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Disciples II: Dark Prophecy Cheats for PC
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Disciples II: Dark Prophecy PC Cheats

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Disciples II: Dark Prophecy Cheats

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Disciples II: Dark Prophecy

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Cheat Codes 100%
While playing, press Enter. Then enter the code and press Enter again.

Cheat Code - Effect

anotherbrickinthewall - Allow to Build Buildings in the Capital Again

moneyfornothing - Set Mana and Gold to 9999

borntorun - Resets Party Movement Points to Full

help! - Heals Whole Party

wearethechampions - Win Mission

loser - Lose Mission

givepeaceachance - Peace with All Nations

badtothebone - War with All Nations

cometogether - Alliance with All Nations

jump - XP of All Party Members is Set to Next Level

stairwaytoheaven - Instant Level Up for All Party Members

herecomesthesun - Open All Map

paintitblack - Hide Unseen Map

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Ultimate Gear 100%
The ultimate party is as follows:

Empire: Your choice starter,two angels, one white whizard, one guardian of dignaty.

Legions of the Damned: your choice starter, the green god, the red god, and a dopplegaanger.

Mountain Clans: your choice starter, 2 ice giants, and a long range of your choice.

Undead Hordes: your choice starter, Wyvvern, death dragon, specter.
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Multiplayer Resources 100%
If you play an online game, you can set the initial amount of gold and mana to a maximum of 2000. The trick is that you can do this every time you load the game. So that you can start a network game (against the computer), play for a while, save the game, and when you reload it, shazaam another 2000 in resources.

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