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Sims: Complete Collection, The Cheats for PC
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Sims: Complete Collection, The PC Cheats

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Sims: Complete Collection, The

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Racoon Attack 89%
You must have a cat dog and a fish tank.
When a racoon attacks your garbage just bring the cat in the bathroom the dog outside and tell your sim to feed the fish then bamm! no more racoons. ever.
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Santa! 88%
Ok 1st things first. Place a fire place in your house, also near it place a bowl of granny raymonds cookies an a Christmas tree. Make sure every Sim (not including pets) in the house is asleep at midnight. Then Santa should come! Try it for yourself!
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Full Health 86%
1. Enter the "move_objects on" code. (You only have to do this once unless you turn the function off).

2. Save the game.

3. Enter "Buy" mode and select the Sim who's needs you wish to fill.

4. Delete the Sim. Trust me.

5. Return to "Live" mode and click on the Sim's icon, which should now feature a red "X" inside of a red circle.

Your Sim will magically return to the game screen with ALL, but their "Fun" and "Bathroom" bars completely full.
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To make Money $$$ Faster then 85%
STEP ONEHit Ctrl + Shift + C
STEP TWO Type in Rosebud
STEP THREE Type in !;!;
STEP FOUR Highlight what you typed and Hit Ctrl + C
STEP FIVE Hit and hold down Ctrl + V
STEP SIX Hold down till it stops , hit enter, repeat Step Five for Multiple Amounts of Money
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The floating house!!!!! 84%
OK first go to a lot without a house then place colums of any typeto make the shape of your floating house.(it will only be 1 story so if you wanted a two story house build one on the ground!) then build your walls on the colums when your done with the floors and walls remove all the colums. You now have a floating house.(make sure you have stairs to get up there) now you can use the rest of the grround(not including were the stairs are) as the worlds largest swiming pool!
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Infinite Simoleans 83%
You have to hold down ctrl, alt, and either tab or shift. First you type in "rosebud" the you press ;!;!;! until you don't see "rosebud" any more. Now, go back and make an extra ; next to another ;.
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Raccons, Skunks, Garbage, Bugs, All gone! 74%
Hit Ctrl + Shift + C

Type in: move_objects on

Go onto buying mode

Click on whatever you want to be gone


TADA! Gone!
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Zee mime be gone 73%
If you throw a party and the mime comes dont ask him to leave. this is what you do, go into buy mode click on 'zee mime' and delete him it works a treat and your party guests dont get bored of him. Aleasha oxoxox
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Aqua Suit 72%
First you have to enter the move objects code then when your sim is swimmin in the giant aquarium pause game then delete the aquarium then unpause.....your sim should be walking around in it!
By: Nachos44(65)
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How to keep your baby if social worker comes and more 71%
Ok, now if u get a baby and cant look after it heres what u do.

step 1. hire a butler for 500 simillions a day i think (its ok if u cant afford it theres a cheat for cash anyway most pples allready know it dnt say im dum for sayin the obvious lol).

step 2. put in the cheat code rosebud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
highlight the rosebud thing then copy (ctrl + c) and then paste (ctrl + v ) then ya get simillions.

step 3. build a room and make it with no doors ten pick up the butler ( u need the cheat move_objects on to do this) and drop him in the built room and then do the same with da baby then just leave them in ther if he leaves then u dnt need to re hire him u just need to feed and then sing even if its crying ittl stop it from doing it later and thats how u look after your baby,

how to keep your baby if the social services come

step 1. if the social worker comes then just delete her before she gets the baby the bad thing is u need to start over and look after the baby but its kl just do the butler thing oh and it might b a different gender and ya gotta rename him/her.

are raccons, bugs,skunks, junk or puddels bothering u ? then read dis !

ok now for this as i said in the last ones lol u need the cheat move_objects on then u clik on the junk,puddels,bugs,skunks or wateva u need to get rid of. to do this u just need to clik on it then hit delete and its gone ! please rate ) amma send in more next time i can thanx fo readin hope it helped.

