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Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth 2 Cheats for PC
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Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth 2
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Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth 2 Cheats

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Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth 2

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Easy Ring Heroes 78%
The easiest way to get the ring when you are controlling a men army is to upgrade your fortress with vision of the palantir and then using it. You will see the whole map including stealthed units for 30 seconds. You will spot gollum. Use calvalry to get to him and then bring him back to your fortress. You can then get galdriel for $10,000. She is the good ring hero and is very strong. If she dies, the ring will fall again and all nearby units will be blasted back exept heroes. It is recommended that you bring galadriel into battle with a hero and other units so if she dies, you will not lose the ring to the enemy.
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large groups of enemies 77%
Have a lot of defensive structures in your base and teleport the opponents to your base. The towers should kill the enemies before they can do much damage. The Convert spell will also work, because they are free men.
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Leveling up Gimli 75%
At buckland, if you are dwarves and you make the hero Gimli, attack wight and you will gain 1 level. It will only take one hit to kill the wight. Destroy the lair and you will now be level 4. If you get the treasure it leaves behind, you will gain a level and be level 5. Then you will have slayer. This may be posible at any wight lair during gameplay.
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Invincible Troll 75%
Kill a Troll while it is still coming out of the Troll Cage and it will become invincible. It will freeze where it is, and you will still be able to shoot at it. You can still gain power points from shooting it. Eventually, it will unfreeze and attack any enemies.
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General strategies 75%
Do not just rush your opponent's territory. Either send in a camo capable unit or a very cheap, weak unit such as Orc Warriers. Check out your opponent's base before attacking with stronger units.
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Trapped Enemy 73%
Build a wall with an empty space in it. Have a wizard hero with a teleport ability on. Teleport some enemy factions into the space in the wall. They will be trapped there and useless unless the wall is broken by siege. If you build a tunnel in the wall that only your men can go through, then you can go in there and defeat them for some extra power points if wanted.
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Grey Havens 73%
Start at the bottom-most part. Build as many resource collectors as possible. Now, capture the Shipright. Get Builders to build Wall Hubs where the Cave Trolls lair is found (kill it first). Build a wall, then build units and an upgrade structure. Get your units upgraded as much as possible. Put some by the wall to defend it. Send the rest to the Shipright. Build the number of transports needed. Put the units by the Shipright onto the transports. Send the transports to the enemy camp. Optionally, split your units up and surround the camp. Destroy all the structures except for the fortress. Finally, destroy the fortress.
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Ring Heroes 72%
All maps in Skirmish and Multiplayer mode have Gollum cloaked on it. When you find Gollum, kill him and you will get the ring. Take it back to your fortress and have the troop that is carrying the ring enter the fortress in order to recruit a Ring Hero for 9,000 resources. The Ring Hero does not use any command points. Men, Elves, and Dwarves can recruit Galadriel. Mordor, Isengard, and Goblins can recruit Sauron. The easiest way to get the ring is to let an enemy find Gollum then kill them after they obtain the ring. The only way to stop them before they reach their base is to chase them down with a mounted unit, have a created hero teleport into their path, or to summon allies into their path using a power.
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Easy helms deep as the elves 68%
Ok what you need to do is as you know get the basics. oh also close the front gate then get an archery range and a black Smith. next get archers! and put them on the top gate at the front. don't leave just keep them on the wall because the enemy(s) areonly going to go 5 in. on the monitor. so its ok once you got lots of resources upgrade black Smith. after you have all upgrades and lots of mirkwood archers upgrade them and if your lucky gollum will be at the front gate then if he is get the ring and then with a full army send a full force attack on them. hope it helps it worked for me.
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Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding hero 63%

