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Ogre Battle 3: Person of Lordly Caliber Cheats for N64
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Ogre Battle 3: Person of Lordly Caliber
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Ogre Battle 3: Person of Lordly Caliber

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Dragon, Beast and Creature Class Information 100%
Last, but not least, we've got Ogre Battle's many magical creatures, which range
from the whimpy Faeries to powerful evolved Dragons. Since these classes
automatically evolve (unlike human characters), we've included some basic
evolution info under "information".
Ahzi Dahaka8-157-130--25-75Evolved from Earth Dragon
Bahamut9-162105133-12475-100Evolved from Platinum Dragon
Baldr Golem9144185-----Golem attacked with Petrification and Wind attack
will turn to Baldr.
Black Dragon9112-73--840-35Evolved from Young Dragon
Blue Dragon8-73-98-8120-80Evolved from Young Dragon
Cerberus12139138-90--0-60Evolved from Hellhound
Earth Dragon8---98--20-80Evolved from Young Dragon
Flarebrass8156---93-25-75Evolved from Red Dragon
Goblin--------Basic Eq: Short Sword, Plate Mail
Gorgon--------Basic Eq: Baldr Bow, Leather Armor
Hydra8---138-12125-75Evolved from Blue Dragon
Ogre--------Basic Eq: War Hammer, Leather Armor
Opinicus12---1051279130-90Evolved from Griffin
Platinum Dragon9-7373101--65-100Evolved from Young Dragon
Pumpkinhead--------Basic Eq: Glass Pumpkin
Quetzcoatl8----9312125-75Evolved from Thunder Dragon
Red Dragon8108---61-20-80Evolved from Young Dragon
Saturos--------Basic Eq: Evil Axe, Hard Leather. Only obtained through
Love and Peace.
Stone Golem9104129-----Golem attacked with Petrification will turn to
Thunder Dragon8----618120-80Evolved from Young Dragon
Tiamat9160-105--1240-25Evolved from Black Dragon
Wyvern13140---12410210-70Evolved from Wyrm
Young Dragon---------
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Genderless and Undead Class Information 100%
Below, you will find a breakdown of all non-neast genderless and undead
character classes. For more information on the creation of the Angel Knight,
Lich and Vampire classes, be sure to read the in-depth descriptions towards the
bottom of this page.
Angel Knight---6061-5750-100Needle of Light, Kite Shield, Plate Mail. See
Angel Knight instructions.
Ghost--------Skeleton attacked with Fire and Wind magic (ie: Plasma Ball)
turns into a Ghost
Hawkman-------0-100Halt Hammer, Leather Armor, Bandana
Lich---2451--0-30Kerykeion, Book of Bane, Bloodstained Robe, Ring of the
Raven1199---93770-60Baldr Axe, Hard Leather, Armet
Seraph17--108125-13775-100Needle of Light, Kite Shield, Baldr Mail.
Evolved from Angel Knight.
Skeleton--------Halt Hammer, Torn Cloth. A Zombie attacked with Fire magic
turns into a Skeleton
Soldier--------Soldiers evolve into Fighters or Amazons, depending on the
unit leader (or item)
Vampire---526354-0-50Count's Garmet, Bloody Emblem
Vultan12103---978040-100Baldr Club, Hard Leather, Hachigane
Zombie--------Old Clothing. A dead character may turn into a Zombie if not
revived by the end of the battle. Male and Female versions exist.
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Mission 16: Azure Plains 100%
Sheen: Send a unit to Coppermine. The Hawkman Sheen will offer his services
after a brief cutscene.
Mission 21: Fair Heights

