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Neighbours From Hell 2: On Vacation Cheats for PC
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Neighbours From Hell 2: On Vacation PC Cheats

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Trainer by: Anonymous Mar 5,2004

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Neighbours From Hell 2: On Vacation

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Hints & Tips 93%
For a faster time, turn off the trick camera in Options. If you leave the camera on, Woody will pause while the neighbour goes through each trick,

thereby losing valuable time he could use to set up other tricks. While it is fun to watch the neighbour get what is coming to him the 1st couple of times, it can also get a little tedious if you are trying for a better score.

Don't get caught. I know this is simple, and in some places getting caught may speed up the time in which you can complete an episode (though I am yet to discover this). However you will lose 1,000 points each time you get caught so

it is not worth it.

Where possible, try to pull off the tricks in one "lap" by the neighbour to

maximise his anger level.

Be careful not to click elsewhere before Woody has finished using an item. Woody will abort what he is doing if you are too eager with the mouse button.

Some tricks can only be pulled off as part of a combo, so they rely on another trick happening immediately before hand to work.

Some individual tricks can be combined as a double whammy to save time.

Some coins can only be earned by combining 2 other tricks, thereby causing a 3rd trick. Therefore, if you are fairly sure you have used every possible trick but are still short a coin, try combining 2 tricks.

If you can pick up an item 2 or more times, chances are you will need it twice, either for 2 different tricks or for one trick that is part of a combo(in which the trick can be pulled alone or with another trick tacked on after


Similarly, if you use an item and it doesn't disappear from Woody's inventory, you will either need to use it with another object or have the option of using it with the same object later.
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