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Championship Manager 03/04 Cheats for PC
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Championship Manager 03/04 PC Cheats

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Championship Manager 03/04

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Excellent Players 100%
Goalkeepers- Victor Valdes

Kasper Scmeichel

Defenders- Wayne Bridge (Chelsea)

Gabriel Milito

Tieme Klompe (Heerenveren)

Mike Zonneveld (NEC)

Midfielders- Toledo (Cantanzaro)

Rafael Arles Castillo (Bucamaranga)

Fredy William Thompson (Comunicones)

Daniel Carvalho

Thiago Motta ( Barcelona)

Ricardo Quaresma (Barcelona)

Strikers - Georgi Kakalov (Litex)

Daniel Braathen (Skeid)- Best Player

Dagoberto (Athletico Pirenese)

Carlos Tevez (Boca)

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Championship Manager 03/04 players 100%
Here is a list of the best youngsters available at the game (all the U20 that have a -2 potential ability!

johan absalonsen


igor akinfeev

robert almer

traquillo barnetta


valeri emilov bojinov

alberto bola?os

stephen brennan

alex brosque

jeremias caggiano

darren campbell

franco cangele

michael chopra

lee croft

jeppe lund curth

michael dawson

luigi della rocca


carlos diogo

evandro roncatto

fabio santos

gastsn fernandez

santiago fernandez

osmar ferreyra

simon francis

yulian gunchev

hiroyuki hayashi

german herrera

tom huddlestone

robert huth

akin ibrahim

andr?s iniesta


jonan(athletic bilbao)

georgi kakalov

naoya kikuchi

kim young-kwang

francesco lodi

damian luna


javier mascherano

maxi lopez

james mceveley

alberto medina

mourad meghni

juan carlos menseguez

james milner

riccardo montolivo

luke moore

boy-boy mosai

russell mwafulirwa


benjamin onwuachi

mario ortiz

papa waigo

patricio perez(velez)

jorge pina

leonardo pisculichi

renzo pozzi

rodrigo fernandes(botafogo)

rodrigo tiui(fluminense)

gonzalo rodriguez(san lorenzo)

roger(ponte preta)

mauricio romero

klaus salmutter

jurgen saumel

alessandro simonetta

jose sosa

jos? soto

steven taylor

anatoli todorov

jorge torales

yury tsigalko

vagner leonardelli

carlos villanueva

ben watson

john welsh



jose julian de la cuesta

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Best players of the game 100%

Bodipo(racing Santander)

Simon Davies(Totteham)

John O'shea (Man Utd)

Cavanagih(river plate)

Kim Kallstrom(Sweden)


Dagoberto(brazil U21)

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Good Young Players 100%


Chris Kirkland

Andreas Isaksson


Fabricio Collocini

Phillipe Mexes

John Welsh

Micheal Dawson


Alexander Farnerud

El Hadji Diouf

Kieron Dyer


Freddy Adu

Fernando Torres

Milan Baros

Wayne Rooney


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Great Squad 100%
My Newcastle Squad


Victor Valdes (Barca, 2.2mEuro's)

Shay Given (Newcastle)


Phillipe Mexes (Auxerre, 5.75mEuros)

Jonathon Woodgate (Newcastle)

Aaron Hughes (Newcastle)

Julio Arca (Sunderland, 4.8mEuros)

Steven Taylor (Newcadstle)

Daniel (Bahia, 4.3mEuros)

Jose Julian de la Cuesta (Athletico Nacional, 1.8mEuros)


Jermaine Jenas (Newcastle)

Fredy William Thompson (Comunicaciones, 800kEuros)

Arteta (Ranger's, 5.25mEuros)

Kim Kallstrom (Djurgarden, 2.4mEuros)

Jan Kristiansen (1.9mEuros)

Pezzarossi (Comunicaciones, 2mEuros)


Freddy Adu (FREE)

Alessio Cerci (Roma)

Sauzo (Cagliari, 2.8mEuros)

Mohammed Zidan (4.2mEuros)

Marat Izmailov (CSKA Moscow, 3.5mEuros)

Robinho (Santos, 20mEuros)

Roque Santa Cruz (FC Bayern, 32mEuro's

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Best Striker In The Game 100%
I bought this really great striker his name is 'Carlos Tevez' you will need to put about 9 million pounds in for him but it is worth every penny he scores every game!