Meredia : Meredia will offer to join your army at the beginning of this
*** If you want Europea and Biske to join your army, you will have to take the
Northern route after Mission 21. If you take the mountain route, you will
encounter Paul (mission 25).
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Elem Pedra Locations 100%
To get the pedras you simply train your units a certain location five times.
1st. Pedra: Choose at the start of the game.
2nd. Pedra: Train unit at Mylesia after mission 4.
3rd. Pedra: Train unit at Mount Ithaca after mission 15.
4th. Pedra: Train unit at Gules Hills after mission 20.
Pedra Of Bane(After Mission 12): Go to Soathon, Jiram. Get the info about the
missing dog.
Go to Soathon, Jiram. Give the kid a hellhound and he will give you the Pedra of
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Guide to Character Alliances 100%
Did you know that there are a total of 18 characters in this game that can
become valuable allies in your fight against oppression and injustice? Some of
them automatically join your army before or after missions, others are a bit
tougher to find. Since not even the official strategy guides outline how to find
all the potential allies, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Here's
our complete allied character guide:
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Secret Stage 100%
If you don't have Sardin, Ashia, Gilbert, Destin, or Dabainare Gion in your
army, you will have a hidden stage after you win the queen of the netherworld.
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Final Chapter Allies 100%
Mission 29: Gules Hills

Destin: Enter Kurashino with your main unit (Magnus) to talk with Destin and
Gilbert. If Aisha, Saradin and Debonair are your allies, Destin and Gilbert
will offer to join, too.
Gilbert: Gilbert will join at the same time as Destin.
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Question #5 100%
"What dost thou wish for?"
Strife0 1684
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Angel Knight Item Location 100%
Angel Knights are very difficult to create. If you have the right items (Needle
of Light, Kite Shield and Plate Mail), and a dead female character with the
right stats at the end of a mission, you may be lucky enough to see her evolve
into an Angel Knight. However, this transformation depends on a hidden "LUK"
statistic. If the character's luck stats are right, the transformation will go
through. If not, well, you will end up with a Zombie instead.
While the Plate Mail and Tower Shield are easily found, the Needle of Light
weapon is a bit more tricky to find.
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Chapter 1 Allies 100%
Mission 01: Tenne Plains

Dio: Automatically joins at the outset of the mission.
Mission 03: Crenel Canyon

Leia: Automatically joins at the outset of the mission.
Mission 04: Mylesia

Troi: Send a unit to Elgorea. Troi will offer his services and join.
Mission 07: Gunther Piedmont

Katreda: Got to Cayes. Accept the young girl's offer to find her father.
Asnabel: Reunited with his daugther, Katreda, Asnabel will join at the end of
the mission.
Chapter 2 Allies:
Mission 13: Sable Lowlands
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Male Character Class Information 100%
Although you can theoretically change your characters' class at any time between
missions, there are certain requirements that have to be met for most class
changes. In addition to a minimum experience level, some classes require a
certain amount of strength (STR), vitality (VIT), intelligence (INT), mentality
(MEN), agility (AGI), or dexterity (DEX). Additionally, the character's
alignment has to fall within a certain spectrum (0 being chatoic and 100 being
lawful). Luckily, you can change your character's alignment through strategic
thinking in the battlefield. Attack chaotic or higher-level opponents and your
character's alignment will go up, attach lower-level or lawful enemies and your
alignment will go down.
Below, you will find the class change requirements for all male character
classes in the game. Note that Soldiers are genderless. A Soldier will turn into
a Fighter automatically when it has fought alongside a male leader for a couple
of battles.
Archmage17--123107--0-40Magician's Robe, Amulet, Arc Wand, Spellbook,
Beast Master15117103----0-45Rapture Rose, Hard Leather
Beast Tamer67267----0-60Leather Whip, Leather Armor
Berserker67267----0-60Francisca, Leather Armor, Iron Helm
Black Knight15117112----0-40Baldr Armor, Satan's Bullova, Valiant Mantle,
Cataphract19124130----30-80Baldr Spear, Tower Shield, Heavy Armor, Armet
Centurion--526252-54-Baldr Sword, Kite Shield, Plate Armor, Armet
Doll Master7--6066-6520-80Marionette, Amulet, Robe, Bandanna
Dragoon17127111--95--Dragon Armor, Dragon Helm, Sword of Tiamat
Enchanter17--110106-11525-75Bandanna, Fool, Amulet, Magician's Robe
Fencer672----6230-100Bastard Sowrd, Cloth Armor, Jingasa
Fighter-------40-100Short Sword, Round Shield, Chain Mail, Iron Helm.
Knight67267----40-100Baldr Sword, Armet, Kite Shield, Plate Armor
Ninja5----52590-60Iron Claw, Ninja's Garb, Hachigane
Ninja Master15--94-112990-40Baldr Claw, Ninja's Garb, Hannya
Paladin15117103---8960-100Baldr Armor, Baldr Helm, Blessed Sword, Kite
Phalanx77670----20-80Spear, Large Shield, Plate Mail, Iron Helm
Sword Master17127----11740-100Claymore, Cloth Armor, Hachigane
Wizard6--5763--0-60Scipplay Staff, Spellbook, Robe, Amulet
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Delete Save Data 100%
You can delete saved data 2 ways: by holding down START when you switch on
your N64 -- or by entering "DEL_DATA" (all caps) as your player name at the name
entry screen.
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Liedel 100%
Liedel becomes your ally at the end of this mission only if the
populace's morale is high. Pay attention to what units you use to liberate
strongholds (don't use units that "capture" strongholds).
Mission 14: Audvera Heights
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Aisha 100%
Even though the path divides, you get the chance to ally yourself with
Aisha no matter what branch you choose. Send a unit to Puld and let her join
your army. However, if you didn't pick answer 1) at the end of the Volmus Mine
mission, she may not join.
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55 Item Cheat 100%
1. Create a group, making sure you have a character that can only hold one item.

