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Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour Cheats for PC
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Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour
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Rating: 4.7/5 VOTE
Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour Cheats

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Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour

Rating: 4.7/5 VOTE

Good Win Strategy 98%
First of all, this is really long so I hope it's okay. Second of all, the 1st step in this strategy all depends on how much $$$ you start out with. If you start out with 10,000 or less, then do not follow the 1st step. 30,000 or 50,000 begining cash is okay.

First step: First, select your dozer or worker that you started out with. Tell him to build a power plant if US or China, or a barracks if GLA. Now, select your Command Center. Build 9 construction units, whatever they are depending on which army you are. As soon as each one is produced, send them to a supply source, but alternate which supply source with each unit.

Step for those who started out with 10 K or less: Only build 2 construction units. Send each one to a supply source. Then follow the rest of the 1st step.

Second step: When your construction units reach the supply sources, have them build defenses. If you are the US, you should start by building 3 Patriot missiles and 2 fire bases at each extra Supply source, but keep the fire bases un-garrisoned until you have enough generals points to have Pathfinders. Then fill 'em up with pathfinders. If you are China, 3 gattling cannons and 2 bunkers full of tank hunters should suffice.

If you are GLA, 5 stinger sites, 2 tunnel networks. Make sure all have camo netting as soon as possible.

Third Step: Now, fortify your main base a lot with defenses--twice the amount that are at your supply sources. Climb the tech tree as soon as possible and obtain a superweapon or powerful generals ability as soon as possible. Your opponent, if he has half a brain, should be trying to throw everything he's got at your supply bases. Your defenses should be chewing him up real good. If he starts using artillery, respond with your own artillery to take out his. (Tommahawk Cruise Missile Launcher, Nuke Cannon, Scud Launcher, depending on which side you are.) If he still manages to destroy your defenses (unlikely) then sell all your buildings at your bases and retreat to your main base.

Fourth Step: If you still have your supply bases, begin building production centers at them. (barracks, war factories/arms dealers.) Use these and the no-doubt $$$ you've gained from your supply bases to build a HUGE army. If you haven't amassed that much, then build secondary supply buildings at your main base (USA secondary supply source, for example, is supply drop zones) It doesn't matter what units you build, just as long as you build a whole lot. If you are one of the generals, build whatever special units that general has. Send this army to his base--try to flank him on a spot where he doesn't have so many defenses, if such a spot exists. If he is totally fortified to the teeth, use a superweapon to take out his defenses. Your army should be more than enough to take him out, if it is large enough. There is one golden rule in this great game--no matter how big your opponent's army is, if yours is twice as big, you will win. This strategy takes really long and requires a lot of patience. It will always work against a hard computer opponent or less, and it will almost always work against a human opponent unless he is really good. Thank you for reading this and I hope this strategy works. (I've won 10 times straight using it.) This of course, will only reach you if this site decides to post this really long strategy.

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Chinese: Ultimate force 98%
Create 6 Emperors or Overlords, depending on the General you are playing as. If you are using Overlords, upgrade 2 with Bunkers and fill them with Tank Hunters, upgrade 2 with Propaganda Towers, and 2 with Gattling Cannons.

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Save room in Tunnel Network 98%
If you are the GLA and if you can make a Battle Bus, make 8 and fill them all up with Rocket Soldiers (or something you like). then take the 8 filled Battle Busses and put them into a Tunnel Network, that way you can put 64 soldiers in one Tunnel Network.

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Dr. Thrax: Perfect attack force 98%
As GLA Dr. Thrax, upgrade to Anthrax Gamma. After that, you will need 4 Battle Buses. Fill 2 of them with Toxin Rebels and the other 2 with RPG Troopers. This force will be very difficult to defeat because the Toxin Rebel buses

will destroy all infantry in range, while the RPG troopers will destroy every tank, aircraft, and even most buildings very easily. Also, they can attack from behind and in front at the same time.

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Tips 98%
This will briefly tell you how to efficiently manage your army during any skirmish game. Again, this is really long, but I got away with it the 1st time so it should work. Site: Please post this hint! Noobs to the game as well as many rookies will thank you. Anyway, this is a sort of tie-in to my 1st series of hints, telling you what to do once you follow the 1st few steps of my 1st hint.

Supplies: (US strategy) For each Supply Source you control, you should have 2 chinooks gathering supplies. This is important with the US--because everything they have is so expensive, a 3rd Chinook is a waste of money and it will slow the supply gathering process up because the other 2 will wait for it to finish gathering instead of gathering like they should be. However, this has one exception. If the supply source you control is not a supply dock but is instead a series of supply piles right next to each other, have 1 chinook for each pile and make sure that each one has it's own pile. Though this will suck up what they contain pretty quick, you will get more dough.

