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Sigma Star Saga Cheats for GBA
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Sigma Star Saga GBA Cheats

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Sigma Star Saga Cheats

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Sigma Star Saga

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Unlock Sigma Ship 100%
Win the game once to unlock the Sigma Ship in random encounters.
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Final Boss trick 100%
The final battle with the overlord can be very difficult. However, there is one trick to beating him. Equip a gun type that can shot at a down-left angle. Then simply fly right in front of his forehead, the only place none of his attacks can reach.

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Psyme endings 100%
In the final battle with psyme she is in a battle worm and you have to fight her. If you only shoot out the 3 cannons on top she remains alive to the end. But if you shoot out the eyes on the bottom of the screen she dies, and is out of the last cut scene.

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