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Ghost Recon: Desert Siege Cheats for PC
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Ghost Recon: Desert Siege PC Cheats

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Ghost Recon: Desert Siege

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Cheat Codes 100%
Press [Keypad Enter] to display the console window. After that, enter one of the following codes to activate the listed cheat function.

Press [Esc] to close the console window.

Effect - CheatCode

Achieve objectives one at a time - cisco

All inventory items - refill

Change your kit to specified file - kit [kit file]

Chicken grenades - chickenrun

Disable constant shaky screen - rumbleoff

Enable constant shaky screen - rumbleon

Exit game - quit

Faster movement - run

God mode - superman

Hide corpse names - hidecorpse

Infinite ammunition - ammo

Invisibility - shadow

Lose current mission - autolose

Mark location on map for teleport - mark

Mark location on map for teleport - mark2

Paintball mode - extremepaintball

Report current location - loc

Screen shakes - boom

Set gamma; default is 0.5 - setgama [0.0 - 1.0]

Show object names - names

Show texture properties for objects - showtextureprops

Squirrel launcher - squirrelkite

Suicide - god

Take over enemy bases - rock

Team God mode - teamsuperman

Team invisibility - teamshadow

Teleport - teleport

Teleport to preset locations - spawn

Toggle actor stats - toggleshowactorstats

Toggle AI - toggleai

Toggle display of tracers - tracers

Toggle effect stats - toggleshoweffectsstats

Toggle framerate display - toggleshowframerate

Toggle freezing trees - togglemovetrees

Toggle interface stats - toggleshowinterfacestats

Toggle level stats - toggleshowlevelstats

Toggle performance counters - toggleshowperfcounters

Toggle system memory stats - toggleshowsystemmemorystats

Toggle texture memory stats - toggleshowtexturememorystats

Toggle total stats - toggleshowtotalstats

Toggle user interface - toggleui

Unlock Hero characters - unlockheros

View debug counters - perf

Win current mission - autowin

Unknown - aiinfo

Unknown - airoe

Unknown - badtree

Unknown - cover

Unknown - dist

Unknown - eviltwin

Unknown - findcover

Unknown - gogetem

Unknown - hideframecounter

Unknown - hidegamecounters

Unknown - hideplayerposition

Unknown - hiderenderercounters

Unknown - journalplaystart

Unknown - journalplaystop

Unknown - journalrecordstart

Unknown - journalrecordstop

Unknown - loadgame

Unknown - range

Unknown - report

Unknown - reticule

Unknown - savegame

Unknown - showframecounter

Unknown - showgamecounters

Unknown - showplayerposition

Unknown - showrenderercounters

Unknown - testpath

Unknown - toggleshowscenestats

Unknown - toggleusetreeinterleave
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