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Odd World Abe's Exodus Cheats for PSX
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Odd World Abe's Exodus PSX Cheats

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Odd World Abe's Exodus

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"All a ya" 100%
Use the "All a ya" command to boss around a group of Mudokons. It's a lot quicker than saying "Hello" to everyone.
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Floating 100%
From the start, continue going through the level until you come out of a door with a flying slig. Posess it and fly up and left through the drill zone. Fly underneath the left drill and hit L2, R2, L1, R1 and then poo.
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Path skip 100%
While playing a game, hold R1 and press Circle(2), X(2), Square(2) to skip to the beginning of the next path.
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All AMV''s 100%
Enter all cheats on the main menu:
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Be Easy On Mudokons 100%
Don't slap your fellow Mudokons too much. If you hit them continuously, they'll die.
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Secret Rooms 100%
There are many levels in which there are more men to save than visibly obvious. Be on the look out for debry falling from the inside of rock formations as well as objects that visibly block portions of your path (ex: rocks, barrels), or even floors that will drop out with the pulling of a ring or lever. You have to be quick and jump into the hole before floor bottom returns or, in the case of barrels or rocks, you simply have to walk behind the object and press the down button. You will find that you can find the men that you knew you had but could not find!
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Kill Sligs 100%
Possess Sligs to kill other Sligs in your area. Use their own guns against them.
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Decent cheats 100%
Hold R1 at main menu and enter:
All lvls: down,up,left,right,tri,square,o,tri,square,o,down,up,left,right.
Invulnerability: o,tri,square,x,down,down,down,o,tri,square,x.

To get to one comtinue point to another, hold R1 in mid-game and enter:

Happy cheating, and stuff...
By: Saltpot(1120)
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Invincibility 98%
During gameplay, hold R1, then press O, triangle, square, x, down, down, down, O, triangle, square, x. There will be no confirmation of this code so when you use it quicksave and go try and die (excludes falling deaths).
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