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Ultima Underworld 2 Cheats for PC
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Ultima Underworld 2 PC Cheats

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Ultima Underworld 2 Cheats

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Ultima Underworld 2

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Keys 96%
During the game push F10 KEY

KEY= G - unlimited strenght

I - for more light

W - Level jump

Z - stop time and monsters

Delete, rename or move the lights.dat file in the DATA folder makes all the dark places go bright.

When you have magic scrolls or potions that you just wish could be used loads of times check this cheat out.

Repeatedly throw the item against a wall (or just send a fireball at it if you're impatient) until it turns in

a pile of debris. It would seem to be a waste but when you pick it up you will find out that you could use it

loads of times and as far as I know it'll stay forever.

Get one of heal, fly, restore mana, light, smite foe and you're nearly invincible. Now the only problem is sorting

them out.
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