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Ninja: Shadow of Darkness Cheats for PSX
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Ninja: Shadow of Darkness PSX Cheats

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Ninja: Shadow of Darkness

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Invincibility 100%
During gameplay press pause and enter the following:
Square Circle L1 L1+L2
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Campaign Select 100%
From MAIN MENU, press Square, Circle, R1, L1, L1+R1. You must do this within 2 seconds.
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All Weapons 100%
Start a new game, then pause and press Square, Circle, R1, L1, R1+R2. You must enter the code within 2 seconds.
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Open All War Zones 100%
Go in Options, Difficulty, and hold TRIANGLE, SQUARE, CIRCLE, and press L1+L2.
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Level Select 100%
At the Main Menu enter: R1, L1, R1+L1
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Secret Artifact 100%
In level two, kill the Blue Spy and pick up the information he leaves behind. When you're ordered to evacuate the area, now ignore your orders and go to the Tan Post. Kill the guys their and cycle through your wepons until you see the info as your weapon. Press SELECT and read it. Happy hunting!
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More Damage in Multiplayer 100%
When using the flamethrower in 2 player mode, tap the X button instead of holding it. The flamethrower will then do more damage.
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Secret Key 100%
If you enter the 2 player level "Clean Up This Mess!," and go into the closet (located in the North East direction, you will find a key located between the books.
Once you have the key, look at your radar. You will see 2 doors, 1 is the closet, the other is where you use the key. Take the key there. When you are close enough, you will automatically use it.
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Clear Mine Fields Quickly 100%
When entering a mine field, select your minesweeper. Walk forward a few paces and then hold in the roll button and roll left/right to clear mines. This will save a considerable amount of time.
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Run Faster in Multi-Player Mode 98%
Hold Square + Triangle to chase your opponent quicker.
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