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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Cheats for PC
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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The PC Cheats

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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The

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Cheats 100%
Press the ~ key again and click on a door or a chest or anything thats locked and type unlock and it will be unlocked
By: aigel(12)
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How to get easy money in Oblivion [standerd game AND shivering isles] 100%
Hi I found two cool ways to get alot of money on Oblivion for ANY system [unless they dont have the arena, the Grey Prince, or Glarthir] ok here it goes:

Trick 1 Part 1: What you need is a good sword and any level character.

Trick 1 Part 2: What you do is go to the arena and talk to the grey prince and then you do his quest he wont give you gold but he will give you some skill enhances and then what you do is you do the arena until you fight him which gives you money and then you challange him and he will let you kill him and you'll get alot of money and then you do your own stuff as the Grand Champion.

Trick 2 Part 1: What you need is basecly the same thing as above but with one more this...lockpicks.

Trick 2 Part 2: What you do is go to Skingrad and talk to Glarthir behind the chaple and he will tell you to spy on people and tell him if their spying on him, tell him yes to all of them then he tells you to kill the ones that did and gives you money based on each one sience you said yes to all of them you'll get 1000 gold if you killed them all and you need the lockpicks to break in and kill them.

Extras: I found this all by myself not with someone else and I hope you got alot of money by my cheat thanks for reading =) GOOD LUCK

P.S. If you have the Shivering Isles if you keep the stuff from the main quest you get alot of money by selling those too again hope I helped GOOD LUCK =) ) :)
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Duplicate Items and Kill Quest Chars... 100%
Ok, first to duplicate items you must have 2 or more scrolls and the ability to drop items (non-quest items) then double tap A on the scroll and drop the item and you will get that item in the ammount of scrolls that you have. Then, to kill quest chars this is an unknown glitch because all I did was KO the char next to a wall and the body never got up and there was a "Spirit" basicly walking around invisibly...LOL
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Pc gltich 100%
On the pc pres the ~ key right next to the 1 and type in
TCL and you can walk through walls
By: aigel(12)
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Get your sneak skill higher 100%
Once you get the adoring fan, you can sneak behind him and steal everything he has and he will let you. You can still keep trying to pickpocket him and it will increase your sneak skill.
By: Evilhuio(115)
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Shadowbanish Wine money glitch 100%
First you need to get teh quest were she asks for the wine then open the console (~) and enter player.additem 185dcd and the amount of bottles of wine you want and collect the reward over and over again till your rich
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Easy 5 step Duplicate yourself cheat 100%
This cheat is very good for duplicating rare armor and money
To do this cheat you need the following
:A summon scamp spell(over 50 seconds)
:A paralyze spell(15+%)
:A reflect spell(15%)
:The skull of corruption(from vaemiras shrine)
Step1:cast summon scamp spell
Step2:paralyze scamp
Step3:use reflect spell on scamp
Step4:shoot skull of corruption at scamp
Step5:before ball of corruption hits the scamp drop skull of corruption(this may take a few try's for beginners).
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The cheat video Cheat Video
By: ownzies(61)
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Free Katana At The Beggining Of The Game 100%
When you take the amulet of kings to Jauffre in his house, there will be a monk downstairs (forget name) and when you kill him you will get the Akaviri Katana which is used bye the blades (emperors protectors) at the start of the game.Usually this weapon would be available later in the game ------->SPOILER!------>when you work with jauffre for the blades later you will be able to get more katanas.

Hope this helped lol (this was long lol)
By: Plondo(36)
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Start new game without How-To part (cave) at the beginning 100%
Hey, did you ever want to start a new game without doing the cave and sewers? well here is how, Right before you exit the imperial prison sewers at the end, save your game.

Then if you want to strat a new game just load up the save and your ready to go!.