Supplies: (GLA strategy) 7 workers per supply source should work nicely here--though a considerable investment is needed, don't worry--you will get it back and then some quickly, especially if you are gathering from a group of supply piles. An 8th worker per source will make a small difference, but not that much. It's up to you if you want 8 workers.

Supplies: (China strategy) Like the USA, 2 supply trucks per source. However, unlike the USA, (if you have the money) you should consider buying a 3rd supply truck for each source, because it by far makes the biggest difference. However, don't do it if empties your coffers of course. Otherwise, buy that 3rd truck.

Army: (USA Strategy) Always (and do mean always) spend the required generals point to get Paladins and (later) pathfinders. Both of these units kick *** and you will thank me later. When you are ready to attack your opponent, a good strike force should have a good number of Paladins (or all Paladins, either way) backed up by a good number of Humvees, each one having 3 missile defenders (to take care of aircraft) and pathfinders (to slaughter infantry). Also upgrade the Humvees with TOW missiles. Also consider backing them up with either Commanches or Stealth Fighters (both good because Commanches slaughter ground units and enemy AA units can not see Stealth Fighters.) Buy as many of each type of unit as you can, even if it knocks your money down to 0. Now, of course, Attack.

Army: (China) You could start out by spending the generals point on either the nuke cannon or veteran red gaurds, but you can still win easily (using this strategy) either way. With China, you can pick either one of these 2 paths: Build a strike force of as many Overlords as you can, upgrading them with either propoganda towers or gattling cannons. Make sure you have 1 or 2 with prop. towers though, and they will be unbeatable. I can almost promise. The other way is to hole up in your base, building as many defenses as possible, and then building as many nuke silos as you can and blow your opponent to smitereens. If your a speed nut, the 1st way is faster, and the nuke strategy is not good against the GLA, because you always have to send 2 nukes to one spot to take care of the holes that the buildings leave behind. Or you can just build dozens of Migs with the Black Napalm upgrade and burn your opponent to ashes before he knows what hit him.

You might also want to try a combination of the three.

Army: (GLA) The GLA is a little different, but not much. Because everything they have is cheap, and therefore a little less deadly, you will have to build more of each unit to match the effectiveness of the other 2 sides. First of all, spend your 1st generals point towards Marauder Tanks. These guys are pretty good, though they still suck compared to the other 2 sides' tanks. Thus, you will have to build a lot. Do so. Build so many of these tanks you can not even select them all in one drag. This will kill your opponet quickly (unless he does the exact same thing.) Another strategy is to mass produce bomb trucks, upgrading each one with bio and high explosive bombs. Don't bother discuising them unless you are facing a computer opponent because a human will be able to tell they are bomb trucks, believe me. Send them all to his base, or use them to defend yourself if your opponent decides he'd better do something similar. Bye Bye opponent, or his army, in which case just do it again. OR you could mass produce SCUD storms in the same manner China would with Nuke Silos.

Okay, I'd better stop before this gets too long. And this is to you players who may think I'm an idiot after you read this. Go ahead and tell me--I myself am open to any suggestions. Just email me at And for those who don't wanna take the time to follow this strategy, go ahead there as well. There are literally thousands of ways to play and win this game. These are only a few. Go your own way--experiment! Then win and tell me how you did it.

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Easy skirmish mode wins 98%
Play as the U.S. laser general against the Chinese infantry general. This also works well on the eight-player maps. Sit up so that every man is for himself. On the hard level, the infantry general sends waves of soldiers who are easily mowed

down by the laser turrets. Be quick to obtain the particle cannon so that you can knock out the nuclear missiles.

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Battle awards 98%
Accomplish the following tasks during a campaign or skirmis to earn the listed award:

Air Wing Honor: Build over 20 aircraft against the CPU.

Apocalypse Honor: Build the Particle Cannon, Nuclear Missile, and Scud Storm.

Battle Tank Honor: Build over 50 tanks against the CPU.

Blitz Honor: Win a match in less than five or 10 minutes.

Challenge Campaign Honor: Complete the Generals Challenge Campaign. Bronze, Silver, or Gold depends on difficulty.

China Campaign Honor: Complete the China Campaign. Bronze, Silver, or Gold depends on difficulty.

Domination Honor: Win 100, 500, 1000, or 10,000 total matches

Endurance Honor: Complete all skirmish maps against the CPU. Bronze, Silver, or Gold depends on difficulty.

