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Duke Nukem: Atomic Edition Cheats for PC
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Duke Nukem: Atomic Edition PC Cheats

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Duke Nukem: Atomic Edition

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Codes 100%
DNGODLY : God mode on

DNUNGODLY : God mode off

DNCORNHOLIO : God mode (toggles)

DNKROZ : God mode (toggles)

DNWARP : go to another episode and level

DNSCOTTY : go to other episode and level

DNAMMO : full ammo

DNVIEW'follow' mode.. : watch duke from a few feet behind, with the key

DNWEAPONS : all weapons

DNUNLOCK : unlocks door

DNITEMS : Keys... items... etc.

DNSTUFF : keys, weapons, ammo

DNRATE : shows frame rate (two numbers, top left of screen)

DNSKILL : Re-start level with skill #

DNCLIP : walk through walls (can cause PC crashes)

DNHYPER : steroids

DNENDING : ends the episode

DNCASHMAN : Duke throws out some cash w/

HYPERBLADE - Enter this code while playing...

MDMKSB - Another GOD mode.

GORILLA - Changes all males into gorilla's

SPICYBRAINS - Puts the enemy on his head.
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