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Classic NES Series: Metroid Cheats for GBA
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Classic NES Series: Metroid GBA Cheats

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Classic NES Series: Metroid

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Quick save 100%
Press Start to pause game play, then press Select + Up to display your current password.

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Shooting walls and ghost walls 100%
In various parts of the game, you may find yourself blocked or cut off. You are either stuck or you can try shooting the walls around you. If you are lucky, one of the blocks will break. If it does, continue shooting until you cannot shoot further. Now, jump and try moving to the left or right. There is usually a ghost wall that you can go through. This trick is useful for gathering power-ups and finding secrets.
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Samus without her suit 100%
Complete the 1st quest without dying and with all the items (ice beam as your gun weapon). Press Start after the credits have completed. If you have completed the game correctly, Samus will take off her suit in the ending. You will start with all your items you gained in the previous quest minus your missiles and suit in the next game.

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Alternate game 100%
Enter 999999 999999 KKKKKK KKKKKK with no Varia suit and a different ending.

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Kraid 100%
Use the Ice Beam to freeze the center spike in mid-air as he shoots. Now, use your missiles to shoot the bare spot where the spike was located.

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Refill energy easily 98%
Go to a pipe that has enemies constantly appearing at ground level with no other enemies around. Just keep shooting and the enemies will fly into your bullets, leaving energy and other items.

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Classic NES Seiries:Metroid 55%
For frezze bullets , invincibility, and infinite rockets type NARPAS SWORD0 000000 000000
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