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Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Cheats for PC
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Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind PC Cheats

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Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Money, god mode, and more 100%
setflying 1

Flight mode

setsuperjump 1

Super jumps

setwaterwalking 1

Walk on water

setwaterbreathing 1

Breathe underwater


Set player level

additem gold_100

Add listed amount of gold


Set maximum fatigue value


Set maximum magic value


Set player health

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Infinite money 100%
First, solve the murder of Ralen Hlallo. When you go to the House of Hlaalu to collect the reward, keep on clicking on the Ralen Hlallo option in the dialogue to collect as many batches of 1000 gold as you like. Do not join the house, simply repeat until you have as much money as desired.

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Various Cheat Codes 100%
createmaps "filename.esp"

Create map image file for Xbox


Add all entries to journal; takes a long time


Show all the towns on full map


Jump 128 units away from current location

getfactionreaction faction ID factionID

Get faction reaction


Show shorthand for most commands

showvars or sv

Show variables

stopcelltest or sct

Stop cell test

testcells or tc

Test cells

testinteriorcells or tic

Test interior cells

testmodels or t3d

Test models

toggleai or ta

Toggle AI

toggleborders or tb

Toggle borders

togglecombatstats or tcs

Toggle combat statistics

togglecollision or tcl

Toggle collisions

togglecollisionboxes or tcb

Toggle collision boxes

togglecollisiongrid or tcg

Toggle collision grid

toggledebugtext or tdt

Toggle debug text

toggledialoguestats or tds

Toggle dialogue statistics

togglefogofwar or tfow

Toggle fog of war

togglefullhelp or tfh

Show ownership and script name

togglegodmode or tgm

Toggle God mode

togglegrid or tg

Toggle grid

togglekillstats or tks

Toggle kill statistics


Toggle load fade

togglemagicstats or tms

Toggle magic statistics

togglemenus or tm

Toggle menus


Toggle scripts

togglestats or tst

Toggle stats

togglesky or ts

Toggle sky

toggletexturestring or tts

Toggle texture string

toggleworld or tw

Toggle world

togglewireframe or twf

Toggle wireframe


Toggle path grid display


Show selected actor's group members


Show selected actor's target group members.

showscenegraph or ssg

Show scene graph
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Quick Money 100%
Once you finsh creating your caracter go into the trade house in Syda Needin and go upstairs and chat to the guy at the top on the steps. Chat to him about the tax collecting quest and after that exept the quest. Go to the top of the light house and wait until eight-o-clock. Then look at the small swamp in the village and wait for a guy with a torch to go up to the tree stump insode of it. Then go to the stump and select it. Then take the 300 gold and anything else in there you want. Then whatever you do don't chat to Fargoth or the guy at the top of the steps or Fargoth will call the cops. Or the guy at the top of the steps will kill you or take the money.

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Permanent Bound or Conjured Weapons 100%
First, bind or conjure the desired weapon, then disarm it, so that it's in your inventory, and drop it. Cast the spell for another weapon, and hold onto it for a few minutes, until it disappears. Now, the weapon that was on the floor will be permanent. This weapon can not be dropped afterwards.

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Permanent Spells 100%
Cast any bound spell with a 0 2nd duration, and it will be permanent.

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Morrowind Helpful Cheats Set 1 100%
Press the tild ~ key to ring up the Consle and type in the following codes:

God Mode: player->tgm. Effect: Invincibility, Infinite Fatigue, Infinite Magicka, and Infinite Scroll uses, instead of 1.

Jump really really really really really really high: player->setacrobatics 100000000.

As fast as Flash the Super Hero: player->"setathletics100000000000000" or put "player->setspeed1000000000000.

Daedric Armor:

Full Daedric Armor: "COC ToddTest." In a chest with almost every armor in the game. I don't remember if you have to put player->, before COC, or don't need it. Or type these:

Daedric Cuirass: player->additem daedric_cuirass 1.
Daedric Greaves: player->additem daedric_greaves 1.
Daedric Boots: player->additem daedric_boots 1.
Daedric Right Gauntlet: player->additem daedric_gauntlet_right 1.
Daedric Left Gauntlet: player->additem daedric_gauntlet_left 1.
Daedric Right Pauldron: player->additem daedric_pauldron_right 1.
Daedric Left Pauldron: player->additem daedric_pauldron_left 1.
Daedric Shield: player->additem daedric_shield 1.
Daedric Face of God: player->additem daedric_god_helm 1. [maybe helmet I dunno.]
Daedric Face of Terror: player->additem daedric_terrifying_helm 1. [Or helmet, not sure.]
Daedric Face of Inspiration: player->additem daedric_fountain_helm. [Or helmet, not sure.]
Daedric Tower Shield [I don'y konw if this cheat works, but try it.]: player->additem daedric_tower_shield. [ I don't know if you need_ before shield.]
By: Daedric Cuirass(159)
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Daedric Face of Terror 100%
Type "player->additem daedric_terrifying_helm 1.
By: Daedric Cuirass(159)
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Daedric Shield 100%
Press the tilde ~ key and type the following cheat:

Unlockable: How to Unlock

Daedric Shield: player->additem daedric_shield 1
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Daedric Cuirass 100%
Hit the tild ~ key to enter any cheat and put the code in and hit enter,code:"player->additem daedric_cuirass 1.
By: Daedric Cuirass(159)
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Daedric Right Pauldron 100%
Type "player->additem daedric_pauldron_right 1. Put one for each cheat.
By: Daedric Cuirass(159)
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Daedric Left Pauldron 100%
In console type player->additem daedric_pauldron_left, then hit enter.
By: Daedric Cuirass(159)
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Daedric Face of Inspiration 67%
Type "player->additem daedric_fountain_helm 1.
By: Daedric Cuirass(159)
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Daedric Tower Shield 50%
Type "player->additem daedric_ tower_shield 1." NOTE: I don't know if this works but try it though.
By: Daedric Cuirass(159)
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Daedric Right Gauntlet 50%
Type "player>additem daedric_gauntlet_right 1."
By: Daedric Cuirass(159)
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Kill gaurd at lv. 1 50%
In the begining after you answer the old guys questions take the dager walk back into the room and attack the guard. it will strike and he will "let you off the hook" keep attacking him until he dies. take his armer and kill old guy. old guy wil have an enchanted sword. neither will kill you and neither will call other guards
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Daedric Greaves 50%
Player->additem daedric_greaves 1.
By: Daedric Cuirass(159)
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Daedric Boots 50%
Player->additem daedric_boots 1. Player without capital p for every cheat wher you put player.
By: Daedric Cuirass(159)
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Daedric Face of God another answer from Daedric Cuirass 33%
Well, I think player additem->daedric_god helm is wrong, something's missing type player->additem daedric_god_helm.
By: Daedric Cuirass(159)
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