you need to have the cheat move_objects on to do this
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So if ever El Bandito (the raccoon) comes just go on buy mode press Shift Ctrl C (or on mac apple shift instead of Ctrl) then type in move_objects on and then delete el bandito!
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Edit the map for your lot 69%
Map_edit on turns on the map editor you can make the lot as big as you wish even building on the streets. but you need to turn it off when you are done with it by typing in
map_edit off
make sure all the letter are in lower case
By: Railnites(12)
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Drew Carrey 67%
If you go to a phone and select the "throw party" option 9 times, then a limo will pull up and Drew Carrey will arrive at your party. The next day, you'll appear on the local newspaper!
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Stove for 90000 63%
Ok I know I dont have time to use the rosebud cheat so here is a cheat befor you move your family in go to the empty lot your gana move em in to and put as many as you want of the big expensive gray stoves the pricy ones s long as you didnt move in yet it wont affect how much the lot costs when you move in sell all of them and there you go you have about900000 similons go do the cheat now
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Potions! 58%
I haven't quite finished it off, but this is the chart for the colour's of the potions your sims can make.

The Blue potion Improves Your Sim's mood. It is not permanent.

The Yellow Potion Reverses Your Sim's Personality. It is permanent.

The Green potion Creates an Evil Clone. It is not permanent.

The Red potion makes another sim Love your sim. It is Permanent.

The Orange potion makes your sim Invisibility (to other sims). It is not
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Change babies from girls to boys or boys to girls 58%
Say you have a married couple, and you want a baby girl but you get a baby boy.

as soon as the baby is born enter buy mode.
hit ctrl+shft+c
put on the cheat code "move_objects on"
delete one of your sims (not the baby, don't worry your sim will live)
then move the baby carrage to another room in the house
go back to live mode

if the baby was a boy and still is then you need to repeat the prosses above

note: you must do this prosses before the adult sims welcome the baby, or else it will not work
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All Alone 58%
If people (not including animals) are always coming to your house and you dont want them too? just get alot of people to die then place their graves outside and soon noone will come! (if you use the phone to ask for a pizza they wont come they step onto property then stand there.
By: Nachos44(65)
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Celebrity Party 57%
In your Sims home, keep throwing partys and eventualy, Drew Carey (the celebrity) will turn and even more people will come, and your Sim will win $5000 and your Sim will apear in the daily paper.
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How to make an extra 1000 simoleons! 55%
Type in the word rosebud

and for every extra 1000 simoleons...after the original 1000 you type ;!

so too get 3000 simoleons you would put rosebud;!;!
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The real fast money cheat 54%
Press CTRL + SHIFT + C
type "rosebud"
press ENTER
(P.S others do not work. trust me, I tried it all a million times. it did NOT work!)
By: Katielynn
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Mother load 50%
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FREE PIZZA!!!! 50%
Ok this is easy all you have to do is get your cheat bar or ctrl+c+shift than put in 'move_objets on' than call a delevery for pizza when they get there go on buy mode and take the pizza from her hands than delete her or him a other one will come again than do the same get all the pizza you want but you only have to pay for one!@!
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Money Cheat 50%
Pres ctrl+shift+c and then there will be a box in the top left hand corner in that bod type "rosebud" put a space and then put !!!! as many times as you want but make suree you put a !!! double in there and I will say no cheat press enter and hold.... watch your money bounce up :]
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New health bars 49%
Pause game then hit

Ctrl + Shift + c

(grey box should appear)

type in move_objects on and press Enter

the grey box should dissapear now pick up any of your sims and drag them to the bottom of the screen where the blue bar says to delete click here like you would when buying or selling things.

when you press play again there should be a little red circle in the bottom corner of the picture of your sim either left or right click on the picture of your sim to make them re appear with new health bars
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Infinate Money 44%
Hold down ctrl+shift+c type in rosebud then after it type ::: e.g rosebud:: press enter it should come up saying no such cheat just hold down enter and your money should go up in 3,000 each time you press enter. by Georgia hope its helpful! enjoy playing
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Getting 9 millon simmelions 44%
First pres ctrl+shift+c to open cheats box. then type in ! and then press shift and press the left key. this should highlight the writing.
then press ctrl+c and then ctrl+v. the writing will be copied.
then back space the last exclamation mark and put in : press enter and then it will say no such cheat but your money will go uo.keep holding enter and soon you will have 9999999 simmelions.

