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Dogz Cheats for PC
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Dogz PC Cheats

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Modifying Daphne 91%
Look for the "Daphne" folder in the game directory. It contains all the art files for Daphne, which can be modified and saved to your liking. This can also be done with all other art files.
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Secret tricks and regular tricks 64%
No bother to buy a tricks book, because i know all the tricks!

1.)sit: while the dog is standing, drag the mouse down the screen.

2.)lie down: while the dog is sitting,drag the mouse down the screen.

3.)roll: while the dog is lying down, drag the mouse to the right of the screen.

4.)walk around: while the dog is standing, turn it sideways any way.(drag the mouse sideways) then press its back.

you have enough tricks to enter the easy contest!

sorry,but i forget the rest. i'll come back when i remember them. but i can tell you that i know all the secret tricks.

1.)wave hello: make the dog do the paw trick while its doing that, press the shake button. it'll wave hello to you and other viewers!

2.)princess bow:make your dog beg while its doing that, press the nod button. it'll princess bow to you and other viewers!

3.)flip:this trick is so cool,but it's challenging to do too. press stand high
while the dog is doing stand high, press the jump button. (if the dog doesn't jump,try working on jump with treats so it'll learn faster,just like real life dogs)

4.)play dead:make the dog roll overwhile its doing that, make it lie down.

there! all the secret tricks. in the game, you should give the dog two treats.
it'll learn faster. hope i could help! bye! d
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