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Good Players 100%
Sunday Oliseh - Dortmund (becomes a free agent after 1st season)

Anitoli Todorov - Litex

Georgi Kakalov - Litex

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Great team 100%
I won the the premiership, FA cup,Champions Legue and the Legue cup with this team







Rio Ferdinand(LC)



Joe Cole(L)

Steven Gerrard(RC)



Santa Cruz(L)


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Found the Wandering Star? 100%
Tonton Zola Moukoko is pure football genius in the making, multiple Zidane's talent by 10 and u have got Moukoko. To find this player, go into options and select quick search. Make sure you are on search for a player. Then enter Tont in the player's name box, and Swedish in the nationallity box. He should be the only player what shows after you have clicked search. Tonton Zola Moukoko plays for the 2nd division Sweedish club called Jonsered, he is valued at 40,000. He does not take long to reply to your offer. Play him reguarly in the First team and he turns out to be a pure star. I am Man U in my game he as played 27 games and scored 49 goals, all in league matches, Champion League, Fa Cup. Pure Genius...

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How to win every game 100%
To win every game do this. Add manager of the team you are facing and put the striker in goal and the rest in defence. Put the defence in midfield and 2 keepers in attack. Before you go to match go to the oppositions tactics and make a running line so their goalie [who is their striker]in to the opposite box. Then go to match and when the opposition have a throw in their half the keeper will run up to your box.

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Smashing Stars 100%
If you want to build a class team sign these players:

Jairo Castillo (America de Cali)

Riccardo Montolivo (Atalanta)

Leider Preciado (Deportivo Cali)

Stipe Pletikosa (Shaktar)

Lucio (Leverkusen)

Jesus Arellano (Monterrey)

Kasey Wehrman (Lillestorm)

Billy Jones (Crewe)

Mohamed Zidan ( FC Midtjylland)

Toledo (Cantanzaro)

Evandro Roncatto (Guarani)

Jose De La Cuesta (Atletico National)

On the 31.12.2003 sign these players on free

Edgar Davids


Daniele Bonera

Dejan Stankovic

Santiago Canizares

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Immense Players 100%
Player - Club

jamie moore - aston villa

ant ingman - manchester united

william cook - crystal palace

They are world superstars.

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Amazing Team 100%


Kasper Schemichel



Rio Ferdinand

Wayne Bridge


Xabi Alonso

Arjen Robben

Christiano Ronaldo


Patrick Vieira



Henry or Carlton Cole

Play 3 centre backs and patrick Vieira as a defensive midfielder and have all the midfielders making forward runs.

I won the premiership twice in 2 seasons plus the league cup twice fa cup twice and the champions leaugue twice.

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Best Young Player: Issah Eliakwu 100%
If you want to win you should buy Issah Eliakwu he is 18 and scores alot goals. When he plays with Henry they score at least 2 goals per game.

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Look at players hidden attributes 100%
If there is a dash next to an attribute, then select Add Manager, go to the Competitions selection, select the league, then the team this player plays for, then select the player and you can see his hidden attributes, then select cancel.

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Great Strike Partnerships 100%
With lots of money:

Robinho: Santos (On mine he had release clause of 13m, if not then structured deal of around 20-25m)

Daniel Braathen: Skeid (Release Clause of 250-350K, or structured deal of around 1 mil)

With less money:

Daniel Braathen

Alessio Cerci: Roma (Under 17 so costs 650K)

Also Consider:

Nicholas Anelka (Man City)

Jermain Defoe (West Ham)

Javier Saviola (Barcelona)

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Good but expensive players 100%
Steven Gerrard is a brilliant player who is very expensive. You should put in about 40 Million if you want to sign him. Also, Thierry Henry is a good player, because he scores loads of goals, but he hogs the ball and never passes. If you wish to sign him, put in about 50 million. If you do the add manager cheat, you should be able to buy these players.

