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SD Gundam Force Cheats for GBA
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SD Gundam Force GBA Cheats

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SD Gundam Force

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Super attacks 100%
Notice the yellow bars under your life bar. Keep attacking an enemy. Once it gets filled up or is all glowing, press A + B.

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Zero: Techniques 100%
While charging, you can release 3 attacks.

Hold B and release once the sword is glowing. You will shoot 3 swords out.

Hold B + Up, then release B. You will shoot a laser that turns into a tornado when you hit a target.

Hold B + Down, then release B. You will shoot a ball that hits the enemy repeatedly.
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Levels 100%
Notice the sphere like object at the top right corner. While you are fighting, it grows. Here are the changes:

Level 1: Nothing

Level 5: Improves attacks

Level 9: Killer level (otherwise hyper)

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Captain Gundam: Fighting technique 100%
Hold Down to use shield and press B to fire his gun. You can also double jump with him. At level 5, his gun gets a bigger projectile and his punches become stronger. At level 9, his gun and fists are very powerful.

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Bakunetsemaru: Fighting technique 100%
Repeatedly press B to slash an enemy. At level 5, the slashes are faster. At level 9, the slashes are even faster. Use this if you want to make a combo.

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Captain Easy combo 100%
Hold up and keep pressing B rapidly
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Soul Drive Activate 100%
To activate soul drive you must first fill up your switch bar ( top left corner) and Press A+B at the same time until your character flies up and a picture of your character will appear
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Bosses 98%
If you are having trouble defeating Bosses, use Zero The Winged Knight, or the blue character that flies all the time. Hold B to charge then hold Down and release B. Repeat this and you will defeat the Boss a lot faster, if you are level 9.

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Zero: Fighting technique 98%
Fly and press B to shoot the laser. He can charge. At level 5 the swords will go from top to bottom, the ball gets bigger, and the tornado get larger. At level 9, everything is stronger. *** Do not lose a life, or you will have to repeatedly press A + B to get back in. If you are too slow, you will lose a level or two. If you are fast enough, you will lose just half of your level, and can keep fighting to get it back.

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Bakunetsemaru: Slashes 98%
If you slash an enemy and get a 50 hits or more, your Soul Drive (the level indicator) will stop until you stop the combo. After you stop the combo, the Soul Drive will go up considerable. For example, if you make 498 hits and are at level 6, you will see your Soul Drive go up to level 8.

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