2. Fill up that group's inventory except the last 2 spaces. Any item will do.

3. Next, place the item you want 55 of in the last slot leaving the 2nd to
last spot open.

4. Remove the character that can hold one item.

5. Take the item that you want 55 of out of that unit. (You can replace the
character now.)

6. Then go to your item list. It should say you have 55 of that item equipped
and only the # you started out with in your inventory (Ex: Urn of Chaos- 55/01).

7. After, sell one more of that item you started with (Ex: If you started with
1, then you sell 2). On your item list it should now read 55 in your inventory
and 55 equipped (Ex: Urn of Chaos- 55/55).

8. Finally, exit the organize screen then go back to the organize screen. You
should now have 55 in your inventory and none equipped (Ex: Urn of Chaos-
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Pedra Of Virtue(After Mission 20) 100%
Go to Gules Hill,Muji. Chat to the guy about his daughter.
Volmous Mine,Volmous Mine. Learn that the guy's Daughter went to Mount Ithaca.
Mount Ithaca, Caltovich- Give Her Fathers Letter to her and in return she will
give you the Pedra of virtue.
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Birthday Presents 100%
Ogre Battle 64 has a neat little Easter Egg built in that awards you special
items on your birthday (you put in your birthday information at the beginning of
the game. Your birthday is calculated according to game time). To access these
special events, go to the Hugo Report and select "Happy Birthday" in the Events
section. Press L to view the scene and receive an item.
Every round birthday (20, 30, 40, etc) will yield a special item:
20: Gallant Doll
21-29: Scroll of Discipline, Urn of Chaos, Goblet of Destiny
30: Marching Baton
31-39: Stone of Quickness, Crystal of Precision
40: Censer of Repose
41-49: Bracer of Protection, Mirror of Soul
50: Figurine of Sleipnir
51-59: Sword Emblem, Crown of Intellect
60: Manual of Warfare
61-69: Champion Statuette, Cup of Life
70: Mastaba's Barrier
71-79: Dowsing Rod, Silver Hourglass, Flag of Unity
80: Charge Horn
81-89: Altar of Ressurection, Revive Stone
90: Diadora's Song
91-98: Heal Leaf, Heal Pack, Power Fruit, Angel Fruit
99: Noish's Promise
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Dragoon Item Locations 100%
In order to create a Dragoon, you need 3 special items that are hidden
throughout the game. Here are the locations:
To get the Dragon Helm:
After mission 4, go to Idorf in Mylesia and listen to the information about
After mission 7, go to Gunther Piedmont, Burgunny and chat to the drunk guy.
Watch your clock! The time needs to be between 6:00 pm in the evening, but
before 7:00 am in the morning. After you chat to the drunk guy, enter Burgunny
once again after 7:00 am to get information on his wife's location.
Next, go to Volmus Mine, Senal. Chat to the drunk man's wife there.
Back to Gunther Piedmont, Burgunny. Reunited with his wife, he will now sell
you Dragon Helms -- but only between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm.
To get the Dragon Armor:
After mission 4, go to Mylesia, Idorf (if you haven't done so already on your
quest to get the Dragon Helm)
After mission 8, go to Dardunnelles, Melphy on the 6th of the month sometime
between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm to buy the rare Condrite. Note that it takes about
a day to travel to Melphy from the troop dispatch point. The easiest solution
is to use a flying unit -- or enter the map a day early.
After mission 15, you will get the Dragon Armor from an artisan at Mount
Ithaca, Kynora. You need to come here during daytime hours.
To get the Sword of Tiamat:
After you have gotten both the Dragon Helm and Armor, return to Mylesia, Idorf
and get info about the Sword of Tiamat.
Get the Dragon Scale and Divine Dragon info at Fair Heights, Elaine after
mission 21.