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Great Right Backs! 100%
Here are the names of 2 great Right backs ( RB ):

Daniel ( currently on loan to Savilla but is with Bahia he is 21 at 1st i think and you can either wait for his contract to send of buy him for about 2.5m )

Philippe Senderos ( 18 year of from Switzerland plays for Arsenal buy him, he is one great youngster player )

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Rich as can be! 100%
If you want to be rich, just go in as all the richest teams(e.g. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Man Utd, Chelsea, Deportivo, Inter,) and buy a rubbish player from your side, with each of the rich ones, for all their transfer budget, then every player wants to go to a decent club so they will accept, especially if you offer them 100 grand a week or whatever! Your club will have earned over 150 mil by just selling terrible players!

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Wicked team 100%
One of the best teams on the game !

GK - buffon

DR - puyol

DC - rio ferdinand

DC - walter samuel

DL - silvestre

AMR - mancini

AML - c.ronaldo

MC - diego

MC - j.jenas

SC - anelka

SC - Martins

One wicked team mainly younger than 20 and I won premiership, europe etc for 5 years on going.
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Good Players 100%
This is my team that I won the treble with and unbeaten with birmingham city.

gk-Lobant (ajax)

dl-asley cole (arsenal)

dc-christian worns (dortmund)

dc-sol campbell (arsenal)

dr-lilian thuram (juventus)

ml-julian gray (cristal palace)-very good

mc-robbie savage (birmingham)

mc-thomas rosicky (dortmund)-hard to sighn

mr-kaka (ac milan)

fc-heskey (liverpool)end of season worth 35.5 mil

fc-kezman (psv)at end of season he is worth 45.5 million

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Absolutely Best Team there is 100%
i've won the belgian competition, cup, champions league with this team its really, really good

GK: Dany Verlinden (club brugge)

Iker Casillias (Real Madrid)

Def: puyol (barcelona)

simons (club brugge)

nesta (milan)

roberto carlos (real madrid)

maldini (milan)

Mid: zidane (real)

lampard (chelsea)

gerrard (liverpool)

rufete (valencia)

rothen (monaco)

Att: Raul (real)

henry (arsenal)

tevez (boca)

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Decent Players 100%
The best players are

Robinho- Santos

Diego- Santos

Tevez- Boca

Sarr- Milan

Nihat- Sociedad

Aimar- Valencia

I am in 2014 and all these players are amazing especially Diego from Santos!

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Dodgy Team 100%
Unless you are Real Madrid do not put Zidane, Figo or Beckham etc. in one team; they fail to perform to their best ability.

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Good Players Shortlist 100%
Here are a few of my players which have become world superstars:

Supat Rungratsamee- portsmouth

Steven Gillespie-liverpool

tierney-man united

chris oswell- man city

patricio perez-velez

carlos tevez - boca

cesar carignano-colon

boy boy mosai - chelsea

mike duff-cheltenham

anthony le tallec - liverpool

arjen robben - psv

richard cotton- man city

jermaine pennant-arsenal

jose antonio reyes - sevilla

esteban cambiasso - real madrid

cristiano ronaldo - man united

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Best Team 100%
I won the european cup with this team:




(left) Ian murray [hibs]

(centre)Bobo Balde [celtic]

(centre)Paolo Maldini [Milan]

(Right)Jackie McNamara[Celtic]

Midfield[Play 3 centres and the 2 outsiders running out the wings]

[leftcentre] Stephen Pearson[Motherwell]

[Centre] Stillian Petrov [Celtic]

[rightcentre]Jasper Gronkjaer[chelsea]

And my attacking mid was Deco [Porto]


Henrik Larsson [celtic]

Kaka [Milan]

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The best team there is 100%
I have won the la liga 4 times in a row with this team and the champions cup twice.


Iker casillas


Michel Salgado(DR)

Jonathan woodagte(DC)

Daniele Bonera(DC)

Roberto Carlos(DL)


Alex(ML) from cruzeiro

Zinedene Zidan(MC) make him run up between your 2 strikers

Deco(MC)let him stay in the midfield





You should also buy Riccardo Montolivo from Atalanta because he is brilliant after he turns 23. He scored 20 times in 25 games and assisted 13 times in his 1st season i bought him and it hasnt stopped(he cost me 18.5 million but it was so worth it). Iniesta from barca, lionel Morgan wimbledon and Kasper Schmeichel all become exellent in there early 20. Jose julian de la cuesta from Atletico Nacional is also a good player if you need backup for your defence.

