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Football Manager 2005 Cheats for PC
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Football Manager 2005 PC Cheats

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Football Manager 2005

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Money $$$ Money 100%
When December 31st comes round each year, you can get players free in June. If you want easy money, get players that you do not really want then get them on a free only if you know that clubs would be interested in him. Now, sell him when you get him on free. Take over a team as you normally would. If their finances are not very good, then take over a rich team like Chelsea, Real Madrid etc. as well as your normal team. Bid over the odds prices for your unneeded players. Stay as the manager until the transfer goes through, then retire. Your 1st team will now have high finances.

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The best players in the world 100%
If you want the best team in the world you must be a good team with plenty of money and it must be your 1st season. Then search for these players.

Mitea (Ajax)

probable fee= £6mil

Value after a season or two= £14mil

Snijder (Ajax)

probable fee= £7mil

Value after a season or two= £20mil

Roninho (Santos)

probable fee= £6mil

Value after a season or two= £25-30mil

Tevez (Boca)

probable fee= £7mil

Value after a season or two= £30mil

Kompany (Anderlecht)

probable fee= £5mil

Value after a season or two= £20mil

Juan (Leverkusen)

probable fee= £3.5mil

Value after a season or two= £19mil

Gilardino (Parma)

probable fee= £

Value after a season or two= £35mil

Diego (Porto)

probable fee= £15mil

Value after a season or two= £25 mil

Tuncay (Fenerbahce)

probable fee= £10mil

Value after a season or two= £30mil

Petre (Galataseray)

probable fee= Free at end of 1st season

Value after a season or two= £6mil (should be more)

Vágner Love (CSKA Moscow)

probable fee= £9mil

Value after a season or two= £17mil
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Buy Thuram for under £1M 100%
To buy Lillian Thuram for under £1M, make a bid for him for £0. When Juventus reject the bid, go back to Thuram's profile, and his value will be under £1M, so you can buy him really cheap!

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Always win big 100%
When the fixtures screen appears before a match, find out who you are playing and add them as a manager. When it is time, set all their players in bad positions (for example, forward as the goalkeeper). Put all their players out wide and play your formation down the middle. You will win about 30-0 every time. This works well for lower league clubs trying to get up.

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Editamania 100%
The best way to get the best team in the world for free is to go on editor and add them to your team. I won the quadrouple with these 11 players!

Petr Cech(GK)


Ashley Cole(DL)

Allesandro Nesta(DC)

John Terry(DC)


Arjen Robben(ML)


Steven Gerrard(MC)

Thierry Henry(SC)

Wayne Rooney(SC)

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Take over as England manager 100%
To take over early in the game as England manager, add a user to manage a national team. Select England, then retire instantly. Next, go back to your normal team and apply for the job. This saves waiting for Sven to retire. You need a good rating or Big Sam will get the position.

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Good players for free 98%
Take over a team with good players. Keep fining them for no reason to make them unhappy. Now, use your normal club to bid whatever amount of money for them and offer them a decent wage. Wait until the transfer has gone through, then retire from that team. *** Players such as Ronaldo, Raul, Henry will not want to go to lower achieving teams.

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Buy these players 98%
If you buy the following players, then you stand a good chance of winning your league. I had all of these players in my squad and I did the domestic treble, and now, in season 2, I have already retained my premiership, and league cup titles.

Van der Sar - GK

Panucci - DR

Boa Morte - AM L/C

Malbranque - AM L/R

Ortega - SC

Diop - DMC

Gravesen - MC

Figo - AML/R

Total spending for these stars will be under 30m.

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If your a lower league club like boston or carlisle you should sign dene cropper he plays for workstop he got 42 goals in 1 season for me and you should buy him
By: bongo1(34)
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