After mission 24, your unit leader will fight a dragon in Celesis, Pinneg. You
will receive the Sword of Tiamat as a prize.
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Unockable: Hallow Shield 100%
After finishing the Mylesia map, re-enter it, send Troi (if you have him on your
team) to Elgoria. His momma will give him the Hallowed Shield.
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To get the Dream Tiara 100%
You can get the Dream Crown once you've finished the Blue Basilica map (in the
Final Chapter). Re-enter the map and send a unit to Clemona to learn about
Now go to Crenel Canyon and enter Boolem. You will find out that Gelda has
gone to Zenobian Border.
...and that's where you will go next. Send a unit to Elle in the Zenobian Border
map -- and you will find out Gelda's real location.
Go to Soathon, Tristle, to meet Gelda. She will give you a letter for the old
man in Clemona.
Head back to Blue Basilica, Clemona and deliver the letter. You will now get
the Dream Tiara in return.
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Mission 15: Mount Ithaca 100%
Vad: Here's your chance to add a Grappler to your army. Vad leads a unit
approaching from the East. Do your best to avoid his unit and make sure that
you don't kill him by accident. Your best tactic should be to use a mountain
or flying unit, get near him until he starts to follow, then flee into
unsuitable terrain to slow him down. Once he loses sight, the unit will just
sit there and stop moving. Don't get close -- and finish the mission. If Vad
survived, he will join.
Saradin: This Warlock will automatically offer to join your battalion at the
end of the mission.
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Here's how to get the Pure-White Dress 100%
Send a female unit leader to Tenne Plains, Bourdeux after you finish the map.
You well get information about what's needed to make the dress.
After you finish the Dardunnellles mission, re-enter the map. Time it so that
your unit reaches Dardunnelles, Melphy on the 15th of the month. If you don't
have a flying unit, it's best to enter the map on the 14th. You will be able
to buy a bolt of silk between 9:00 and 18:00.
Go back to the Tenne Plains map and send a female unit leader to Billney. You
will meet a tailor who will use the silk to create the Pure-White Dress for
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Mission 26: Tremos Mountains, Part 2 100%
Debonair: Debonair will only join if Aisha and Saradin are your allies. Send
your main unit (Magnus) to Ibu Deli to meet Debonair.
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Music Mode 100%
Here's something fans of the original Ogre Battle will remember... Start a new
game (you can skip the cutscenes by pressing START) and enter your name as
"MUSIC_ON" (all caps, scroll down for the underscore character). Once you select
END, you will enter the Music Mode that lets you play any of the game's BGM
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Question #2 100%
"What shalt thou sever with thy sword?"
Hope12 1648
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Mission 34: Ptia 100%
Carth: You will only be able to gain Carth as an ally if you chose to go to
Ptia from Romulus. Carth will appear as a guest unit and attack Vitegith
Castle on his own. Make sure that he survives by weakening his opponents.
Carth will offer to join you after the mission only if you haven't made
Zenobian allies.
Those are all the allies you can make in Ogre Battle 64. While they are not
essential to finishing and enjoying the game, they make completion of some of
the missions a bit easier. Note that there is no way to get every single one of
these characters as allies, but you should be able to get most of them with the
help of our tips.
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Question #6 100%
"What shalt thou rid from this land?"
Changes0 41216

