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Incredibles, The Cheats for GBA
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Incredibles, The GBA Cheats

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Incredibles, The

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Level Passwords 100%
Use these codes on the Password menu:

Level 1-1-1: MSW5

Level 1-1-2: BK8V

Level 1-2-1: 69NN

Level 1-3-1: GFVY

Level 1-3-2: V34K

Level 2-1-1: 94HR

Level 2-1-2: ZWLG

Level 2-1-3: SP??

Level 2-2-1: KDY3

Level 2-3-1: Y27F

Level 2-3-2: 6!2N

Level 2-3-3: BHBV

Level 2-4-1: MQR5

Level 2-4-2: 3YTK

Level 2-4-3: ?6DS

Level 2-5-2: 6?SR

Level 2-5-3: SNJ5

Level 3-1-1: MNW9

Level 3-2-1: BF8Z

Level 3-2-2: 65NS

Level 3-2-3: YVKK

Level 3-2-4: KGTY

Level 3-3-1: SDR6

Level 3-4-1: Z3ZB

Level 3-5-1: 9?5M

Level 3-5-2: FC73

Level 3-5-3: NL2?

Level 3-6-1: VXBG

Level 3-6-2: YWKJ

Level 3-6-3: GJQZ

Level 3-7-1: KHP2

Level 3-7-2: 313K

Level 4-1-1: ?!JT

Level 4-2-1: ML17

Level 4-3-1: YXFC

Level 4-4-1: GHV1

Level 4-5-1: VW4C

Level 4-6-1: YX!F

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Level Select 100%
Go to the cheat-password menu and type in ycp6 and it will take you back to the menu. you should notice a number at the bottom. Click the l r buttons to change the number. The fist number is the 1st level and the 2nd number is the 2nd level and so. Note : it will not tell you the player.
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