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Intimidating Hazel 97%
In paradise place once you complete all the tasks for hazel you then have to go to her and chat to her. You wil say in the game "Your responsible for your husbands murders", she then gets angry and will try to intimidate with you. Make sure your crystal thing is silver or yellow or else you will not intimidate hazel.

If you win she tells you she is responsible and shows you where the ghost in shorts remains are (you know that ghost in your house who is in the music room?) and then you bury the remains and the ghost comes back to life. I think the same goes with the other ghost with the mowhawk.
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Nice money 97%
Build up your Creativity then paint and sell paintings. Once you Creativity is all the way up you will earn 500 Simoleons for each painting.
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Fill sanity and wants quickly 96%
To keep your Sim sane and fulfill all his wants at the same time, you must 1st get 15000 simoleons. I know it sounds like a lot but after youve played for awhile you know it's like pocket change. Now, you must buy a nanovitalizer and the bed worth 6000 simoleons. Use the bed to fill your sanity and then use the nanovitalizer. If your sanity is in the gold or platinum, the nanovitalizer should fill all your wants.
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A Three Way Feeling 96%
When your Sim feels hungry, give it some food. Now, after it is done eating, it will have to go to the bathroom. After it is done going to the bathroom, it will lose Hygiene points. Make sure the Sim washes its hands. Afterwards, the cycle will start again after you go to the bathroom; it will be hungry again.
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Money $$$ Money 96%
Build up your Creativity then paint and sell paintings. Once you Creativity is all the way up you will earn 500 Simoleons for each painting.
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Passing out 96%
Try eating a little bit. Now, walk around a lot. Eventually, your Sim's Sanity diamond will decrease to the point where you fail in chatting, flirting, or imitating against another person. In the house you bought, go into the music room. The ghost will scare you, making your Sanity diamond decrease. Afterwards, after your diamond is all the way decreased, your Sim will fall on the floor and feel strange, which will make you start from your new house. You will get thrown over the fence of your house, but will feel better afterwards. It will take 500 Simoleons to get you back on your feet, and you will lose all your Sanity points.
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How to get the Night Beast! 95%
Firstly, you have to get the tazer (you have to make it with the tool table *next to the building*).
Then you should start intimidating people! And if you don't want to waste money on them getting mad at you and not talking to you also (unless you want them to be mad *will backfire though*). You should have at least one flirt or chat with anyone you think is the night beast, if they aren't the night beast then say lose relationship (unless it is really high or you want to spend the extra money).
As far as I know, you have to get up close and personal with the night beast! Basically when it is out look at it (You will pass out if your insanity isn't high enough!) The night beast looks like the girl with the pigtails! Ya, the one who's boyfriend died and all. Try Tazering her and find out what happens. But it might be fun to also tazer other people (for secrets)
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Zombie Bashing Tip 93%
If there are multiple zombies in the Zombie Bashing game, push the buttons in the order where the zombies are.

Example: There are zombies in button spots X, L, R, and Circle. You can push the buttons in any of these orders:

Order 1 X, L, R, Circle
Order 2 L, R, Circle, X
Order 3 R, Circle, X, L
Order 4 Circle, X, L, R
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Unlock Skills/Money/urgencies/sanity 92%
Go to your inventory (press select)
go to- your perks- section, click on it.
You will see a list of perks you can purchase.

Press the buttons: L + R + SQUARE

you will get a heart- that cheat will improve your skills, money, urgencies and sanity!
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Money $$$ Money (Starters Way) 89%
First, collect all the secrets lying around the desert, then do all the tasks for Mamba and debuty duncan. Then buy bella goths mansion for all your money, don't worry though... then go over to Mamba and sell all your secrets. Then she'll give you money: She will give you 100 for the tomance ones and 150 simoleons for the ghost-thingy one.

Then move to paradise place and Duncan will say that you gave all your money to bella so he gives you a bonus of 800 simoleons. All together you will have an amount of 1250 simoleons, use these to build up your house.
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How to get into devision 47 (army base) 85%
First you will need to create a sim, dress him/her up in an army suit and you will be aloud to enter devision 47.
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Learn all secrets of all sims! 75%
Talk to all sims, then make sure you have all four heart and smiley facdes then tazer them, them intimidate, tha=en you will nkow all secrets
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Sex!!!! 61%
K go into a house wit a girl in in and get mx relationshiop wit her. the go to a bed and click relax. the invite her and the hit culdle. then click whoo hoo and their your person will have sex under the covers.(does not give you kids:( )
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Before you buy bella's house, spend all your money! Then buy the house and you even get it for free! It comes with 2 ghosts and 1 maid who is also a ghost(be friends with her to find out she's a ghost
By: SB39(115)
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Item sanity 60%
Be a knowlege sim.complete all aspirations.after that when you gain an item or buy something,your sanity will fill to all the time,but deactivated whe psp iz switched off fully
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Who is the Night-beast 60%
Thenight beast is actually........................... the girl with pig tails in the salon
By: abdulibrahim(15)
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Money maken Dounuts 58%
To get some money dig in the trash can at the service station in the bathroom and sell the dounuts to to Mambo. every time you dig in the trash you throw up. use the tolit. you also have to wash your hands at the sink.
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How to get as much money and skills as you want 58%
Go yo main menu and go to the buy perks and press square+l+r and then you choose that perk and then you press activate and ten your off(do not get to much money at one time or you cant anything for your house!
By: joshman(9)
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HOW To Beat Doctor domain (or something) 54%
Goo to the computer hack it 2 go pull the cow thing then intemadatwe docteer domain (dont go to oscer) (dont worry about going to doc domain it will do it by its self use the taser to get him)
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Turning into a ghost!!! 44%
Don't eat at all and once your person is so hungry leave him/her and your person will fall on the floor and will turn into a ghost once you have turned into a ghost then go into your house and if you have got ghosts [ghost] you can walk into the room you like wichever one has a ghost in the room walk in it and you won't get scared by them {the grim reaper will call you on the mobile phone!}
By: tmntrock47(74)
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Buy items at curio shop till you can't buy anymore. buy the house and sell all items you bought from the store. you get some money back.

parakeets where?
By: parakeetswhere(23)
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Money and Motives 33%
If you enter motherlode in the cheat bar you get 50,000 and if you type maxmotives into the cheat bar your sims needs go right up! Changed my world on sims. Will it change yours?

By ?
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How to be a ghost 33%
First creat a sim try to get passed the service station and get the cell phone perk and go to a place called PARIDISE PLACE and try to lose all your sanity and if you do you will turn into a ghost. the grim reaper will call you and ask you for a package do the cheapest one but that wil turn you back to a person. enjoy it! PS try getting friends with the two ghost living in your house
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Full Sanity, skills and 999999 simoleons!!! 33%
Hold L and hold R and press SQUARE
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Cheats 20%
Press L then R then [] THEN BUY CHEAT
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