After this sequence, the game adds up all the numbers to arrive at your total
stats values, then assigns units to you based on your stats. For example, if you
answered Law, Silence, Might, Freedom, Fertility and Ideal, you get the highest
possible Fighting value (your Magical and Spiritual stats will of course be
lower). To figure out which units you will be assigned, you simply arrange your
stat category descending from highest to lowest, then refer to the chart below
to see which units you will get.

First1 Knight
2 Fighters
2 Soldiers (x3)1 Sorceress
3 Fighters
1 Soldier (x3)1 Cleric
2 Amazons
2 Soldiers (x3)1 Beast Tamer
2 Fighters
2 Soldiers (x3)
Second1 Archer
1 Amazon
3 Soldiers (x3)1 Witch
2 Amazons
3 Soldiers (x3)1 Fencer
1 Fighter
3 Soldiers (x3)1 Doll Master
1 Amazon
3 Soldiers (x3)
Third1 Berserker
2 Soldiers (x3)1 Sorceress
2 Soldiers (x3)1 Valkyrie
2 Soldiers (x3)1 Dragon Tamer
2 Soldiers (x3)
Fourth1 Phalanx
1 Golem1 Wizard
1 Wyrm1 Cleric
1 Griffin1 Beast Tamer
1 Hellhound

Confused? Don't be. Decide on what units you would like to receive, then look
for the highest numbers in the stats charts to decide on your highest/first stat
category. Calculate the numbers accordingly to see what the 2nd and 3rd
categories will be -- and you should be able to put together your dream team.
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Female Character Class Information 100%
Here are all the class change requirements for the game's female character
classes. A Soldier will turn into an Amazon automatically when it has fought
alongside a female leader for a couple of battles.
Amazon--------Short Bow, Leather Armor, Bandana
Archer672----6920-80Great Bow, Leather Armor, Leather Hat
Centurion--506855-52-Baldr Sword, Buckler, Plate Armor, Baldr Helm
Cleric5--59---45-100Light Mace, Cleric's Vestment, Rosary
Diana17116----12420-70Ytival, Hard Leather, Plumed Headband
Dragon Master17127112---11350-90Estoc, Scale Armor, Plumed Headband
Dragon Tamer67258---6930-90Rapier, Chain Mail, Bone Helm
Freya17116101106---60-100Thunder Spear, Buckler, Baldr Mail, Armet
Priest15--109112--65-100Baldr Mace, Robe of the Wise, Rosary
Princess-------70-100Battle Fan, Spell Book, Pure-White Dress, Dream Tiara
Siren19--125128--0-45Arc Wand, Spell Book, Fur Coat, Amulet
Sorceress6--62---0-60Scipplay Staff, Spell Book, Witch's Dress, Amulet
Valkyrie6725762---40-100Spear, Round Shield, Breast Plate, Plumed Headband
Witch7--65--720-60Scipplay Staff, Spell Book, Witch's Dress, Pointy Hat
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Mission 21: Vert Plateau 100%
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Princess Item Locations 100%
You need 4 items to advance one of your female characters to the extremely
rare Princess class: Spellbook, Battle Fan, Pure-White Dress and Dream Crown.
While the 1st 2 are easy to find, the Pure-White Dress and Dream Tiara are
quite well-hidden.
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Europea 100%
Send your main unit (Magnus) to Fort Hillverich and Europea will join
you as a guest unit. After the mission, she will offer to join if the unit
Mission 23: Capitrium

