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Sims 2, The Cheats for GBA
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Sims 2, The GBA Cheats

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

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Sims 2, The

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Fissionable Plutonium 96%
Chat to Penelope Redd again. She will tell you she knows a rich fool who is selling it. Chat to Luthor and pay him 300 Simoleons. Check your mail, then pick up the plutonium behind City Hall.

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What Digs Beneath Episode 95%
The microfiche that Jimmy the Neck talks about is in Frankie's house, downstairs by his refrigerator. You can only get it in this episode.
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Shovel 95%
You will get the Shovel after gaining trust with Ara's father and chat to the man that needs the briefcase. He will give it to you.

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Scrap Metal 95%
Chat to Optimum Alfred in the Optimum's Tech Factory. He will have you play the chop shop game. You must find sum1 strong enough to rip out the iron shelves. Chat to Jimmy the Neck and he will do it for you.

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It All Came To An End 95%
Get Motorscycle Plot (150 points).

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Aliens Arrived 95%
Get Weirdness Plot (50 points).

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There Was This Mummy 95%
Get Mystery Plot (50 points).

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Restore Health 93%
Every time you pass a skill level, your health meter is refilled.

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Rubber Waders 93%
Chat to Penelope Redd. She will tell you to chat to sum1 who works around water. Now, chat to Olde Salty.

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Get 3000 simoleans 92%
It's easy to do it...
But you need to get 10 nuclear rods first. After that, go to the "Blackout!" episode.
Now, follow where Kayleight going. (To the Nuclear Plant). And then, after you get a call that Kayleight has fallen ill, go to the Pawn Shop and talk to Ava Cadava. Then one plot has complete. Now, go to the Medical Center (In Front Of Your House). Now talk to Mamma Hogg and keep talking until the conversation complete. Now, go to the Warehouse (Just go Left from your house until you see a Warehouse) and go up. Then pick the middle lock, left lock then right lock. Now, the lock has been unlocked. Go to the left lock and go inside. Then, you should pass out there. And after you have wake up, go to the Hall and talk to the woman. After that, go to the Garden that near the Zoo and talk to the woman that inside the Garden. Give her 1000 simoleans and you'll get a Dermapearl. Now, go to the Salt Mine where Lord Mole live, and talk to the Lord Mole. Now, use your Drencher and drench into the crystal. Try all of it until you found a thorium. Now, get back to the hall and talk to the woman again. Now, you'll get a cream. Go to the Warehouse again and go inside. Take all of the nuclear rods. Than, you'll see that the plot have complete. Now, press "SELECT" and then "QUIT EPISODE". Now, choose different episode. Go to the buyer that close to the Nuclear Rods. Than sell all of your Nuclear Rods and you'll get about 3000 simoleans by selling all the Nuclear Rods that you get from the "Blackout!" episode.
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A Very Special Reunion 90%
Perform a GBA/GameCube link (Cube and Cube Sims 2).

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Passing Out 88%
You can pass out when the little meter under the level display is empty.

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5 Story House 86%
I saw that there is a cheat here that says that you can make a 4 story house, not 3. Well if you keep adding staircases and flooring on the next floor and walls you will be able to make up to a 5 story house and then a roof to.

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Unlockable Episodes 55%
Unlockable How to Unlock

"Aliens Arrived" Episode Buy the new plot twist "Weirdness" after completing any episode
"There Was This Mummy" Episode Buy the new plot twist "Mystery" after completing any episode
"It All Came to an End" Episode Complete all the other episodes except "A Very Special Reunion" (You don't have to get good scores)
"A Very Special Reunion" Episode Link up with another Gameboy Advance
By: rhandy344(276)
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How to get high ratings 50%
Well first of all to impress the woman you have to fill the friendly/intimadating or romantic bar
then to impress the dad you have to have done all the missions
to impress the girl you need to find the hidden want
to impress the boy you need to complete the errand
By: rhandy344(276)
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Health 50%
How to get your health refilled- have a conversation and the your health bar will be filled.
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Fast Money 36%
Enter a Episode... Enyone...
Then, run to the casino and play.
Then you can play all other places.
And press "SELECT" then "QUIT EPISODE" And start ower again :D

And... you kan sell the stuff you find to the worker, I don't remember the name of the place.. Run pass the saloong and the funiture store. And just run to a man with a blue hat :P

(I'm not so good in English... :S )
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Child Maid 24%
Hire a maid, then kill her. Then the next day in the Sims, hire a maid again and a child maid will come to your Sims' house
By: NintendoFan(722)
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More money 16%
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