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Taking Charge of a National Team 100%
Create a new game with the nation you're going to take control. After clicking ''find other'', find any team in the particular country. Click a player from the nation's country you want to manage and then his Nationality. Now take control by clicking at the bottom right of the screen.

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I won the world cup with this England squad 100%
To win the world cup as england use all these players-that are english


Paul Robinson-Leeds


Wayne Bridge-Chelsea


Michael Dawson(CAPTAIN)-Nottm Forest


Ledley King-Tottenham Hotspur


Glen Johnson-Chelsea


Alan Thompson-Celtic (scotland)


Frank Lampard-Chelsea


Keiron Dyer-Newcastle


David Beckham-Real Madrid (spain)


Wayne Routledge-Crystal Palace


Wayne Rooney-Everton

Submit the squad as 4-4-2 but as the the LM in attacking position left and RM in defending right

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Good team and players 100%
My team has won everything, Seria A, Italian Cup, Super Cup, Champions League and the Inter-Continental Cup every year for the past 4. I have managed this by building a great team. Although I started off with a lot of money (using Inter), I managed to build a great affordable team:

GK:Kasper Schmeichel - Man City - 230k (Only 16 at the start of the game but within 2 seasons is amazing).

DR:Daniel Bonera - Parma - Free (Free transfer at the end of the 1st season).

DL:Philipe Mexes - Lyon - 3.1 million (Minimum fee release clause at the start of the game, buy him quickly or sum1 else will).

DC:Fabricio Coloccini - Milan - Free (Free transfer at the end of the 1st season).

DC:Michael Dawson - Nottingham Forest - 1 million (Contract unprotected in season 04/05).

MR:Jermaine Pennant - Arsenal - Free (Free transfer at the end of the 1st season).

ML:Bezoglu Emre - Inter - Free (Free transfer at end of the 1st season).

MC:Edgar Davids - Juventus - Free (Free transfer at the end of the 1st season).

MC:Jan Kristiansen - Efsberg - 1.8 million (Buy him quickly otherwise sum1 else will).

FC:Thierry Henry - Arsenal - Free (Free transfer at the end of the 1st season).

FC:Alessio Cerci - Roma - Free (Under 16 at the start of the game so is easy to sign. Will have 20 finishing before reaching 17).

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This team is the best trust me. 100%
With this team I won the premership 6 times in a row
fa cup 5 times league cup 4 times and the champions league 5 times
the cummnity sheild 5 times and I have won the world cup twice and the european cup once with england both of these teams are the best teams for club and england nattinal team

Kahn (GK)

Sagnol Lucio Ferdinand Evra

C Ronaldo Ballack Vieria Giggs

Henry Todorov

Rest of squad
Sun jihai (DRLC)
Tomhuddlestone (DMC)
Cannavaro (DC)
Gallas (DRLC)
Kewell (ML)
Aimar (AMC)
Rooney (FC)
Advaldo (SC)

Brown Ferdinand Campbell Ashley cole
Dyer Tohmpson hardgreaves Joe cole
Rooney Owen
Luke daniels
gary neville
mathew collins

Todorov is no doubt the best striker on the game that obvious
lucio is amazin simple as
gets 10s 9s and 8s in every game I swear down
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Great players 98%
To get a great team buy these payers. Jose julian de la cuesta from Atletico Nacional, Andres iniesta from barcelona, Joaquin from Betis, Jermaine Pennant from Arsenal, Daniele Bonera from Parma, Robert Huth, Jonathan woodgate, Lionel Morgan, Deco, Henry(he just can not stop scoring goals), Alex from Cruzeiro, John Carew from valencia and Roberto Montolivo from Atalanta. I won the la liga 7 times in a row ith the team. I had Real madrid so you should get Casillas and Raul to partner Henry as a striker if you are playing with another team.

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Buy 2 players 44%
Buy rafael van der vaart and place him behind the strikers

Buy wesley sneijder and place as a left midfielder.

These 2 players are not easy to buy and sign..

good luck!!
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Eddy Adu 38%
He is 13/14 and doesn't have a team but lot of MLS teams want like DC United. You need a work permit unless your team is American
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