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Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit Cheats for PC
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Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit PC Cheats

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Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Empire City Track 100%
To race on the Empire City Track, type "empire" on the game setup screen.
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Increased Traffic 100%
For more traffic, type "rushhour" on the game setup screen.
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Get unlimit no2 100%
Press x o and [] in the air and land on a cop then press all those bottons again  
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Bonus Cars 98%
Description: Enter these codes at the game setup screen.

El Ni?o :elninor
1965 Ford Mustang :go09
1966 Chevy Pickup :go10
1971 Plymouth Barracuda :go05
BMW 5-Series :go04
Cargo Truck :go03
Chevy Express Van :go14
Ford Econoline Wagon :go08
Ford F150 Pickup w/shell :go06
Jaguar XJR-15 :jag
Jeep Cherokee :go07
Mazda Miata :go01
Mercedes CLK GTR :merc
Range Rover :go11
School Bus :go12
Taxi :go13
Toyota Landcruiser :go02
Volvo Wagon :go15
Volvo Sedan :go16
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Cheat Codes 98%
Enter one of the following codes at any menu before begining a race to activate the listed cheat function:
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Speed up the game 98%
To enable all cars, type "gofast" at the game setup screen.
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The other way : :) 98%
Type the cheats below then click RACE to drive the different non-player cars.

go01 -Miata

go02 -Toyota Landcruiser

go03 -Cargo Truck

go04 -BMW 5 Series

go05 -71 Plymouth Cuda

go06 -Ford Pickup with Camper Shell

go07 -Jeep Cherokee

go08 -Ford Fullsize Van

go09 -64/65 Mustang

go10 -~66 Chevy Pickup

go11 -Range Rover

go12 -School bus

go13 -Taxi - Caprice Classic

go14 -Chevy Cargo Van

go15 -Volvo Station Wagon

go16 -Sedan

go17 -Crown Victoria Cop Car

go18 -Mitsubishi Eclipse Cop Car

go19 -Grand Am Cop Car

go20 -Range Rover Cop Car/Ranger Vehicle

go21 -Cargo Truck (same as 03)
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Unlock All Cars 98%
To enable all cars, type "allcars" at the game setup screen. *** This only works for multiplayer mode.
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Police Cars 96%
Description: To unlock the police cars, enter these codes on the game setup screen.

Ford Crown Victoria go17
El Ni?o ecop
Lamborghini Diablo dcop
Mitsubishi Eclipse go18
Pontiac Grand Am go19
Range Rover go20
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Race with more traffic on the roadrushhour
Police yell comments during chasebullhorn
Fast car in single race modegofast
All cars are fast in single race modemadland
Use manual transmission as if it were an automaticmonkey
Empire City trackempire
El Niņo bonus carelninor
CLK GTR bonus carmerc
Jaguar XJR-15 bonus carjag
El Niņo pursuit carecop
Diablo pursuit cardcop
Enable all carsallcars
Jaguar XJR-15 and all secret police pursuit carsnewcars
Mazda Miatago01
Toyota Landcruisergo02
Cargo Truckgo03
BMW 5 Seriesgo04
71 Plymouth Cudago05
Ford Pickup with Camper Shellgo06
Jeep Cherokeego07
Ford Fullsize Vango08
65 Mustanggo09
66 Chevy Pickupgo10
Range Rovergo11
School busgo12
Caprice Classic Taxigo13
Chevy Cargo Vango14
Volvo Station Wagongo15
Crown Victoria Cop Cargo17
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cop Cargo18
Grand Am Cop Cargo19
Range Rover Cop Car/Ranger Vehiclego20
Knock Out Loser Truckgo21
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Police Talk 96%
How to: To hear the police talk while racing, type "bullhorn" on the game setup screen.
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Money rich fast. 40%
Type in richfastmoney
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NFS 40%
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Nissan gtr 38%
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NFS 25%
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