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City Of The Lost Children Cheats for PC
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City Of The Lost Children PC Cheats

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City Of The Lost Children

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Function Keys 100%
PgUp - pick up/drop

PgDn - talk

Enter - action

ctrl - run

alt - bend down

tab - inventory

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Walktrough 100%
You start in the school. Ask the 2 women about your queeste. Go outside and talk with Eddy. Go to the harbor. During your walk to the harbour,get the brush from below the stairs. Investigate everything at the harbor.Get the metal bar from the crates at the left of the screen. Run towards the firetower. Throw the metal bar into the control panel. When the light goes down,hide behind the barrels. When the watchman enters the tower, run back to his boat. Unlock the door and go inside. Turn on the light. Open the cashregister and put the brush in it. Take the money out of the safe. Exit. Go back to the school. Ask the witches about your 2nd queeste. Take the bag from the board. Go outside. Enter the kitchen by taking the door at the right. Talk with the person. Exchange the bag for the wine. Go outside. Give the crapman the wine. Turn the button to the lower basket. Take everything you can get. Go up and enter the hut. Search the room. Take the key. Exit and down. Open the door next to the dogkennel. Go inside and down. Chat to the guard. Go right along the water. Chat to the man who is fixing a car. Take his tools when he is not watching. Take the bell from the wall. Go back to the guard. Use the bell on the guard. Use the bell on the stairs. Go up and enter the door. Take the little safe from the table and put it on spare plate of a balance. Take the diamond from the safe. Go outside. Take the wood. Find the switches inside the wall. Pull the left one down, block it with the wood, and pull down the right switch. Take the key from the board. Take the key from the ground. Look through the periscope. Open the door and go outside. Take the lighter. Follow the stairs and go ahead of the wall by climbing on the crates. Put the candle below the rope. Lit the candle with the lighter. Go to the man who is painting the boat. Take the paintstick. Put some paint on it and go up. Take the empty can which is standing in front of the window. Go away and chat to the Chinese. Take the spray. Go downstairs and follow the street. Go to the peer. Use the paint on the guard. Go to the fisherman. Chat to him. Give him the empty can. Go to the other peer and take a stick. Chat to the boatman. Go to the 3rd peer and talk with the man. Push against the glass with the stick. Turn the handle and play music. Use spray on the man. Take the watch. Go to the Chinese. Pull a screw on his stand's left. Take the map. Go to the boatman. Give him the map and the watch. Watch the film. THE END.
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