Hope this helped :D
By: Plondo(36)
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Free pick locks 100%
When you join the theives guild Armand will ask you if you wanna buy some lockpicks, Say no at sneak behind him, pickpocket his lockpics, he will say ''Go on, I dont need them anyway''

Hope this helped :D
By: Plondo(36)
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Free, weightless Bound Armor/Weopans. Quick and easy. 100%
First of all you need 2 get a bound armor/weopan spell and a summon creature spell, use the bound armor/weopan spell and quickly summon something then attack it with the weopan, kill it, repair the weopan and drop it. when the timer runs out pick up the weopan and there you go. For armor its alittle trickier, first you summon the armor, make sure thats all you wear and summon a creature, make it attack you and wait till it has then kill it and repair and drop the armor when the timer goes out the same will happen. enjoy!
By: necromancer111(145)
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Glitchworld And into Valenwood 100%
First of all you go 2 anvil then you get on top of benirus manor and jump across the rooftops till you get to a building
with a high chimney, jump on the chimney and then onto the city walls, after that jump out of the city and the world
will be all glitched up and you can just walk right in to valenwood and go round the whole map into morrowind, skyrim,
and even black marsh. Enjoy!
By: necromancer111(145)
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Free Money Exploit! 100%
When you become a vampire from the Brotherhood quests you will the get a quest to get a cure if you ask the vampire guy.Once you go through the quest and speak to the count to give him one of the cures, keep asking about the reward and you get 1000g each time,you may do this as many time as you want, I got about 10million gold in about 2 hours.

Hope this helped.
By: Plondo(36)
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Free money for beginers. 100%
Are you a noob at oblivion (newbie) and you want some money?
well all you have to do is go to the Imperial Market District and
go to the store: Red Diamond Jewelery, Next pick lock yourself into the cellar,
the guy might see you so it will be quite easier at night, once inside go down the steps and on your left you will see a box, near the candle on the box are a neclace and a ring,now if you go left you will find a shelf, on the bottom shelf are 2 diamons and another sort of crystal
(saphire I think) put together their worth about 100g, good enough to buy a fine iron shortsword or bow and arrows or whatever you want lol.

Hope this help :D
By: Plondo(36)
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Kvatch Oblivion Gate Trick 100%
When you get to the sigil stone, save your game, because if you don't get the stone that you want, you can just re-load and try again (this works on all Oblivion gates). Activate the stone and wait until it disappears into your inventory, then quickly hit A (or X if PS3 or E if PC). Another sigil stone should appear in the first one's place, and you can take that one too (only works in Kvatch gate)! If done correctly, you can get two sigil stones for the price of one, and you can re-load if you don't like the enchantments.
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Cheat Mode 98%
Press ~ during game play to display the console window:

Effect - Code

Add 100 lockpicks - player.additem 0000000a "100"

Add 100 skeleton keys - player.additem 0000000b "100"

Add 100 repair hammers - player.additem 0000000c "100"

Add 100 gold - player.additem 0000000f "100"

All map locations shown - togglemapmarkers

Change your gender - sexchange

Change your birthsign - showbirthsignmenu

Change your class - showclassmenu

Complete all quest stages- caqs

Spawn listed item - additem
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Easy Umbra 100%
Use the item duplication glitch on the Goblin Shaman Staff that you pick up during the tutorial dungeon. If you don't have it, then any weapon will do, but this is the most valuable item at the start of the game that you can duplicate. Sell off the duplicates, keeping one so that it can continue to be duped, until you have between 5500-6000 gold. Go to Rindir's Staffs in the Imperial City's market district and purchase the Apotheosis, a staff that inflicts 33 each of Fire, Frost, and Shock. Turn the game difficulty all the way down and go to Vindasel, directly SW of the waterfront district. At the end of the dungeon, zap Umbra with the Apotheosis. One hit will kill her, and her armor and sword will be in perfect condition. Umbra is a "void" longsword (the only weapon in the "void" group) that is more powerful than its Daedric cousin and, so long as you don't do the Clavicus Vile shrine quest, has zero weight.
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Hatred's Heart and Hatred's Soul 100%
When you enter an Oblivion gate that starts you off facing four towers, immediately turn right. Fight your way through this path until you reach a large boulder riddled with fire mines, near a half-sunken tower. The path ends here, but on the other side of the boulder, at lava level, is a hidden door that doesn't appear on your local area map. Through it is a minor maze ending a door to the tower. Inside, your only enemies are a couple Dremora. You need their keys to procede. As high up as you can go in the tower is a platform with two The Punished containers on at each end, but their names will be changed to The Forbidden. In one is Hatred's Heart, a very powerful mace, and in the other is Hatred's Soul, an equally powerful bow with its own Hatred's Soul Arrows. These weapons level up as you do, meaning that they're stronger at higher player levels. However, they are several levels higher than you in all cases, meaning that they will always be the most powerful weapons for your level group. Plus, there's more than one four-tower Oblivion gate out there, allowing for duplicates.
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Some cool codes 67%
Press ~ during gameplay and enter these codes for some cool stuff.
The Description is on the left the code is on the right