Avatan - Win 10 Capture And Hold games
Brerthor - Complete the Good campaign
Celebrim - Win 10 Resource Race games
Felek - Win 10 hero vs. Hero games
Fhaleen - Win 10 King Of The Hill games
Hadhood - Complete the first level of the Good campaign with all bonus objectives
Idrial - Complete level 8 of the Good campaign with all bonus objectives
Krashnack - Complete level 1 of Evil campaign with all bonus objectives
Maur - Complete level 4 of the Good campaign with all bonus objectives
Mektar - Complete the good Campaign with no heroes dying
Ohta - Win 10 Versus games
Olog - Complete level 8 of the Evil campaign with all bonus objectives
Thrugg - Complete level 4 of the Evil campaign with all bonus objectives
Tumna - Complete the Evil campaign
Urulooke - Complete the Evil campaign with no heroes dying
By: VickyPatel619(118)
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One thing bad about lord of the rings is the enemy doesnt send enough people, but you can change that, pick a place like minas tirith or helms deep and man the walls with arches, and all the arching heros. but before you start make sure to go to the top of the screen were you pick your map and press 8 times( it wont say times) than your enemy will have the ability to make a limit of 8000 command points, usually easy armys wont do this, so face a brutal army, and than make them 50-40 % handicap. ( if you want them to throw larger armys at you put more than 1 brutal army in)
isengard has the worst army so I always face them
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Build four walls into a square and add a defensive gate.keep it open.when you find gollum,
use fast melle infantry to drive him inside,then close the gate and experiment on him.or use freezing rain
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Nothing left to do 56%
When you attack an enemy base and you know you're going to lose quickly destroy the fortress and kill all their builders that way they'll have no way to build buildings and no way to get more builders.
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Smart stratagy 55%
Sometimes you have an enemy or a friend the best way to win is to use waves. like in the 7th good mission. the 1st is it look at\find all or at least find some structures. the 2nd is to weaken your friend or enemy to the structures/and his forces. and last but not least the 3rd is to utterly destroy them. but sometimes you you should sometimes attack that way from a different like I did. on the skirmish I picked the same place I was on the last time but I sent a builder to a spot where you can add an opponent and attacked from there. hope it helped it helped me domanate.
By: BattleGuardian(124)
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Easy profile level raising for war of the ring 54%
Have two easy allies and 1 brutal enemy, put the enemy in the top left corner and your allies surrounding him. Press begin and on the first turn they will attack him and win. (note: this gives you two profile level points but doesn't work every time. If you want to be sure to do it every time, but get less points, just set your allies to Brutal and get as many more allies as you want.)
By: Theguy(97)
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Ithilien gollum 54%
In the map ithilien gollum is always in the forbiden pool
but youl have to have something that detectes stealthed units :/
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Easy Final Battle On Good Campaign 52%
When at Dol Guldur (or however its spelt) do not rush into the fortress. For all who know already their is a Watcher in the moat and Worms. Plus their are alot of enemies along with a Balrog that will appear. Instead build Malorn Trees and raise some money. Let the enemy attack you and defeat them building Power points and buy the final 3 powers and use those to destroy the fortress. Also after you capture the beacon on the right of map if you build a dwarven fortress (on the left by where your reinforcements arrive) in the right spot every time the dragon is summoned it will sit dead center of your fortress and be trapped to do nothing. so build some axe towers around and you will have a very easy time. Also your forces will be waiting for the counterattack of mordor forces from the west and south. This took me about half an hour to beat using the powers and after you start summoning men of dale inside the fortress to capture the beacons it speeds it up as well.

Hope this helps.
By: khaoz87(28)
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Untamed Alligance 51%
First be an evil army(goblins perferably).Then select the Witherd Hearth at maps. During gameplay earn 15 power points. Than get a level 5 power point that leads to untamed alligance. Then get untamed alligance. MAKE SURE YOU ARE AT THE TOP PART OF WITHERESD HEARTH!!!!(goblins only I think)Then selecet your fortress and select the Cloud of Bats Upgrade. You will have more vision and then you will see a dragon cave. Use untamed alligance on it. Now you can make fire-breathing dragons for $2000 with 25 command points.(If you are goblins select your fortress and get the web upgrade. Then select dragons nest and you can make a dragon from your fortress. Also make a army of those dragons and the hero Dragorth the Dragon King for $5000. You will be unstoppable unless the enemy is brutal LOL.)
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Unlimited health for elves 47%
Create an elf hero with self-heal. You can get no recharge time on it. When you want to
click on it, do so but immediately move to another location. It will not recharge. You
can do this as many times as desired.
By: VickyPatel619(118)
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Cheat engine 45%
To cheat, you must have cheat engine, if you've got you just need to do the following:
open the game then open cheat engine then scans the amount of resources and then buy some troops or build a building
, for the amount of resources change. after that write the resources that have been changed to cheat engine and then click next scan. input all the results and change it at will you guys