Biske: Biske, this mission's final boss, will only join your army if you
haven't made any Zenobian allies. Once you defeat him in battle, he will
either offer to join, or die right before your eyes.
Mission 25: Tremos Mountains, Part 1

Paul: Only if you decided to go to Tremos after the Fair Heights mission will
you be able to come to this map. Paul will offer his services after the
mission ends.
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Free Ansate Cross 100%
After completing the Zenobian Border, return and go to the 1st stronghold on
the left to win the gang. The cleric will tell you to see her at Dem Vidro. Go
to Dem Vidro and, in return for saving her, you will recieve an Ansate Cross.
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To get the Needle of Light 100%
This item will only be available once you've reached Chapter 3. Send a unit to
Dardunnelles, Melphy on the 21st of the month. You will be able to purchase
the Needle of Light between 9:00 in the morning and 18:00.
Hint: Soft Reset
Press Z, START, A, B simultaneously to reset the game.
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Question #4 100%
"What shalt thou offer the gods?"
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Lich Item Location 100%
The creation of a Lich requires a character with 24 INT, 51 MEN, 54 AGI, and
chaotic (C) alignment, below 30. But more importantly, you will need 4 items,
one of which is very rare: Kerykeion, Bloodstained Robe, Book of Bane and the
Ring of the Dead. You should have problems finding the 1st three, but the Ring
of the Dead is well-hidden:
After you finish the Celesis mission in Chapter 3, re-enter the map and send
Magnus to Banna Barra. You will receive a letter.
Re-enter the Zenobian Border map and send Magnus to Quelluan. He will receive
the Ring of the Dead upon delivery of the letter.
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Question #1 100%
"What dost thou hold within thy sword?"
Changes12 1648
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Question #3 100%
"For what shalt thou beseech the gods?"
Valor12 8016
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Vampire Item Locations 100%
Vampires are unique among the undead creatures in that they can not move or fight
during daytime -- but they can drain their opponents' lifeforce at night. To
create a Vampire, you need a character with 52 INT, 63 MEN, 54 AGI and chaotic
(C) to neutral alignment (0-50) as well as 2 rare items.
To get the Count's Garment:
During the Fair Heights mission, be sure to defeat the garnison protecting
Davilof. Once you destroy the unit led by the level 18 Enchanter and its 2
Golems, you will receive the Count's Garment.
To get the Bloody Emblem:
Once you've got the Count's Garment, it's time to get the Bloody Emblem.
First, you need to pick a unit with a leader with N or C alignment (under 49).
Send this unit to Elgorea on the Mylesia map. When you investigate the town,
the leader will encounter a Vampire who will ask 4 questions. Only if you
answer all 4 correctly will you receive a price: the Bloody Emblem.
The answers to the questions depend on the time of day. Use the following table
to figure out the correct answers:
Time/Answer/ 1Answer /2Answer /3Answer 4/
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How to get ankiseth the steadfast 100%
Before the battle against wentinus mission you will get 2 choises.
1.follow orders
2.make peace with them.

you must choose choice 2:make peace with them.
then a messanger will come in saying that prince yumil has been captured.
finish the mission and make sure to keep ankiseth safe.
you will get him in the following chapter.
there will be 2 more choices.
1. father please. must help yumil.
you know to choose choice 1
By: billzone123(19)
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Get Black Nights 98%
To get the secret character Black Nnight, get one Satan's Boulevard and some
Valiant Mantles. The number of Valiant Mantles will determine your number of
Black Nights. To get these items just kill a whole entire unit after Chapter 1.
This especially works on Mission 15 (Mount Ithaca).
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Character Creation Data 98%
Have you ever wondered what answers you should give in the character
creation/question sequence in the beginning of Ogre Battle 64? There is order to
the chaos. Use the tables below to find out what effect each answer has on your
character's stats.
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