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Extreme Warfare Revenge Cheats for PC
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Extreme Warfare Revenge PC Cheats

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Extreme Warfare Revenge

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Feud Tip 100%
Have a good plan for the World Heavyweight Championship? Want to set up a huge feud between Triple H and HBK for it? Well, don't set it up before WrestleMania, silly! Always start a feud fresh before a PPV. Give it time to develop before you decide to end it. If you end it too quickly, the workers will lose morale and overness.

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Staff 100%
Staff are the people responsible for the backstage operations of a promotion. Without them, the product would be nothing. There are 8 types of staff in EWR:

Owners: These are the people who finance the promotions. A promotion that does not have a specific owner is run by a board of directors. Owners cannot be hired or fired by you, and so do not show up in any of the in-game rosters. They can however by hired of fired by promotions. They have specific styles, so certain owners may prefer to hire only brawlers, whereas another may be high on technical wrestlers. Wrestlers can retire to become owners.

Announcers: These are the people who call the matches. Announcer’s quality affects TV ratings and pay-per-view buy rates.

Road Agents: These are the guys who keep control in the back. If you have too few (or too few talented) road agents, anarchy is likely to reign, and you will have more fights and incidents on your hands.

Referees: These are the guys who officiate the matches. Poor referees will spoil matches and drag quality down.

Medics: Medics look after your injured workers. Too few (or too few talented) medics means that injuries will take longer to heal.

Trainers: These are the guys who run your training camps. A good trainer will be able to teach students to be good wrestlers, poor trainers may harm their development.

Writers: These are the people who write the angles. Without them, you cannot use angles at all. The quality of the writing team effects the reaction angles get.

Production: These are the people who deal with setting up the arena, doing the pyrotechnics for entrances, keep the big screen working, make promotional material, edit the broadcast, work the cameras, deal with security...etc! Your rating will suffer if you don’t have good production staff.

By talking to your staff, you will find out whether you need to hire more people for certain roles (for example, as you hire more wrestlers you may need more road agents to handle them).

Staff hiring and firing is the same as it is with wrestlers.

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Getting Good Match Ratings 100%
When this game means real life Wrestling simulation, it means it. The most memorable matches in real wrestling today can get you remarkably good ratings on the game. Also, people who aren't the best in real life will help bring match ratings down.

Ex Good: Chris Benoit against Kurt Angle

Chris Jericho against Shawn Michaels

Chris Jericho against the Rock

Ex Bad: Big Show against Spike Dudley

Mark Henry against Rhyno

etc Big Guy vs Small guy matches

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Description 100%
The User Screen can be found on the main screen of the game, by clicking your name, which is located just under the Next Day button. This screen contains five key elements:

1) Game Data - in the top left hand corner of the screen you have a summary of your game data. This tells you the version you are playing, the name of the game, the difficulty level, and when you began playing.

2) Job History - the game keeps records on your last 5 jobs. You can see a list of the promotions you have worked for, in chronological order, halfway down the left hand side. By clicking a promotion name, you will be able to see stats on how you did while in charge.

3) Personal Shortlist - your personal shortlist can be accessed by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen. This allows you to specify 15 workers who you are particularly interested in. Your scouts will pay special attention to these people, and will report (via your in-game e-mail) when anything significant happens to them. It also allows you to use the Shortlist Search feature from the Other Workers screen.

4) Game World - this is the big list on the right hand side of the screen. It shows the rankings of all the promotions, based on public image and size. The promotion you are currently running will be highlighted so that you can see where you are in the EWR world.

5) Start Promotion - if you have been playing your current game for more than 2 years, and are currently working for a Global level promotion, you can quit and start your own promotion. You are able to select the level you start at, and will be given the option to have some wrestlers and staff join you as business partners. Once you have started your own promotion, you are registered as the owner, and will not be able to leave.

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Too Slow? 100%
Is the game too slow for you? Is it taking 5 minutes to load up the next day? Well all you have to do is go to the file editor and delete some workers you don't care for and promotions you don't care for. This may make the game go a lot faster. Using 25 promotions and 5000 workers will make the game very slow. Try and delete some.
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Free worker release 100%
Promote and demote a worker up and down the roster until their morale gets under 40. You can now offer him a release, and he will leave without you needing to buy out their contract.

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Longer Contract 100%
Before you write the contract, change it from open to written and then put it to 5 years. Put the monny up a little more then $300.

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Good Feuds/Bad Feuds 100%
In EWR you have good and bad feuds i have took it upon myself to hand out a few good feuds and examples of bad feuds.

Good Feuds:

Eddie Guerrero vs Chris benoit

Edge vs Rhyno

Pogo The Clown vs Doink The Clown

Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit

Bad Feuds:

Ultimo Dragon vs A-Train

Big Show vs Funaki

Kane vs Tommy Dreamer

The Key to a good feud is to document it well (e.g. finish it with a speical match and use interview etc.) (A bad feud can normally be a big guy (.g. Big Show vs a cruiserweight (Kidman) so try to use main eventers against main eventers etc. and a good heal vs face feud always brings in the ratings. If your gonna have a face vs face feud or heel vs heel try to turn one of the workers so it turns out better.

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Lowering People's Morale 100%
Let's say you want to get rid of Goldberg. But when you try to fire him, not only is he very expensive to terminate his contract, but some of his backstage buddies threaten to leave if you get rid of him. Well we should all know by now that when you release sum1, they leave for free and no one gets mad. Well some people find it pretty tough to get people to decide on a release. This is where morale comes in. If there morale is 40% or below, they will most likely let you release them. How do you lower morale?

A) Give them a stupid gimmick. Let them lose moral as they work.

B) Demote them down to a jobber.

C) Make them job to lowcarders.

This is very handy to get rid of expensive crap wrestlers who have lots of backstage buddies.

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Release workers for free 100%
If you want to get rid of a worker that is either causing you trouble
backstage, or just putting on crappy matches, or whatever reason you
may have, here's a trick to get rid of them for free.

If you promote and demote them up and down the roster, eventually their
morale will drop below 40. When it's below 40 you can offer them a
release and they will leave for free, saving you the money it would take
to buy out their contract.
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Easy money 100%
Make a backup of the files. Copy the files in the "save" folder into the
"data" folder. Start the game, enter the editor, select your company,
then change the current amount of money as high as desired.

Note: Do not do this if your money is a negative value. Quit the game,
then copy the files in the "data" folder back into the "save" folder.
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Boost low morale 33%
If a worker has low morale, and is at Upper Midcard or Main Eventer,
simply move down card until the worker is at Jobber. Then, move him
up card until he is back at his position. His morale will be considerably
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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