Fair Play Honor: Do not disconnect more than 10% of your online matches.

GLA Campaign Honor: Complete the GLA Campaign. Bronze, Silver, or Gold depends on difficulty.

Global General Honor: Win at least one online match as each General.

Streak Honor: Win 3, 10, 25, 100, 500, or 1,000 consecutive victories.

Ultimate Honor: Complete all Skirmish maps against the maximum number of enemies under the hard difficulty setting.

USA Campaign Honor: Complete the USA Campaign. Bronze, Silver, or Gold depends on difficulty.

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Ultimate Defense 96%
Note1: special and super weapons may still hit your base.

Note 2: there are other ways to defend your base, i just think this is the best one ;)

USA: build 3-4 fire bases at each entrance to your base. then put 3 missile guys and a sniper in each. put 2 avengers behind each base, and keep a tomahawk around to deal with artillery.

China: build bunkers at each entrace(build more than 2) and fill them with 2 Red Guard and 3 rocket guys. then keep a nuke cannon around to take out enemy artillery.

GLA: build a solid wall of stingers around your base, and put a tunnel network somwhere so you can get in and out of you base. keep a rocket buggy or scud aroud to deal with artilery.

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Easy wins for USA 96%
Heres an easy way of beating a computer enemy using Usa. First make your begining dozer build a fusion reactor.Then go to your center of commandiness and build 6 dozers. once the 1st dozer is ready build a barracks.By that time your reactor should nearly be finished.When it is build another one and then another dozer will be built.Use it to make a supply centre. use any other ones to build any defences you need.after youve built your supply build 3 war factories or 5 air fields and build loads of tanks/ doesnt take long.after you think you have enough attack.this is even more easy if you do it as fast as you can.

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U.S.: Ultimate killing force 96%
Get 6 Humvees with TOW missiles and the Repair Droid. Load them up with 2 Snipers and 3 Rocket Soldiers. Use your Particle Cannon to knock out the enemies defenses then wreak havoc on the rest of the base.

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U.S.: Defenses 96%
Line an area with a sequence of Patriot, then Firestorm Base, Patriot, and keep going. Then fill the Firestorm Bases with 4 Pathfinders. This will help you take out infantry without trouble of Flashbangs or other hazards.

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Unlimited Money 95%
First you have to find your "Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data" folder. It is probably under My Documents. Once you open the folder, look for the file called "Skirmish" (NOTE: the file is NOT called SkirmishStats). Once you open the file, look for the section labeled "StartingCash". When you see that section, you can enter in any number, no matter how big or small, it will work. When you start the game and go to the skirmish setup menu, the begining cash section will NOT say how much you typed in. But wait once you start the game, the cash will be there.
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Nearly Unstoppable USA 100%
You will need enough general points to get the Pathfinder first. After you get the Pathfinder, build however many Humvee you want(10 usually lasts a while if your playing against easy army's), fill them with 1 Pathfinder and 4 Missile Defenders. Now the Pathfinders take out any infantry that gets close, and the Missile Defenders take out all tanks and airplanes. Note, that this strategy is still vulnerable too Stealth Fighters, Auroras, Scud Launcher, Tomahawk Missile Launcher, Nuke Cannon and super weapons. It might be a good idea to have around 5 Avengers, and they will take care almost all fire from aircraft, missiles, and rocket attacks. What is also good is that this strategy can be done with any USA general.
By: 5kasrprayrov(58)
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Air General better combat chinook firepower 80%
Alright first build any number of combat Chinooks, then for every Chinook build 2 Humvee, add drones to the Humvee if you'd like, then fill the Humvee with anti-tank units, fill up the Chinooks with those Humvee, then you have 2 more spaces, I recommend filling one with a sniper and one with another anti-tank unit. So instead of 7 rockets 1 sniper per Chinook, it's 11 (12 with the right drone) rockets and one sniper.
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Unlimited money 75%
Go to documments-->Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data-->skirmish or network and change : StartingCash = 1000000
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Unlimited money hack 67%
Download cheat engine 6.3 if you don't know how to use it just search for your question.
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Gift Requests 64%
Money cheat
(money 100000000000 rupess)
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Easy win (gla toxic genral only) if againts china 62%
First build supply centre as close to supply stash then build brackets by enmy base then gaurd it with stinger sites and tunnel network then build a arms dealer build loads of scorpions and at the brackets build loads of toxic people and put the scorpions in tunnel net work build palace thenblack market then garud the base defences by rocket buggy or scud launcher now get a load of rocket buggys and kinn the base!
By: mikegalvin44(148)
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A good rush attack 50%
First build a base of course then build tanks(usa,china,gla) then build the light vehicles that holds infanty(Humvees, technicals, troop cralwer,etc. then if you are USA or china build helixes or Chinooks to carrier all your units. then bulid a air fields. build more air units(raptors migs).then have your raptors or migs king raptors watever to attack the enemy's base then while thats happening.....SEND IN ALL UR UNITS TO KILL THE ENEMY. then your opponent dies easily. after that you win. but if you have more than 1 then prepare your self again duh wat else.
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Tao 50%
BestWinStreak = 999
Challenge = 0
Honors = 999999999999999
LastHouse = China
LoyalGames = 999
Nuke = 100
PPC = 100
SCUD = 100
WinStreak = 999
Wins = 999
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How to get lots of money sec by sec (only GLA) 44%
In order to get money will fast like wat i written on the title,u need to built 2 or 3 supply center(srry i dont even remeber the spelling of it)and make sure u built them a few distance away from the supplies.Then create many workers like 10 or 11 depending how far u built the supply center.the workers will all go and collect their supply each go back to their own supply center, this way each worker does not need to wait for a few secs to wait for the workers to deliver their supplies.
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GLA 43%
Ultimeted Money,one hit
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Get four Burtons 40%
So be USA then set the map for 6 player(doesn't have to be 6 but works best) one team of each USA general and then who ever else you want then capture the other USA get a builder. then you build with each separate teams builder till you can get Burton from each barracks you can get one Burton it rocks

