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Oh No! More Lemmings Cheats for PC
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Oh No! More Lemmings PC Cheats

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Oh No! More Lemmings

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Wild level 100%
1 Pop your top!!! BAHRWLMJCN

2 Lemming hotel IHPUDMCKCL

3 Lemming rhythms LPUDMCELCM

4 Meeting adjourned PUDMCIMMCS

5 Lemming head UDMCAHVNCM

6 Just a quicky LICMHVWOCP

7 You take the high road MCALVUDPCS

8 It's a tight fit CILVUDMQEL

9 Ice station lemming CAHRTFMBDO

10 Higgledy Piggledy IHRTFMCCDH

11 Mutiny on the bounty MRTNICADDJ

12 Snow joke PTFMCIMEDM

13 Onward and upward TNICAHTFDL


15 The silence of the Lemmings ICEMVVNHDH

16 Take care, sweetie CIMVTNIIDK

17 The chain with no name CAHRUFMJDH

18 Dr Lemming Good IHRUFMCKDQ

19 Lemmingpelica MPUNICELDE

20 Got anything… Lemmingy??? PUFMCMLMDI
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Crazy level 100%
1 "That's a good level" TFLCAHVFBD

2 Dolly simple FLCIHTTGBK

3 Many lemmings make level work LCALUTFHBJ

4 Lemming Express CILTTFLIBQ

5 24 hour lemathon CAHRUFLJBE

6 The stack IHRUFLCKBN

7 And now, the end is near LRUFLCALBK

8 Keep on trucking RUFLCILMBD

9 On the Antarctic coast WNHCEIVNBH


11 No problemming! LCAMTUFPBR

12 Lemming friendly BIMTUNLQBT

13 It's a trade off CAIPTDMBCK

14 Time waits for no lemming IHRTDMCCCF

15 Worra load of old blocks! LRULICADCH

16 Across the gap RVLICILECQ

17 Digging for victory TDMCAHVFCD

18 No problem DMCIITTGCL

19 Don't panic ICAMTVLHCO

20 Ice ice lemming CILVVLIICI

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Skip Levels 100%
Enter SLAMRACING as password. Then you can jump levels by pressing [5] on the numpad.

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Havoc level 100%
1 Tubular lemming GAIPTFLBFS

2 Be more than just a number IIPTFLGCFL

3 It's the price you have to pay LPTFLGADFH

4 The race against cliches RTFLGILEFS

5 There's madness in the method TFLGAHVFFL

6 Now get out of that! FLGIHVTGFE

7 Creature discomforts LGALVTFHFR

8 Lemming about town GILTNNHIFM

9 Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!!!! GAIPUFLJFL

10 Flow control IHRUFLGKFF

11 Welcome to the party, pal! MRWFHFALFQ

12 It's all a matter of timing RUFLGILMFL

13 Highland fling UFLGAHVNFE

14 Synchronized Lemming FLGMHTUOFP

15 Have an ice day LGALVUFPFK

16 Scaling the heights GILTUNHQFF

17 Where lemmings dare GAIPVLIBGI

18 Lemmings in a situation MHPTDMGCGO

19 Looks a bit nippy out there MPTDMGADGI

20 Look before you lead! ETDMGILEGS

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Tame level 100%
1 Down & out Lemmings (None)

2 Rent-a-Lemming IHRTDLCCAR

3 Undercover lemming LRTDLCADAO

4 Downwordly Nobile lemmings RTDLCILEAH

5 Smuggle up to a lemming TDLCAHTFAO

6 Intsy-wintsy..lemming! DLCIHUTGAJ

7 Who's that lemming LCALUTDHAG

8 Dangerzone CILUTDLIAP

9 And now this... CAHRUDKJAR

10 New lemmings on the block IHRUDLCKAK

11 With compliments LRUDLCALAH

12 Citizen lemming RUDLCILMAQ

13 Thunder-lemmings are go! UDLCAHVNAJ

14 Get a little extra help DLCIITUOAR

15 Not just a pretty lemming LCALVUDPAP

16 Gone with the lemming CILVUDLQAI

17 Honey, i saved the lemmings CAHRTFLBBL

18 Lemmings for presidents! IHRTFLCCBE

19 Lemming Productions present... LRTFLCADBR

20 Custom built for lemmings RTFLCILEBK

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Wicked level 100%
1 Lemming Tomato ketchup facility UFMCAHTNDN

2 Introducing super lemming NICMHVUOOQ

3 This corrosion MCALVUFPDF

4 Oh no! It's the 4th dimension! CILVUFMQDO

5 Chill out! GAHRTDHBEM

6 Pop til you drop! IHRTDLGCEJ

7 Last Lemming to Lemming Central MPTLLFADEM

8 A towering problem PVLHGMMEEI

9 How on Earth? VLHGAHVFEO

10 Temple of Love DLGIHTTGEP

11 Rocky road LGALTTDHEM

12 Suicidal tendencies GILVTLHIEL

13 Almost nearly virtual reality GEHPUDLJEL

14 The Lemming learning curve IHPWLHGKEG

15 Spam, spam, spam, egg and Lemming MPUDLGALEO

16 Five alive RULHGILMEM

17 Down the tube ULHGEITNEI

18 Lots more where they came from DLGIHTUOEI

19 Up, down or round and round HGAMTWLPEM

20 The Lemming Funhouse GIMTULHQED

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