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Other Life Azure Dreams Cheats for PSX
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Other Life Azure Dreams PSX Cheats

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Other Life Azure Dreams

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Refill Life 100%
Stand in a corner and repeatedly press Triangle and Circle.
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More rare items 100%
To get more rare items, just put 3 rare items of the same type in your safe, such as Red Sand or Mazarr Seeds. When you go in the tower, they will appear more frequently.
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Defeat Beldo easily 100%
Have Kewne present and fight Beldo at level 40, on the top floor. When your character's life is about to run out, Kewne will offer your father's sword. Use the sword to kill Beldo in about 3 hits.
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Race Cheat 100%
In the racetrack there are a number of patterns that determine who wins. Save the game at 'Mothers House' and then go to the track. After buying 10 tickets on any selection, start the race and don't do anything. Note down the outcome of the race and then reset the game. Return to the racetrack and look at the odds of the previous race. Now, bet 10 tickets and start that race and again, don't do anything. The outcome will be the same as before so you can pick out the winner.
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Hidden items 100%
A monster named Barong will occasionally be encountered In the tower. Stand next to it, and throw an item at it. It will eat the item and spit out a completely new one, including special items found nowhere else in the game. One such item is a crossbow that can be used by troll monsters. Other things that may appear include uncommon items like blue and red sands. If you do not want the item that the Barong creates, simply pick it up and throw it back at the creature again. This may be done several times before the Barong refuses to eat.
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Money $$$ Money 100%
Use the "Racetrack cheat" to get enough money for a casino. Now, play the slots. With careful timing practice, you should be able to stop each reel on "7" (jackpot). Watch the reels and count each time the 7 spins past to get the correct timing. The "7" appears at fixed intervals. After getting the correct timing, bet with the maximum amount of money for each spin to quickly build your total.

Build a casino and go to the room with the big spinner. Bet a gold piece on blue. This can be tricky, but if you master this you will get unlimited money. Press X to jump when the blue goes out of sight on the right hand corner. *** You may have to press a little before or after to get the correct timing.

Use the "More rare items" trick to get more of the Blue and Red Sands. These upgrade your swords and shields. Also use the trick to get more Wind and Water Stones. The Wind Stones will get you out of the tower and the Water Stones will fully restore your pets MP and HP. Remember to have a backup sword and shield in your safe in case you die in the tower.
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