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LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Cheats for PS2
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LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
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LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

How To Kill Enemy Easly 100%
1. purchase an self destruction
2. change to R2d2, C3po or another robot
3. go to the option and turn on the self destruction
4. go to the enemy then press O and KABOOOOOOM!
By: bayu10(80)
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Stud Foutain 95%
Once you complete the jedi meter for free play and story and collect all the minikits for every single level you can go outside of the cantina and build a fountain with all the bricks you have collected and when you have done this you have your very own stud fountain that spits out a estimate of 100,000!

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Bounty Hunter Missions 95%
Purchase the 6 Bounty Hunter Characters (Dengar, 4LOM, IG-88, Bossk, Greedo, and Boba Fett) in the Cantina, approach the door with Jabba's icon over it, and the door will unlock. Inside you will find the Bounty Hunter missions.

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"Mos Eisley Canteena" cheats 94%
Go to the "Mos Eisley Canteena" and enter one of the following codes:

Code - Effect

UCK868 - Beach Trooper

BEN917 - Ben Kenobi (GHOST)

VHY832 - Bespin Guard

WTY721 - Bib Fortuna

HLP221 - Boba Fett

BNC332 - Death Star Trooper

TTT289 - Ewok

YZF999 - Gamorean Guard

NFX582 - Gonk Droid

SMG219 - Grand Moff Tarkin

NAH118 - Greedo

YWM840 - Han Solo (Hood)

NXL973 - IG-88

MMM111 - Imperial Guard

BBV889 - Imperial Officer

VAP664 - Imperial Shuttle Pilot

CVT125 - Imperial Spy

JAW499 - Jawa

UUB319 - Lobot

SGE549 - Palace Guard

CYG336 - Rebel Pilot

EKU849 - Rebel Trooper (Hoth)

YDV451 - Sand Trooper

GBU888 - Skiff Guard

NYU989 - Snow Trooper

PTR345 - Stromtrooper

HHY382 - The Emperor

HDY739 - TIE Fighter

NNZ316 - TIE Fighter Pilot

QYA828 - TIE Interceptor

PEJ821 - Tusken Raider

UGN694 - Ugnaught

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Gold Brick bonuses 93%
Collect the listed number of Gold Bricks after completing all chapters of the listed episode to unlock the listed bonus:

Episode IV Character Bonus: 8 Gold Bricks

Episode IV Minikit Bonus: 8 Gold Bricks

Episode IV Super Story: 8 Gold Bricks

Episode V Character Bonus: 16 Gold Bricks

Episode V Minikit Bonus: 16 Gold Bricks

Episode V Super Story: 16 Gold Bricks

Episode VI Character Bonus: 32 Gold Bricks

Episode VI Minikit Bonus: 32 Gold Bricks

Episode VI Super Story: 32 Gold Bricks

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All the Episode 4 character prices 93%
Effect - Code

Beachtrooper - pay 20,000

Deathstar Trooper - pay 19,000

Grand Moff Tarkin - pay 38,000

Greedo - pay 60,000

Imperial Officer - pay 28,000

Imperial Shuttle Pilot - pay 29,000

Imperial Spy - pay 13,500

Jawa - pay 24,000

Sandtrooper - pay 14,000

Stormtrooper - pay 10,000

TIE fighter Pilot - pay 21,000

Tusken Raider - pay 23,000

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Use episode 1,2, +3 characters 93%
Buy use save from cantina.
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Use all panels except storm troopers 93%
Use IG-88.

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Episode V bonuses 93%
Get 16 Gold bricks.

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All the Episode 5 Character prices 93%
Effect - Code

Bespin Guard - pay 15,000

Han Solo (hood) - pay 20,000

Lobot - pay 11,000

Luke Skywalker (hoth) - pay 20,000

Rebel Pilot - pay 15,000

Rebel Trooper (hoth) - pay 16,000

Snowtrooper - pay 16,000

Ugnaught - pay 36,000

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LEGO city Playground 92%
Get 60 Gold bricks.

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Unlock Characters form LSW1 92%
Buy Use Old Save(Extras).

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Unlock Bounty Hunter Missions 92%
Get all Bounty Hunters.

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Stud fountain 92%
Get 99 gold bricks.

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Minikit Detector 92%
In Episode V: Chapter 5, use the Force on the X-Wing. Now, start walking around the X-Wing. You will get a Red Brick, allowing you to purchase the the Minikit Detector for 500,000 Studs.

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Infinite Studs 92%
When in a double score area with another human player, kill them and collect their studs. Repeat this to gain the desired amount of studs. The amount lost will remain the same, while the amount gained after picking your partners up will be doubled.

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Bounty hunter missions 92%
Purchase Bounty hunters.

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Cantina Gold bricks 91%
Beat all 10 bounty hunter missions and story mode.