good luck
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Inafficiant command points 44%
If you are not in a fortress (helms deep, cirith ungol etc.) then you will find it a bit more difficult to get command points for your troops. the answer is instead of building money makers or resourses like lumber mills, build ones like farms, mines etc. as they will give you command points as well as money. the only problem is the fact you need a lot of land but that doesnt really matter to much as you will be able to by a big enough army to wipe out your enemy. you might even be able to get 20 battalions of normal infantry or 15 of archers, 10 of cavalry, 13 of pikemen, 5 of strong units or siege weapons and quit easily all heroes. (Preff: all heroes 3 siege/strong 2 cavalry 3 pike 4/5 archers 5/6 infantry and keep saving to repeat proccess)
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Extra power 43%
If you make a troll hero, you can start with 2 powers at level 1. You need to put the untamed alligiance power on level one power. You put the power that has the same picture to it as untamed alligiance on. its ability is to take control of another troll. Then, fill out the other powers to your own disires and then play a game with that troll hero. You will start with both powers on at level one.
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The Ring's Blast 43%
When Sauron is awakened from the Ring, he will be able to use The Ring's Blast power.
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Glitches 42%
Get gandalf in a skirmish or multi-player. Hold down control and shift while garrisoning him in a tower.
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The gondor army 42%
When you got the battle for middle earth 2 rise of the witch king or normal use improved bowmen of faramir to slay the first fortress to get more place to bould a new castle for more troups. this only works with the army of gondor.
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Gandolf turning into Galadriel 40%
First get Gandolf only in skirmish. Then hold down the shift key and the ctrl key. While holding down the keys put Gandolf in a tower. Then take him out of the tower. When he comes out he will be Galadriel. Any other cheats like this are FALSE.
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Money$$$$$$$$$$$cheat faster$$$!!!!!!!!!!! 38%
Ok you have to have a cheat engine 5.4 2 do this.First go sumware and go to the cheat engine and type 17 in hex. Next pick a address.put it down by clicking on the red arrow.deg gum. finally change the value to10000000 1 with 7 zero's go to the square box thingy and click on it and go back to the game!money faster
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Dead City Flood 38%
The video explains everything and make sure that you know if you try it on a friend that they never saw the video. See the video: Cheat Video
Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth 2 cheat video Cheat Video
By: BattleGuardian(124)
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Glitch Heros 37%
OK..To make a glitch hero simply choose the one you want to glitch- i.e. my troll is
a wizard so I did this- select the wizard and make sure his name is close to the others
name-magnar the wizard to naxus the troll-and on the wizard that starts with m's spell
selection press n or whatever letter urs is at the same time you click edit on the spell
selection and if it doesnt work try it again
By: VickyPatel619(118)
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Winning strategies 31%
O.k. if you want to win you can do whatever you want but if you dont want to get over-run do this.
start out by making two resorce colectors ( farm/fernace ) and then make two barracks and get some troops
on patrol. ( press z and make a route ) and sit and wait for about 5 minutes. then you should have lots of money!
buy a hero.
get make for resorce collectors and a few more baracks ( now you can make passtures/warg pits) and get some calvery( horse guys. ) once you have some calvery swap them with the infantry ( foot soldiers )and attack your enemys fort straight on. check it out.
once you know your enemys fort buy a soldier upgrade structure ( forge/armory. ) and level it up to 3.
wait for about another 5 mins or until your rich. buy as many soldiers as you can. upgrade everything for them.
( you can also buy more heros if you can. ) and when you attacked your enemy erlier you should now know your enemys weak spots. ATTACK! full on! all your guys! ( if you have some boats and warships use those to make a sneak attack. and you should win. if you dont ( which you wont ) ( hey that rymes! ) then just try again.

TIP. Resorce collectors give you money and makes you able to buy more soldiers!

thanks buy!
By: Fredbruger(278)
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Gullum 29%
Ok this might not work but I think I know were gullum is on 2 maps.

ok go to isengard ( map ) and be the staring point to the right.
then send some men to search the cliffs to the farthest right.
and you should find gullum!

on rivendell start at the top. and then go to the right and search the cliffs and you will find gullum.

P.S. this might not work. but this is were I found him when I was playing. so dont give me a bogus vote.
By: Fredbruger(278)
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Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth 2 - PC 28%
Ctrl +S +W
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Pinapple lover 28%
On minas tereth or helms deep get all 3 or 4 spots to be brutal enemies and then give the enimies 99 handicap =)pwns em real good especially for heros
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LOL 22%
L2 Gold 4 ever
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Aragornpower 17%
You get Aragorn in lvl 10
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