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Master of the Skies: Red Ace Cheats for PC
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Master of the Skies: Red Ace PC Cheats

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Master of the Skies: Red Ace

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Activate Cheat Mode 100%
In the game create a extra Pilot named:


Exit the game and open in your Red Ace game directory the file character.ini. Once inside you will see a section which starts with the new pilot name you created (Test). In this section you see a line:

mission = xx

set the mission level to 26.

Save and exit the character.ini and start the game.

Now you will have an extra cheat menu in the goodies menu, were you can enable the cheats.
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Cheats red ace 50%
Tis is the first time a post cheats so i'm just trying[b]warnig!if you cheats whit this cheat to much(see point 2) it good effect your gameI did it once and I coud not play my game because I enterd invalid numbers in the directory filesif you have somen screen problems in the menu then it would go away if you play but it will stay in the menu so dont yous this files if you likes your game!

1. if you got the master of the skies: red ace hen go to the directory files you will see 8 mapsone of them is Objectsgo to objectsthen you will find 4 maps againtherze are to maps can that you will need (if you want)ground en planesif you go to ground then you will see all the groundunits and templatesyou can (update) the firerate and the endurance of the turrets or aa-guns and even the shipturetsif you (update ) the endurance of a ground unit you chould never gon lower than 1 caus if you type 0 then you cant distroy the units

!(2. usefull to now if you (update) the firerate you could bring it down or up with the planes (our planes not the ones of the enemy) I always putt firerate on 300 en the endurance on 1000 caus if you go higher then your game will be unplayable)

3.if you go to the directory files character.ini you will see a lin : mision:** if you just startedto play you can change that into 26 then you will be ayble to go to the goodies menu cheats there you can change invunerbilaty ,game speed infinte rocets and bombs, and boost

s try it if you want and if itworks

By: svennietubbie(3)
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