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All the Episode 6 character prices 91%
Effect - Code

4-Lom - pay 30,000

Admiral Ackbar - pay 30,000

Anakin Skywalker (Ghost) - pay 1,000,000

Ben Kenobi (Ghost) - pay 1,100,000

Bib Fortuna - pay 16,000

Boba Fett - pay 175,000

Bossk - pay 40,000

Dengar - pay 40,000

Ewok - pay 34,000

Gamorrean Guard - pay 40,000

Gonk Droid - pay 1,550

IG-88 - pay 30,000

Imperial Guard - pay 45,000

Palace Guard - pay 14,000

Princess Leia (Prisoner) - pay 15,000

Skiff Guard - pay 12,000

The Emperor - pay 275,000

Yoda (Ghost) - pay 1,200,000

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Super Character 91%
Use a bounty hunter head with a red lighsaber.

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Easy Studs 91%
While in a double score area with another human player, kill them and collect their Studs. Repeat this as much as desired to get an unlimited number of Studs. The amount of Studs lost will remain the same, while the amount of Studs gained from picking up your partner's will double.

In Episode IV: Chapter 1 - A New Hope, destroy all of the little panels that a Force user can open. You can also go through the Bounty Hunter or Stormtrooper doors and use the Force on all of the little panels on the wall. Another way is to go through the door that can only be opened with a Sith (for example, as Darth Vader). Now, use the 2x Score Multiplier to your advantage.

Play as a Bounty Hunter (Boba Fett, 4-LOM, Greedo, etc.) at the Mos Eisley cantina. Enter any mission. Character bonuses are recommended. Immediately when the mission loads, pause the game and return to the cantina. Once there, go to the outskirts of the cantina and destroy every trash can, ship piece, and platinum object you see with your bounty hunter's blaster and/or thermal detonators. Collect all Studs possible. Repeat this process as many times as desired. This is a quick and easy way to get at least 20,000 to 30,000 Studs each time.

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Episode IV bonuses 91%
Get 8 gold bricks.

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Unlock Slave 1 91%
Collect all Minikits.

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Episode VI bonuses 91%
Get 32 Gold bricks.

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Buy The 3 Ghosts 89%
To buy the 3 ghosts 1st you must beat Story mode in all the episodes and go to the bar counter then go to the cheats option and enter BEN917 which will allow you to buy Ben Kenobi as a ghost and after you beat Story you will be able to buy Anakin Skywalker as a ghost and Yoda as a ghost. The cost of all 3 is 3,300,000 studs.

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Unlock Lego City 89%
Collect 60 Gold Bricks.

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Minikit bonuses 89%
Unlock all minikits.

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Invincibility 88%
In Episode IV: Chapter 5 - Death Star Escape in Free Play mode, use 3CPO to unlock the 1st door. Now, use sum1 who has force powers to put together the fridge in the room. The fridge will open and a Super Red Power Block will pop out, allowing you to buy Invincibility in the cantina for 900,000 Studs.

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Yo!see,if yu cant unlock the bounty hunter room,just go to a level and play as a gonk droid,then go back to the cantina and youll be a gonk droid there.turn into another character and the gonk droid will be a com.push the gonk droid to the bounty hunter mission door by using anyone with the force.the gonk droid will start going in the door then switch to the gonk droid then,TADA!youll be in the room and you can go on missions even though you haven't bought all the bounty hunters.
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Lego city hint 67%
In lego city you will find huge blocks to the upper right of the city this is where people get stumped go get as many stud s as you can and stop you wont have 1 mil yet dont spend hours looking use the force and build the big blocks into the word LEGO
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Doubling your points 60%
When you reach the double score zone you commit suicide and collect all remaining coins to double your points!
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Lego Star Wars the Video Game Characters 58%
First, you can get all characters in Lego Star Wars the Video Game.

Then, you go to the store and buy "Use Old Save".

Finally, when you have got it and have it on, go to a Free Play chapter, turn on free play and you have got your own Star Wars the Video Game Characters!
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Get selfdestruct 58%
To get self destruct go to rescue the princess go in every door eventually you will see a red brick floating on a platform get it and finish the level.
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Best way to get studs 58%
What you do smash all the bins (outside of the cantina) then go on a bounty hunter mission (one where you know exatly where they are) then go back to smashing the bins

this works so well

the cheat was done pie
By: thebigpie(12)
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Attack of the kiss (glitch) 55%
Be lando clarissian and attack princess lea and see what happens
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Gat studs easier than pie 53%
Okay so you know how you get X2 studs if you kill yourself then find out where a double score zone collect lots of studs until you reach the end then you go back to the double score zone the kill your self collect all your studs(ps might need a second person) I got 600,000studs on first level!1
By: hugty(214)
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Santa clause 50%
To get santa use cl4u5h in the codes then put in tyh319 then make your caricter then put on disguise3 on then choose a lightsaber
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Be Indiana Jones 50%
1)Go to charater creater

2)Put on on Han Solo's vest,black sleeves,belt,pants and Han Solo's pistol.

3)Take off any hats and capes.Then put on Ben Kenobi's face.

4)Got to "A New Hope"Level 1(Free play with your new person), after you open the second door you will see rebel troops,go the opposite way the are.If you look on the wall away from the door you will see a pipe with smoke coming out of it.Blow up that wall,there will be a hat machine there,keep using the machine until you have a cowboy hat.

