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Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth Cheats for PC
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Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth
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Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Easy Persona Points 89%
Near to the end of a battle destroy as much as you want but leave one building standing, then save ur game, then destroy the building and you will be victorious, now everytime you load that file you can simply destroy that one building but when you win you will still receive the persona points.
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Bypassing the command point limit 86%
If you have reached your command point limit during a mission, send out a battalion or 2 (with the Banner Carrier upgrade) of soldiers. Have them fight until there is only one or 2 men remaining in the battalions/hordes. Now, send

them back to your base, near a Healing Well for the Good side. You have just freed up several command points. Your damaged battalions can regenerate. Use this strategy to make up to 3 battalions of cavalry to raid your opponent with.

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Create powerful Troll 85%
To make a Troll more powerful, have it pick up a tree as a club. It is slower, but much more powerful. To make an Ent more powerful, have it to pull boulders out of buildings or rock piles to throw at enemies. This is a very powerful long-range attack.

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Cheat Code 81%
Edit stats of your skirmish player:Use a simple text editor (example: notepad) and edit the "skirmishstats.ini" file in the

"c:documents and settingsapplication datamy battle for middle-earth files" directory. *** Always create a backup copy before editing a gamefile.

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the Balrog in Moria 73%
When battling the Balrog at Moria you will only be allowed to use Gandof.This actually helps you defeat him. It would be harder to do this if you had the whole fellowship with you. When you 1st get there just keep attacking him. Don't worry about him attacking you. When your health bar gets half way down start to run away from him. Try not to get hit by him. While you're running away from him your health should start going back up. Wait till your health is full. This may take a while. Then repeat this over and over until you have beaten him.

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The Balrog on good 60%
When facing the Balrog he will come to attack you constantly. Use Gandalfs lightning sword attack and then run away from the Balrog until lightning sword recharges. Repeat until the Balrog is dead. NOTE: Don't worry when the Balrog comes flyin with his wings, just keep runnin!
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Helms Deep Excellent tip! 57%
Helms deep is only hard if you spread your forces too wide and do-not organize yourself properly before the orcs arrive.

First thing you should do is move a hero (preferably on horseback) to collect the two gold piles (one on left side of base, one inside main castle bit) - In the deepest part of your castle, make two farms, in the seion just behind the main gate also build two farms, in any sections inside the stretch of wall also make farms.

Then start pumping out archers from your range (que 4-5) - Move all of your archers, Aragorn, Legolas, Borromir up to the stretch of wall spreading them out so they are stacked from where the stretch of wall joins on to the main castle up to just after the tunnel in the wall (that explodes)

After you have built 4-5 archers, your range will upgrade allowing you to make Elven Archers and the Fire Arrow upgrade - get the fire upgrade and stack as many Elven units as you can afford.

Move the Elven archers you make as well as the Elves that arrive to the stretch of wall upgrading the units to fire arrows as you can afford (elves first!)

Make a secret door beside the main gate (dont worry about making one at the tunnel that explodes)

Be sure and shoot the ladders - dont worry about the guys on foot, just shoot the ladders - use boromir's horn ability to stun enemy troops to make them easy pickings for your archers, use aragorns ability to make them run away if any orcs actually get on the wall (station Aragorn to the far left so he is in the most vulnerable area)

You should have Gimli, Theoden and Arwen positioned at the main gate ready to run out and kill any rams that approach.

It is inevitable that the orcs will manage to gain hold of the stretch of wall and blow a hole in the defenses, your aim is just to hold them off for a decent period of time.

Once you see that the orcs are going to get a decent hold of the wall and you will likely lose a lot of men defending it - Pull ALL of your men back to the main inner defenses putting all the archers on the last wall of defense overlooking the courtyard.

REMEMBER to close the inner gate - the number of times I have forgotten about that is scary.

Once you have pulled all your men back to the last wall, position Legolas right in the center directly in front of the gate - he can shoot far enough to kill any siege weapons that approach.

You could literally now just stay here for ever killing orcs and mounting up the kills - DO-NOT call in the re-enforcements unless you absolutely have to! - I just restart the level if I need to call in the re-enforcements, big waste of an opportunity!

If you are comfortably holding the defenses and picking the orcs off as they come in - delete one of your farms in the inner circle and make an archery range.

Make enough archers to upgrade it, then start making Elven archers (and the fire upgrade if not already got it)

Send out yeoman archers to die as you make Elven archers (Elves are better) - Your goal is to fill your army capacity with Elven archers all with fire upgrades - You can also delete another farm (or your range if you reach army capacity) and make an Armoury to upgrade the Elves with weapons, Armour and Standard bearer.

Your goal is to completely fill your army capacity with upgraded Elven Archers, using legolas ability to train/give experience to hopefully get some to level 3

Only when your army is at full capacity do you call in the re-enforcements, then when you next play with that army you will have a fully pumped up Elven Elite army which is neigh unstoppable and further down the line will make holding Minas Tirith so much easier as well.
By: x1xx1x(273)
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Mirkwood forest 56%
In the forest of mirkwood, when you begin, you will start in the uper left corner you must divide your forces and go to the upper right of the map in order to keep the enemy from getting that fort before you do. do this with all 4 bases. then you can close in on the settlements and outposts.
By: wolffepack6283(69)
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Facing the balrog 50%
Make sure when you are doing the moria level to get gandalf to take the level up bonases the he can take more damage and use his lightning sword which does alot of damage to the balrog.
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Destroying edoras 47%
When in evil campaign, when you are attacking edora, first make a camp. then make a urak pit,seige works and a warg pit.then make some wargs.then send all your uraks,your wargs and sauromon to take out the bases ONE AT A TIME.then regroup your army back at your base.make some ballistas,and a couple of battering not use the battering rams yet.send in the ballistas to destroy the archers on edoras's walls while you make a bigger army.when all the archers are dead,send in the battering rams. send in lots of urak pikeman in porcupine formation to take out the rohirim.then have your uraks do the rest.
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Helms deep: cant touch this! 45%
Instead of doing how they do it in the movie,do it like this. focus ALL of your men around the wall of the main citadel. archers on the wall, soldiers and horsemen inside the wall. the deeping wall will be breached, yes, but the only way you'll get defeated is if you don't call in eomere's army when he and gandalf arrive. then, the battle will drag on forever and you wont have the money to replace the archers without the destroying the stables and replacing it with a farm
By: wolffepack6283(69)
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Army stratagy 43%
What your going to want to do if you start off with a castle is close the gate(after you get all the resorce buildings closest to your castle)and make a postern then make a bunch of ppl try to get a hero to buff im out and get all the upgrades you can to them
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Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth 33%
Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth
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