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Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising Cheats for PC
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Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising PC Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Trainer by: Anonymous Jul 22,2004
Trainer by: Anonymous Jul 4,2004
Trainer by: Anonymous Jun 21,2004

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Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising

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Using Satchel Charges 100%
There are many uses to satchel charges, some being tactical, some being for fun. Satchel charges can be used:

1- To blow up bridges, especially on maps where bridges are the only way for land-only vehicles to cross water gaps. Be careful though, not all bridges can be blown up, especially not the ones with more complex structures.

Usually one charge is enough to blow the bridge enough to prevent a vehicle to cross it, use 2 if you need to blow up the majority of the bridge.

2- To blow up enemy vehicles. From a tactical point of view this would be to hinder enemy troops from mobilizing, especially on large maps or maps where some vehicles are scarce and vital. (AS-Twin Island, AS-Black Rock Beach and so on). Aim for the least available vehicles, usually being LCACs and APCs as well as Chinooks/Halos.

>From a "fun" point of view, you can trap their vehicles, but instead of blowing it up straightaway, wait for it to be full of enemies, and then detonate the charge. You can also trap your own vehicles, wait until it is near the enemy base and then blow it up. Be careful not to get your teammates killed though, wait for them to leave the vehicle.

NOTE: On large vehicles, more than one charge might be needed.

3- To defend a bunker. When enemies are attacking a bunker and all hope to keep it seems lost, booby-trap the interior, either near turrets or behind the armory. Be careful not to get killed though, as you would lose your charges. Also, you can place them before enemies arrive, but again, be careful that Friendly-Fire isn't turned on, as blowing up the charges could kill your teammates and wipe out the defence.

4- To attack a bunker. When enemies are away, trap the bunker in the same way to defend it, but instead of going inside and placing them, pop them through the windows (crawl to the base, then kneel to throw it in and then crawl to safety again). If your lucky, you should be able to detonate the charge before anyone sees it.

Also, when flying in a helicopter, have the pilot hover a few seconds above an enemy base so that you can drop both onto them, then fly to safety. You'll have to wait before you can efficiently blow them up, as they have to fall to the ground 1st and that can take various amounts of time depending on the height at which they were thrown.

There are other ways of using satchel charges, but not all are listed. When using these, always be careful to be a good distance away before detonation, as they have an effective blast radius of about 30m! Also, to make the explosion more powerful, you can detonate the charge with a frag grenade.
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Geting a free enemy copter 64%
This only works if the game is using ai units, ok frist there are these platforms floting in the sky where ai helicopters spwan but it dosent spawn the pilot inside the helicopter. second ther are 2 of them behind both bases in a distance diagnoly from them it will usualy be about 9 units away laditude and longitue. to get there take a helicopter andhave a team be with you n the helicopter that you take to get there then when Ai bot spwans keep killing it until the ai copter finally spwans and get in it before the ai unit gets in because iit will spwan again right when the copter comes. and there you go one free copter
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