P.S. if you are air force put them all in a combat chinook with rpg troopers watch out for gattling guns though they tear through every thing HAHAHHHAHAAHHAHAHHAHHHAH!
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How you should do if you meet the laser general on challenge 40%
USA:The first you should do is to build 5 dozers then build 4 cold fusion reactors.Then build 1 barracks and 1 supply center. Then build a war factory and a strategy center. Then build 1-2 uplink cannons. Untill you can use them build a very large army.Then destroy there command center and there dozers then wait for your uplink cannons to load again. Then destroy all of there cold fusion reactors. then use your army you can walk through without his laserdefenses shoot at you and destroy the base.CHINA:do the same as USA. GLA:Build 5 workers and build 1 barracks then build 1 supply stash. Then build a arms dealer. Then build a palace and 1-2 scudstorms. Until you wait build a very large army. When you can use them destroy there command center and there dozers. Wait for your scudstorms to load again. Then destroy all of there cold fusion reactors. Then use your army and pass through there defenses and destroy there base.
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Its a fun like sagodsjgdxjvbhdsvgj ha ha ha ha ha cheater 38%
Cheat:turn down the console and type [all destruction] and what evaer doser or worker you got will be able to build al kinds of buildings and gain 1,0000000 money
By: paper(244)
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USA defete anyone fast on skirmish 36%
First get a air field then make 5 comanche's then find the other persons base and take it out the sooner you make your comanches the less chance the other side has to make the defences
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China-more for less 34%
If you are running low on $$$ and dont have any soldiers then go to the barracks and get three red gaurds. when they finish you will have six.dont believe me try it it works.
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How to get 12 col button 33%
U need to choose any usa general than get a promotion till you can use para drop doesnt matter if you pick lvl1,2,3 after that you need to buy the mobile barracks and press upper arrow and select high altitude para drop of corse it says seals but its just as same as col button except when you plant a bomb he will still be stealth ed
By: mishahir77(23)
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Command & Conquer Extra Cash 29%
Fill up a silo fill up half until ready way then sell it. You get a hole bunch more money that way.
By: ddr3579(163)
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Command & Conquer Bonus Missions 29%
In MS-DOS mode, go to the directory you installed Command & Conquer in and type "c&c funpark". When the game begins, select START NEW GAME and choose either side for five new missions that you can join
By: ddr3579(163)
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Command & Conquer Free Minigunners 25%
You can receive some free minigunners if you "sell" any of the following buildings using the steps below.
Guard Tower
Advanced Guard Tower
SAM Site
Obelisk Guard Tower (Obelisk of Light)

This cheat is a little hard to time right though. All of these steps need to be done.
1.Select the SELL button in the Sidebar
2. Sell a building (left mouse button)
3. Select a Selection Cursor (right mouse button)
4. Select a building (left mouse button)
5.Type in S on the keyboard
By: ddr3579(163)
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Laloiy version 17%
By: laloiy(17)
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