5)TADA!Now your person looks like Indiana Jones!
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Studs Like That 49%
Every time you complete Secret Plans (Episode IV A New Hope Chapter 1) throughout the whole chapter you get about 100,000-140,000 studs. If you shoot or hit everything from the sides including boxes and or the double score zone. An easy way for getting to unlock the double score zone with out finishing the game you need a character with knowledge of the dark side of the force, is by unlocking free play in Secret Plans then customizing a character in the Mos Eisley Cantina with a red lightsaber making it possible to use the dark side of the force. Next, you must enter Secret Plans and select Free Play Then you will see two characters which you can't see their face, those are the characters that are customizable. Then try to remember which character you customized in the Customization Chamber the one on the right or the one on the left. If so it's right you click on the right if it's left you click on the left character. Finnaly, you must go to the double score zone door which is the red door with red sparkles the use the force and collect studs everywhere then go on with the rest of the chapter destroying everything and at the end of the level you should have 100,000-140-000. So keep repeating this and you'll be able to buy alot of things. I bought Anakin Skywalker (Ghost), Ben (Obi Wan) Kenobi (Ghost), and Yoda (Ghost)
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Ben kenobi ghost 47%
Go to mos es cantina and enter the code - ben917
By: jamescowan11(32)
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Ewok 47%
Go tomos es cantina and enter the code - ttt289
By: jamescowan11(32)
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Jabba's Palace 46%
At The End Of The Level,You Will Have To Fight A Monster,To Defeat It,Switch To C-3PO Then Activate The Switch And A Guard Will Come Out.The Monster Will Grab it Then Go To A Bomb,Shoot It,Keep Doing This One More Time.When You Do It One More Time,The Monster Will Go To A Big Door If Its In The Big Door,Pull Two Levers To Complete The Level.
By: Homer99(317)
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Wheres the red brick in epesode 2 in secret plans 45%
Ok this is easy as pie first you guys all now where the flowers is okay get a jedi or jedi ghost and get on one flower and jump on the one flower sometimes you fail its because your not duing it riht theres gonna be a two houses and go wheres there is a mine and go strait to wheres boxes and use the force and put the boxes to lock like stairs and jump on a mediom rock thats in front of you and use r2-d2 and go where the tiny car is and push it so you can get the red brick and now that a chance to get that minikit and you guys didint now thatwhere a pudle and you guys sa the minikit and you kcodint get it you need an animal theres sipost to be there and put that animal where the hard butin is and stay until your buddy is on the other one and am mising one red brick and one minikit and I got 91.16 and I got 94 golden bricks peace daniel am 8 years old and am a profecinol at this game bie =)
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Nonin 45%
Go and buy a golmerin gard and press circle they will now help you
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Gliches 41%
I was playing lego star wars.

I was toggaling through characters,when suddenly I saw a clone trooper
it was white all over and one arm was completley blue!

i was playing lego star wars 2.

I was toggaling through charachters,when suddenly I saw R2-D2 with a stormtrooper helmet!
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Avalible character 40%
The following will be cheats on how get characters TO BE AVALIBLE TO BUY NOT TO GET STRAIGHT AWAY!

beach troop-UCK868
obi-wan ghost-BEN917
bespin guard-VHY832
bib fortuna-WTY721
boba fett-HLP221
death star troop-BNC332
gamorean guard-YZF999
gonk droid-NFX582
grand moff tarkin-SMG219
thats it 4 now but ill get more ASAP
By: pacdude3000(116)
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More ships 39%
On minikit bonus if you have old save you have the ability to get complet minikits in the first lego star wars game but only with old save.
By: RougMan(29)
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Ghosts 36%
Go to code place type ben917 then there you go you will be able to buy all of the ghosts
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Chewys stormtrooper glitch 32%
Go up to a stormtrooper and attack really close
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I - G 88 31%
Enter the code in mos es catina - nxl973
By: jamescowan11(32)
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The most powerfool atack ! 27%
Step 1: with a character with a laser sword
step 2: pres square and when the slash finish pres square again and it will do a special atack and inmidiately pres x to do a special jump and pres square again to do a short but strong atack

and if this steps are used corectly you are going to do the most powerfool atack !
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Milkman 25%
Go on secret plans (free play)and go through the first bounty hunter only door and venture through it.eventully youll come across a room with showers that you can use the force on.use the force on the 3 showers at the back and flowers and other plantlife will grow shoot all the plantlife(use a thermal detonator for be quik)and theyll be lego blocks there build all three stuff then force them together and taadaa its a milkman truck!
By: pacdude3000(116)
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Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009 23%

Select the "Enter Special Code" option at the "Extras" menu. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:


Enter 101987 as a code. It's awesome!
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How to hang out and not get killed! 21%
Ok, so go to the jundland wastes (free play) and when you get in the jawa ship imiddiatly you will see a c-3po button open it and then I have three words once you get in ok 4, kill,force,build,hang!
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