p.s before you put this cheat on first type in rosebud press enter and then do the cheat. rose bud will give you 1000 simmelions
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Money the Fast way! 44%
So you have all heard of the Rosebud trick, but do you know that there is an easier way and one way instead of placeing ! next to one and other over and over again.
1. Press Ctrl + Shift + C
2. enter in Rosebud
3. Put in several !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I have not tried, but type alot of those in word pad and copy and paste them later on in the game
4. And place @ at the end. Then place something heavey and voila Money will rise even if they say that there is no such cheat. And you can go off and do stuff while it goes. The maximum money is 9,999,999 but you will have more (Go to town view)
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MAC Verion Cheats 44%
The standard cheat code do work, but you have to hit Shift + Open Apple + C to open the box to enter the cheat code.
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Cheats for faster money on sims 2 44%
If you touch the shift and Ctrl {control}button while holding c. a tab will show up. then type mother lode. push enter then you will have more money. you can keep doing this until you get $999,999 of Sims 2 money.

remember this only works for Sims 2
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Easy money on the spot 40%
When you have crocroches or flies in your house go in to buy mode and hold down ctrl+shift+c and type in 'move_objects on' without the qout marks. and click on the flies or crocroches and sell them. it dosn't always work but you get 500 sillomies
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Money money money 38%
Hld down shift ctrl and alt, at the same time, then type rosebud: and hold down enter, and get lots of money fast, (it will say no such cheat but it works!) when it says no such cheat watch your money go up
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Get More Magic coins and toadsweat? 37%
Create a sim move them in when you add magic things in your house a man will ring your door bell and leave a package on your door step open it you should get a wand 35 magic coins and a few other things. Once you do that evict you sim and remove them into a house and the same guy will come back and do the same thing. NOTE: This may take a while to get what you want but only do this if you want to other wise please do not do so..............
By: LilHolmes09(40)
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How to make your health level go up 36%
Go to buy mode

Hit on the keyboard ctrl+ shift + c

type in : evict objects_on

click on the person on the screen you want to work on

hit delete on the keyboard

go to live mode

click on their icon on the bottom of the screen
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Simoleons!!!!!!!!!! 33%
I know you have heard of the rosebud cheat but as you reach 9,999,999 simoleons be advised that as you enter it more your simoleons will continue to grow it will show how much you have and the neighborhood screen NOTE: Be advised that it will not show during game play in the left hand lower corner where it states how much of simoleons you have so you do not panic if you do not see them it is completly normal.
By: LilHolmes09(40)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to put flooring on anything on the ground 33%
Paint_road ON

allows you to paint on the road, side walk, or other grass laying around
try it
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Tadaa 33%
Open cheat box
As many as you like the keep pressing enter
For sims 1
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10000 simoleons( by isaac W) 30%
Type in the word rosebud

1.)and type ! 5 times. the 6th time, :! is what you put.
2.)then type the ! 14 more times.
3.)it will look like this: rosebud!!!!!:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(or do 1, then do 2 untill the r in rosebud is cut in half.)
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Yo Mama war 27%
Every ones always wanted to be in a Yo Mama war like in meet the Spartons it was BIG
So enter Shift+C+Ctrl

then write Yo_ma`ma on then your done your welcome luv yea

xox peace byee bi mwah
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Money 100000,000000 dollars 15%
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How To Get Infiinite Magicoins 13%
Enter The Move_Objects On Cheat Then Get Your Sim To Buy Everything But The Butter And When He/she Is About To Delete The Sim And You Can Open The Box Agen And Agen
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Max motives 9%
If your sims have a very low motives level, in live mode, bring up the taskbar (shift+ctrl+c) then type in: maxmotives . After a few seconds, the bar will be full
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