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Getting things finished quicker 100%
To get things done quicker, change the internal clock on your DS system. This trick works well if you want to get rooms built faster. Instead of waiting the normal 8 hours, just set your clock ahead 8 hours. If you need money get guests to stay, set clock forward the desired number of hours or days.
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Additional aliens 100%
To get more aliens on your save, set the system clock forward by one minute. Load your saved game and walk around for a minute. Save the game, then set system clock back to real time. The bellhop should say that you are a time traveler and that the aliens have launched a full scale attack. When you see the clock, touch it or you will lose all your sanity.

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Sink in the floor 80%
What you do is you go 2 the saloon go upstairs in jebs bedroom and go to the orange tool box on the right side of his bed and run into it 4 a few secs and go around it and you should sink in the floor WARNING DO NOT SAVE AFTER U SINK!
By: mastercw4(15)
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Homer simpson check in 67%
Save infront of the shower in your room save turn off do not turn it on for 3 hours after 3 hours take a shower call kent haket go to the room where he is then vacum dust get the glowing rock or it will fail then call tristan legend then calm him down then homer simpson will call and check him in the modern guest room or it will fail and then he will tip you 9000 simoleons and where the curtans are in the small guest room will be a balcony
By: mastercw4(15)
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How to beat the robots. 67%
You dress up as the ratticater ( which is in one of the rooms that you build) and find the location of the robots. walk up to one and press the flashing icon of a rat face in the right hand corner. when one of the buttons flashes press it.

hope that this helps.
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Something wrong 56%
On the cheat that's called 'getting things finished quicker' it says to change the time on your ds. but if you do then change it back about 1000 aliens come.
just a heads up
By: shane07(106)
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Getting people mad for more sanity 56%
If you want your sanity lvl. to go up fast then when your makeing a sim pick the $ one because you need to calm down angry sims and you can make them angry by hotting them with water with the water gun
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Lab 50%
Go to the left of the valt where the oil tanks are then sit there and a hide out will apear with big foot[he's freindly]
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Stealing money from your guests 50%
I tried it out and it worked okay so here goes oh and this is not a spam:
1.find a guest that you checked in (doesnt matter who just pick one you checked in)
2.go and evict him or her
3.once you do that go in a nearby room and come out
4.go and check in a guest then you will get the money whenever you check them in
5.then evict them and go back in a nearby room then come out
6.keep repeating it and see how much money youv earned
dont believe me try it! I was stuck on buying a vault because of the price:$3000 I only had like $299 left so I had to depend on the guests buying the magazines but when I found out about this cheat I tryed it and POOF! IT WORED!
By: LaLaLee913(1)
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How to get many items 48%
If you have alot of money go to the shop. You will see an item in the place you cant walk into and then clikck buy. Next either wait a couple days or change the time on your nintendo DS. go back to the store and another item will apper. repeat this. and if you get board with an old item, go to the store cleark and then sell the item. It will be sold for less money from the time you bought it but it will give you money. Every time you do this a different item will appear.
By: Kandylover523(184)
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How to get past first guy in the pent house 47%
Keep doing things he ask you to do and when he ask you to burie a chest in the desert at night buy a shovel from the store and on your way to the desert you will run into a girl that will give you michrophone then go to the pent house and calm him down.
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Finding Tools! 33%
Ok Heres how you find the hatchet to go other places on the island (cutting down the vines) you find
the sturdy handle in the box outside the border if the island and then find a peice of glass and then
take it to the place you make tools and WALLA THERE YA GO!

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TS2 20%
Get the volt and print money
By: skate(225)
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Sims 2, The 308390Where is the 24th license plate? dont give me the list because it only shows 23 and there's 24 license plates Answers: 2
Sims 2, The 321655Where are the goons I can't find them does any1 know I wioukd kluv it if some1 sed Answers: 6
Sims 2, The 344385How do you time travel ? Answers: 4
Sims 2, The 358549How do I refill my water gun ? I am on the part with the mole issue and I'm just wondering what should I do.... please let me know. Answers: 5
Sims 2, The 479405Where to I find the bar to make chefs fire Answers: 1
Sims 2, The 540158Where is the statute? I need to offer it some guords I think? cant find it though Answers: 3
Sims 2, The 798231How do you unlock the cow field shed Answers: 1
Sims 2, The 324576How to beat goons Answers: 1
Sims 2, The 434000How do I get into the penthouse and get the blueprints Answers: 3
Sims 2, The 451091Where do you find the cowbell? Answers: 3
Sims 2, The 495766Frankie fuzilli told me to raise my hotel's % to 20% how do I do that I tried buying rooms and that didn't help... please help meee Answers: 4
Sims 2, The 546383How do you defeat optimum alfred? he is on the top floor. I have used the water gun and rat suit on him, but nothing happens and he just flies away. please help. Answers: 2
Sims 2, The 551208I cannot get my water gun to shoot anything, it says it is full, but when I try to shoot the aliens, nothing happens...any suggestions? Answers: 3
Sims 2, The 565869Wheres the rat suite and dont give me its in the rat cave tell me where it is in the rat cave! Answers: 3
Sims 2, The 599924I cant beat the robot in the penthouse dose enyone know how? Answers: 1
Sims 2, The 612786How long to you have to squirt the lord mole thing til it goes away? Answers: 1
Sims 2, The 629361I know this sounds stupid but how do you refill the super drencher? It wont let me next to the river of sludge or well. by G.E.M Answers: 3
Sims 2, The 640660What is the lab and secret warehouse for? I have completed the game and I was never asked to build them! Answers: 2
Sims 2, The 659965What do you do once you've got the 5 mechanical points on ds? Answers: 1
Sims 2, The 664214Where do you store the mummy sarcophagus? Answers: 3
Sims 2, The 677518How long does it take to build new rooms is it more then a day? Answers: 1
Sims 2, The 701873Where can I find 5 mechanical skill points without using action replay Answers: 1
Sims 2, The 721672There's this numberplate in my managers suite near my fridge, but when I go near it, nothing comes up on my bottom screen, so I can't pick it up! :( What's going on and why can't I pick it up?! Answers: 2
Sims 2, The 740201What do you do when you save over the wrong file on sims 2 ds? Answers: 1
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