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Wing Commander II Cheats for PC
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Wing Commander II PC Cheats

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Wing Commander II

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Level Select 100%
Start the game with the WC2 Origins m w command line (case-sensitive).
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Cheat Codes 100%
Start the game with the WC2 Origin command line (case-sensitive). Enter one of the following codes to activate its cheat function.

Increase frame duration = Alt + Keypad Plus

Decrease frame duration = Alt + Keypad Minus

Toggle eject siren = O

Display current intelligence factor = I

Destroy cockpit sections = Alt + O

Inverse graphics = Ctrl + Alt + S

Destroy targeted ship = Alt + Delete

Destroy all non-capital ships - Alt + Insert Show memory use = Alt + M

Self-destruct = Alt + Z

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Invincibility 100%
Start the game with the WC2 Origin -k command line (case-sensitive).

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