Aegis of Reflection: 00053D77
Aegis of the Apocolypse: 000CA117
Bound Boots: 0002626C
Bound Guantlets: 0002626C
Bound Cuiriass: 0002626B
Bound Greaves: 00026270
Bound Helmet: 0002626272
Bound Sheild: 00026263
By: OblivionHinter(161)
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Mages guild quest 67%
Sometimes in Bleak Flats Cave (mage's guild recomendation quest) there is a glitch and the guy will not figure out that the zombies are dead and he will not follow you. I haven't figured out the fix yet.
By: oblivionsims2ad(215)
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Cheats 67%
Press the ~ and click on an enemy and then type kill and then whatever you clicked on will die
By: aigel(12)
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More awsome codes! 63%
Press ~ then type in these codes during gamplay!
The code is on the right, the effect is on th eleft

Give all spells: psb

Show Spell Making Screen: ShowSpellmaking

Akravari Sunderblade: 000CA154

Akravari Warbalde: 000CA155

Ayleid Longsword: 00014F14

Ayleid Mace: 00014F15
By: OblivionHinter(161)
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Esay armor skill 60%
When you can get into the arcane university from the mages guild you can have acces from the spellmaking ability. What you do is you make a spell with 100 disintergrate armor skill and you apply it to youself. After that get a lot of repair hammers and then cast the spell over and over again and keep repairing the armor intill you have a high armor skill. This will save you a fortune on trainers and can use that for something else that is hardere to level up. ( always do it on armor not on weapons because they have more hit points wich means more chance to level up and there are more peices to damage which means more skill upgrade)
By: madgod(363)
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Oblivion cheat codes 50%
Walk through air: tcl

god mode: tgm

see all map markers: tmm

get every spell: psb

increase a skill: modpcs skill #

increase an attribute: modpca attribute #

Remove player's bounty: player.setcrimegold 0

Set player's fame: SetPCFame #

Set player's infamy: SetPCInfamy #

teleports you to an area with all monsters and objects in the game: coc testinghall

place a bounty on the selected target:set crime gold 3

set item's price: setitemvalue #

make a copy of the target: createfullactorcopy

make a copy of you: player.createfullactorcopy

delete a copy that you made: deletefullactorcopy

change target's name: setactorfullname "name"

remove all of a targets items: removeallitems

set the amount of gold a merchant has to trade with: setbartergold #

bring up the spell maker screen: showspellmaker

kill everything in the area, if outside kills everything outside: killall

lock a door, chest, ect. if you type 100 it will lock it to (need a key): lock #

stops a targets combat, but will restart if it sees an enemy: stopcombat

item codes:

