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CSI: Miami Cheats for PC
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CSI: Miami PC Cheats

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CSI: Miami Cheats

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CSI: Miami

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CSI: Miami Heat Wave Walkthrough Guide 100%
With this game, you will be tasked to solve murder cases, gathering and processing evidences as you discover them, which would ultimately lead you to your suspects and, eventually, to the real killer.

CheatMasters walks you through the game basics with this guide.

Read the Guide --> CSI: Miami Heat Wave Walkthrough [Guide]
By: Toebin(12758)
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Case Killers 98%
The murderers for case 1-4 is :

Case 1:Heather Cole

Case 2:Ron Preston

Case 3:Troy Sullivan

Case 4:Denise Diamond
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Dna 30%
Find same dna and mix it
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CSI: Miami 242401What is the other substance under the deck? Answers: 1
CSI: Miami 249669Ive come to the end of case 1 completed case 1 went on to next case did a few bits but then quit hopingit would save what I did but it only saved up to the end of case 1 and now I cant arrest heather everyone is in custody and I have all the evidence but it wont let me go onto the next case please anybody help me asap? Answers: 0
CSI: Miami 268779Cant get a warrant for the coles or the landons plus I cant find anymore evidence all help really welcome Answers: 1
CSI: Miami 272323I have found everything from the Garage but how do I get the rest of the evidence when I shine the light over there it does not light up. I have talked to all the people to see if they have anything else to say but im still stuck please help! Answers: 1
CSI: Miami 318591Done with case 1, where do I find case 2? I have three discs, is it on another disc? Answers: 2
CSI: Miami 320777We are stuck on case 3. how do you get a warrant for troys house? Answers: 0
CSI: Miami 384709What is the second piece of evidence under the deck? i checked some other answers and people said that it was a blood stain but I cant find anything!? please help! Answers: 3
CSI: Miami 457894I'm stuck! What more than a fingerprint can I find by the window in the garage? And how? Answers: 1
CSI: Miami 481646Wat is all at the microwbrewery in level 2 I found the mug spill and the handle am I missing something Answers: 1
CSI: Miami 499180How do I get a warrant for the fate Answers: 0
CSI: Miami 677061What else is on the paint tube in case 1. I got the hair strand.It keeps lighting up, I can magnify it. Now I'm stuck. Answers: 1
CSI: Miami 783320What box is chainsaw cover behind Answers: 0
CSI: Miami 816659On case 2 how do you get the blood out of the glove trophy. Ive tried swab but nothing has happened. HELP ME! Answers: 0
CSI: Miami 821077How do I get the finger print on the medicine bottel in final case Answers: 0
CSI: Miami 905782How to you get the hair from the pic and the paint? Answers: 0
CSI: Miami 934345How do I get passed the part in the 2nd scene on csi miami? I've found the evidence on the dance floor how do I move forward. Answers: 0
CSI: Miami 934368How do I save the csi miami pc game? Answers: 0
CSI: Miami 947773I am trying to get to level 2 on csi Miami? how do I get there and also how do I get Heather Cole into suspect interrogation? I need info asap Answers: 0
CSI: Miami 960288Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED): Unable to resolve the server's DNS address. Answers: 0
CSI: Miami 995570I cant get a warrant for cole's house. I think i've found everything in the garage and im stuck! any help? Answers: 0
CSI: Miami 999615What do I do after I have taken the photo of coles deck? Answers: 0
CSI: Miami 153299How do you get a warrant for the landon garage Answers: 1
CSI: Miami 193226I can not get past case 4 please help! I can't find evidence and I cant get tips! Answers: 0
CSI: Miami 215214How Do I Get warrant For Boat? Answers: 1
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