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NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Cheats for PC
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NBA Jam: Tournament Edition PC Cheats

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NBA Jam: Tournament Edition

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Secret Characters 100%
There are secret characters that you can play, but you cannot see their attributes. To get them, enter the following codes.

Character Password

Catling F6, C, F7, A, F8, T, F9, JAN, F10, 2.

Chris Kirby F6, C, F7, H, F8, R, F9, DEC, F10, 18.

Daz Falcus F6, D, F7, A, F8, Z, F9, AUG, F10, 6.

Fumungus F6, G, F7, U, F8, N, F9, JAN, F10, 11.

Jax F6, J, F7, A, F8, X, F9, MAR, F10, 1.

Kabuki F6, K, F7, U, F8, B, F9, APR, F10, 14.

Heavy D F1, H, F2, E, F3, A, F4, JAN, F5, 9

Higgins F6, T, F7, O, F8, M, F9, FEB, F10, 19.

Hutchinson F1, B, F2, A, F3, R, F4, APR, F5, 9.

Chow Chow F5, C, F4, H, F3, D, F2, MAY, F1, 5.

Jason Falcus F5, J, F4, F, F3, _, F2, NOV, F1, 16.

Sequoia F5, S, F4, A, F3, W, F2, APR, F1, 10.

Boo-Boo F5, T, F4, H, F3, I, F2, NOV, F1, 1.

Weasel F10, D, F9, A, F8, N, F7, JAN, F6, 2.

Steve Snake F10, S, F9, N, F8, K, F7, JUN, F6, 15.

Magic Hair F10, S, F9, T, F8, H, F7, DEC, F6, 8.

Pistol F10, W, F9, A, F8, N, F7, JUN, F6, 10.

Facime F1, D, F2, E, F3, L, F4, OCT, F5, 19.

Brutah F1, G, F2, O, F3, W, F4, JUL, F5, 17.

Hodgeson F1, H, F2, O, F3, G, F4, DEC, F5, 31.

Jay Moon F1, J, F2, A, F3, Y, F4, AUG, F5, 24.

Mike Muskett F1, M, F2, U, F3, S, F4, DEC, F5, 24.

Neil Hill F1, Z, F2, I, F3, G, F4, APR, F5, 7.

Williams/Midway Developers:

John Carlton F1, C, F2, A, F3, L, F4, MAR, F5, 25. Programmer/Developer

Mark Turmell F1, T, F2, U, F3, R, F4, JAN, F5, 31. Main Designer and Programmer

Sal Divita F5, D, F4, I, F3, V, F2, JUL, F1, 3. Artist

Shawn Liptak F5, L, F4, I, F3, P, F2, JAN, F1, 14. Programmer/Developer

Tony Goskie F10, G, F9, O, F8, S, F7, JAN, F6, 6. Programmer/Developer

Jamie Rivett F6, R, F7, E, F8, V, F9, JUL, F10, 6. Programmer/Developer


Gorilla F10, A, F9, P, F8, E, F7, APR, F6, 2. Official Mascot for Phoenix Suns

Benny F10, B, F9, E, F8, N, F7, SEP, F6, 20.Official Mascot for Chicago Bulls

Hugo F10, H, F9, O, F8, R, F7, JUN, F6, 12.Official Mascot for Charlotte Hornets

Crunch F5, W, F4, O, F3, L, F2, MAR, F1, 7. Official Mascot for Minnesota Timberwolves


Adrock F5, A, F4, D, F3, R, F2, APR, F1, 6. Beastie Boys

MCA F10, M, F9, C, F8, A, F7, APR, F6, 9. Beastie Boys

Mike-D F6, M, F7, _, F8, D, F9, JUL, F10, 1. Beastie Boys

Steve Shelly F1, S, F2, H, F3, Y, F4, JUN, F5, 8.

Lee Renaldo F10, R, F9, E, F8, N, F7, FEB, F6, 4.

Thurston Moore F5, M, F4, O, F3, E, F2, JUN, F1, 8.

Larry Bird F1, L, F2, A, F3, R, F4, JAN, F5, 15.

Will Smith F5, F, F4, R, F3, S, F2, FEB, F1, 2.

Jazzy Jeff F5, J, F4, A, F3, Z, F2, OCT, F1, 9.

Bill Clinton F1, B, F2, I, F3, L, F4, JUN, F5, 3.

Hillary Clinton F6, H, F7, I, F8, L, F9, NOV, F10, 6.

Heavy D F1, H, F2, E, F3, A, F4, JAN, F5, 9.

Kim Gordon F5, G, F4, O, F3, R, F2, JUL, F1, 3.

Frank Thomas F10, F, F9, N, F8, K, F7, JAN, F6, 8. Chicago White SOX

Prince Charles F6, C, F7, H, F8, A, F9, MAY, F10, 4.

Carol Blazekowski F5, B, F4, L, F3, Z, F2, JAN, F1, 14.

Semmens F1, S, F2, E, F3, M, F4, OCT, F5, 23.

Tunnicliff F6, S, F7, A, F8, T, F9, MAY, F10, 7.

Max F10, L, F9, I, F8, Z, F7, AUG, F6, 7.

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Secret Power-Ups 100%
Players can be powered up with super-human abilities. These power-ups are activated with special controller and button moves during the Tonight's Match-Up screen. After a power-up is enabled, horns will sound. Some power-ups can be combined with other power-ups. Make sure that Tournament Mode is OFF in the Options/Special Features Options screen, as Tournament Mode disables all cheats.

Description Code

Full-Court Dunks Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right

Hard Push Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Up

Quick Hands Down, Turbo, Down, Turbo, Down, Turbo

Offense Turbo, Turbo, Turbo, Shoot, Shoot, Shoot

3 Pointers Shoot, Shoot, Shoot, Up, Up, Up

Goal Tend Turbo, Turbo, Up, Turbo, Turbo

On Fire Shoot, Shoot, Down, Shoot, Shoot

Big Heads Down, Down, Down, Shoot, Shoot, Shoot

Shrink Players Turbo, Shoot, Turbo, Shoot, Turbo, Shoot
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How to beat diesel 100%
Steal,block,crossover and dunk.
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