player.additem (item code) #

Daedric Boots: 00036359
Daedric Cuirass: 0003635B
Daedric Gauntlets: 0000C582
Daedric Greaves: 0003635A
Daedric Helmet: 000733F4
Daedric Shield: 000733F0
Arrow of Storm Strike: 000CD543
Arrow of Storms: 0004BF0F
Daedric Bow: 00035E7C
Daedric Claymore: 00035E78
Daedric Dagger: 00035E72
Daedric Longsword: 000733D8
Daedric Longsword: 00035E76
Daedric Shortsword: 00035E73
Filled Colossal Black Soul Gem: 00007E9D
Flawless Diamond: 00038BA9
Flawless Emerald: 00038BA5
Flawless Pearl: 00038B9A
Flawless Ruby: 00038BA0
Flawless Sapphire: 00038BA3
Flawless Topaz: 00038B9D
Eye of Nocturnal: 00026AC9
Lockpick: 0000000A
Skeleton Key: 0000000B
Welkynd Stone: 00000191
Varla Stone: 00000194
Grand Necklace of Seawalking: 00098445
Grand Necklace of Speechcraft: 00092AB8
Grand Necklace of the Sea: 00098441
Grand Ring of Acrobatics: 00091C3E
Grand Ring of Aegis: 00098439
Grand Ring of Agility: 00091ACA
Grand Ring of Sneak: 00092AB5
Grand Ring of Speed: 00091ACD
Gray Cowl of Nocturnal: 00022E81
Moster Alembic: 0006EE64
Master Calcinator: 0006EE66
Master Mortar & Pestle: 0006EE68
Master Retort: 0006EE6A
Nirnroot: 0004E940
Unicorn Horn: 0001EC5B
Vampire Dust: 0004872C
Vampire Dust: 00009182
Waterwalking Gold Trimmed Shoes: 0004898F
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Ok listen all you gotta do is go to anvil, jump on benirus manor, continue on jumping from house 2 house till you get to the dock gate then you have 2 jump on the chimny thing and then on to the outer wall. Then you need 2 jump down the other side of the wall (this may hurt!) and your in the glitchworld be cautious and tread carefully,from there you can go through into Valenwood and then to: Elswer,Black Marsh, Morrowind or even Skyrim.....unless you die. PS necromancer111 for cheatmaster!
By: necromancer111(145)
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Joining the thieves guild 50%
Steal about 10-20 stuff and one dark elf will give you a mysterious note go to the waaterfront go to he houses then you will see some beds then you will see a little space go there and press t and set it for 12 am then armand crishtoph will appear he will talk stuff then he will ask you to stal somthing dont do anything wait for another persone to stal it then talk to him again he will ask you to steal rhossans sword go to the market district then kill rhossan talk to armand again and he will say that you have been cast out of the thieves guild you will have to pay gold so be prepared to pay 1000 gold then he will say welcome back then go to youre jornel go to the faction menu and you will see "thieves guild picpocket" now you are officially a member of the thieves guild
By: phantom101(1153)
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Joinning the dark brotherhood 50%
Kill 10-15 people and then sleep in a bed any bed then a man with a blck robe will appear he will ask you to kill a man kalled rufio at a inn follow the red arrow until the inn the go to the basement then you will see rufio kill him then sleep in a bed again then the man in the black robe will apear again he will ask you to join the dark brotherhood say yes and then you are now officialyy a member of the dark brotherhood faction
By: phantom101(1153)
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Fast light/heavy armor skill upgrade 33%
You get the kind of armor you want and go into the wilderness at a low level and go find a mudcrab or better yet a rat. Then you stand there and let it beat up on you for a while and your skill will rise fast. But always be sure to bring repair hammres to repair your armor because the worse your armor is in condition the slower your skll is going to rise and always be sure to were a full suit of that armor so you get the full benifit and they dont hit parts of your body that ar exposed so you lose less health
By: madgod(363)
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Another easy armor cheat 25%
(you must have the expansion for this tip) in the shicering isles in crucible there is a Kajhhit who runs the generel trader and I think it is cald things found. anyway she will ask you to find three items and 1 of those 3 is the one you need. It is called the amulet of distergration and it damages your wepons/armor 100 points and it never stops working as long as you keep it on. Now the best part of that is this once you have repair hammers you can use them on the armor that will never repair so you dont have to keep damaging it and you can upgrade it a lot faster.
By: madgod(363)
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