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NHL Hockey 2000 Cheats for PSX
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NHL Hockey 2000 PSX Cheats

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NHL Hockey 2000

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EA Sports Team 100%
To get the "EA Sports" team start an exhibition game and press L2 and R2 repeatedly.(This code only works in exhibition)
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Free player for your team 100%
Turn on wavers. This will allow you to drop players from any one team and add them to any other team.
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Announcer says names for created players 100%
If you use a name that is fairly common, for example, Andy, then the announcers in the game will say "Andy, picks up the puck..." or "Andy Scores!" when you make a play or score a goal. They actually use your name.
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Cheat codes 100%
While playing, enter any of the following codes:
awaygoal = gives away team a goal

homegoal = gives home team a goal

zambo = brings the Zamboni out on the ice during the game

spots = shows the pre-game spotlights

penalty = brings a penalty to the team without the puck

injury = cause and injury

victory = fireworks

flash = camera flashes from crowd

check = auto check on contact with opposing player

grab = auto stick hold on contact with opposing player

mantil = gives players elongated arms, legs, and necks

nhlkids = makes players smaller
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Super players 100%
For super players just go to player management then create player and enter in a name of a player that is rated 99. ie. Joe Sakic. It will then ask if you want to use his ratings say yes. to work you have to go to his ratings 1st and put them how you like them. Then you can go back and change his name.
You have to be careful because if you change something important like his playing type it will reset his points. Also you can put in the name of one of the guys in the credits and you will get their ratings but most are not very good.
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