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Urban Freestyle Soccer Cheats for PC
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Urban Freestyle Soccer PC Cheats

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Urban Freestyle Soccer

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Cheat Codes 88%
Star the game as usual, go to the Cheats menu and then enter the following codes:

Code - Effect

SPEEDY01 - Unlimited Turbo

MAXSKILL - Max Skills

GM2OPEN8 - All Game Modes Open

A11T3AM5 - Unlock All Teams

WIMP A.I - Weak Opponents

Z26BEXW8 - Micro Soccer

5Y104D9A - Unlock Streetballers Team

E06J3CT5 - Add New Item to Environment
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POWER123 66%
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1 50%
Qwerty - make a new kick of netbuster
cat - we get another goal
bat - time up
hate - time increased
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