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18 Wheels Of Steel: Across America Cheats for PC
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18 Wheels Of Steel: Across America PC Cheats

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18 Wheels Of Steel: Across America

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Your own music 96%
Copy your Wave music (if converted to Wave) into the any of the folder in the music folder in the 18 WoS Across America folder located in the My Documents folder in Windows Explorer. During gameplay, press J for the Jukebox and your music will be there.
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Truck Dealer with a big selection of trucks 93%
If you're looking to buy a new truck then you should go to the truck dealer at San Francisco. To get to it, you need to go into San Francisco city and drive round the semi-circle bit of road on the west side of the city. The truck dealer is about half way round. This truck dealer has a big selection of trucks and sells the most expensive ones too. Hope this helps any of yo virtual truckers out there who can not find those darned truck dealers.

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New Truck 92%
In Miami,right on the highway below the city,there is a truck dealer with lots of trucks.If you want a new one,this is a big selection. Hope you have the money!

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Get $110.000 87%
At the start menu, start out easy. When started press n and go to econemy. Then at the bottem it says loan $10.000. Press it 10 times.

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Serbia-belgrade-master 53%
18 Wheels of Steel: Across America

Custom music
Copy wav files to the music folder in my documents. During the game hit J to play your custom jukebox.
Note: This involves editing a game file so please save a backup of the file before proceeding.
Edit the config.cfg file in the My Documents\18 WoS Across Americafolder and add the following line:

uset g_console "1"

Start the game and press the ~ (tilde) key which opens the console andtype cheat (a space) followed by the cheat you would like to use.

money -- +$100,000
dealers - All Truck Dealers
drivers - All Drivers
stars - 5 star rating

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18 Wheels Of Steel: Across America 326077The cheat i'v try in g_console dont work ! can anyone help me with that? please answer somebody. thanks Answers: 1
18 Wheels Of Steel: Across America 776397When I try to play 18 wheels of steel "haulin"it says o.s. not supported.can you help please and try to answer mine next Answers: 1
18 Wheels Of Steel: Across America 968425HI, I stopped getting special cargo offers. Anyone else have this happen, and did they ever come back? Thanks! Answers: 0
18 Wheels Of Steel: Across America 788381Can I have a cheat for 18 wheels of steel Answers: 0
18 Wheels Of Steel: Across America 968424I've noticed the running costs increase dramatically each week. Is this a bug or built in to the game? Makes it hard to succeed. Thanks! Answers: 0
18 Wheels Of Steel: Across America 979600Whenever I have a cargo, and im transporting it and I get to the weigh stations, I go and I stop on the blue symbol until it says "Ok" and then I leave, but sometimes when I do that, a cop pulls me over a ticket for "disregarding weightstation"? Is there a key im supposed to press when im at the weigh station? Answers: 1
18 Wheels Of Steel: Across America 786196How to get special cargo offer in 18 wheels of steel across america Answers: 1
18 Wheels Of Steel: Across America 639088How do you pump the gas? Answers: 3
18 Wheels Of Steel: Across America 681825I just delivered a special cargo from S. Francisco to Boston and am still there. I found a cargo of steel with some kind of a some just below the details of the cargo. The sign looked like it was written "lb", what's this? Answers: 2
18 Wheels Of Steel: Across America 19617How do i get more drivers Answers: 1
18 Wheels Of Steel: Across America 736327How I can play with a steering wheel Answers: 1
18 Wheels Of Steel: Across America 94970How do you switch the fuel tanks Answers: 4
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