only) 100%
This code is only for Gameshark users that use versions 3 or 4. The code is as follows:

6FD8F5 + 682946 + F70F67-4BC3AF

This code gives all of your characters Maximum HP in Rivira: The Promised Land.

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Nintendo logo return 100%
To return the Nintendo logo after it disappears, press A + B.

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System suspend 100%
Pause your game, then press Select + R. Your game will still be active, but the Game Boy Advance will be in suspend mode to save power. Press Select + L to return to normal operations.
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Pause loading 100%
Press Start + Select at the introduction screen after the 1st sound (swoosh). The Nintendo logo should disappear as it makes the Mario pause sound, and the system will pause (lock). Then press any button after the 2nd sound (ping) to bring back the Nintendo logo with another sound, and the game will continue to load. *** This only works for Game Boy Advance games.

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Adjust screen size 100%
Press L to make your screen wider and R to return it to normal when playing a Game Boy or Game Boy Color game.

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In-game reset 100%
Press A + B + Start + Select during game play to reset most Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games.

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Classic Game Boy game colors 100%
Other color schemes for classic Game Boy games may be selected at the Game Boy Advance logo by pressing the following combinations. *** This only affects regular and not color Game Boy games.

Combination Background Color 1 Color 2

None Green, Blue Red Red

Up Brown Brown Brown

Up + A Red Green Blue

Up + B Dark Brown Brown Brown

Left Blue Green Red

Left + A Dark Blue Red Blue

Left + B Green Green Green

Down Yellow, Red, Blue Yellow, Red, Blue Yellow, Red, Blue

Down + A Yellow, Red Yellow, Red Yellow, Red

Down + B Yellow Blue Green

Right Green, Red Green, Red Green, Red

Right + A Green, Blue Red Red

Right + B Invert Invert Invert

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Game Worm Cam: Animation 98%
You can create a small animation that lasts for a minute and make it appear on your screen. When your turning on the game. press Up, Down, R, L, Select and go to the editor. You will have an option to make the little video.

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Have all Houses 33%
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