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NBA Live 07 Cheats for PS2
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NBA Live 07 PS2 Cheats

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NBA Live 07

Rating: 2.5/5 VOTE

Fouls 94%
When playing at the end of the game and opp. team is down they will foul, and if you dont want to get fouled for whatever reason there is 2 things you can do. 1. inbound the ball and avoid (run) from other players and when they catch you and start to foul call time out, this will waste time and later end the game (depends how much time is left). 2. inbound the ball to front court(with in shooting distance) and shoot a mid-range jumper before the buzzer to end the game.
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3 point Shot 93%
Hold 3 point until top of jumo and then double tap cirlce
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Recommended Team 92%
Description: All-Star team to try:
Shaq Center
Ben Wallace Power Forward
Lebron James Small Forward
Dwayne Wade Shooting Guard
Steve Nash Point Guard

Yao Ming Center
Paul Pierce Power Forward
Allen Iverson Point Guard
Gilbert Arenas Shooting Guard
Carmelo Anthony Small Forward
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Dunks 90%
There is a double between the legs dunk :

(hold r1,r2, gather o, dunk:o)

off the board and elbow dunk ala vince carter

(board-oop and hold r1, r2, gather square, dunk triangle)

off the board and between the legs
(board-oop hold r1, r2, gather triangle, dunk x)

Armpit dunk
(just the same as elbow dunk, just the right timing)

Under 2 legs
(jump from the baseline, outside gather trangle, dunk x)

acrobat between the legs dunk
(stand from mid court, throw ball to shot clock, run then gather o at 3-point-line, then dunk: x)
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Perfect Shot 90%
Description: Follow the circle. If you are losing after 6 minutes, when there is a circle with a "4" on it, step on it. It will move so keep following it. Keep doing this until it has stopped moving and then hold Circle to shoot. It will be a perfect shot. If you shoot a ball by holding Circle, there will be a color around the ball.
red = a bad shot.
yellow = good shot.
green = a perfect shot.
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Cheat mode 88%
Description: From the NBA Codes screen, enter a following code to active the listed cheat function:
Adidas Garnett Bounce (Vegas edition)KDZ2MQL17W
Adidas Garnett Bounce (All-Star edition)HYIOUHCAAN
Adidas T-Mac 6 (All-Star edition)MCJK843NNC
Adidas T-Mac 6 (Vegas edition)84GF7EJG8V
Adidas Crazy 8 (St. Patty's edition)CC98KKL814
Adidas Campus Lt (St. Patty's edition)CLT2983NC8
Adidas Equipment Bball (St. Patty's edition)22OIUJKMDR
Adidas Stealth (All-Star edition)FE454DFJCC
Adidas Gil-Zero (All-Star edition)23DN1PPOG4
Adidas Gil-Zero (Vegas edition)QQQ3JCUYQ7
Adidas Gil-Zero Mid (Away)369V6RVU3G
Adidas Gil-Zero Mid (Home)1GSJC8JWRL
Adidas C-Billups (All-Star edition)BV6877HB9N
Adidas C-Billups (Vegas edition)85NVLDMWS5
Adidas BTB Low (St. Patty's edition)7FB3KS9JQ0
Adidas Artillery II (black)99B6356HAN
Adidas Artillery II (white)NTGNFUE87H
Charlotte Bobcats secondary road uniformWEDX671H7S
New Jersey Nets secondary road uniformD4SAA98U5H
Utah Jazz secondary road uniformVCBI89FK83
Washington Wizards secondary road uniformQV93NLKXQC
East All-Star home uniform5654ND43N6
East All-Star away uniformWOCNW4KL7L
West All-Star home uniform993NSKL199
West All-Star away uniformXX93BVL20U
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The Adidas Underground 83%
How to unlock: Put in 28GQ-ABUS-M5Q7-4U54-6EE2 to unlock Team Adidas, 3 Stripes Arena, and special uniforms.
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Best Dynasty Big Man 56%
When you play in dynasty mode you can be the Magic or trade for Dwight Howard he is the best big man because he is only 24 or 25 which he will stay around for along time and if you train him with your assistant he will go from in the 80's to the 90's with inside stopper, inside scorer,and power player.
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Bang bang bang 51%
By holding the L1 button then the circle buton together it goes in
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Simulating games 47%
When your simulating a game wait till the 3rd period and see if you like the out come if not for ex. if your team is behind press x and simulation will stop then click play game but instead of playing go back and simulate again till your team wins or whatever you want the outcome to be.

Name: Demah
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Clutch time 40%
When in 4th quarter and when the opponent team started to committ intentional foul, you must sub the free throw lineup! to be sure with the free throws!
By: michaeljim23(12)
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A hint that works 39%
This hint is one that I made up. when you start a dynasty or season go to fanasty draft and choose all young players and then simulate like 2 seasons of the dynasty then your players should all be good and have a little more experience. you can play from there.
By: probasketball28(176)
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Easy Free Throws 39%
Just hit Circle nothing else.
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Action Replay Codes 38%
Please Note: These cheats require an Action Replay device.
There are 2 codes for this game.

This game requires an AR MAX 3.14 or above to work.

Infinite Store Points
By: efhilt(544)
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Easy way to make free throws 35%
A better way to make free throws is to use the same right stick, but push it a little to the right (but do not push the right stick all the way, just a little bit). The after you move the stick to the right, press the circle button and may go in, depanding on the way you may have push the right stick, but it is better then the regular way.
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Best team in NBA 34%
First try to create a team then load up your roster with c.chamberlin l.bird k.bryant p.perice l.james shaq y.ming mcrady wade odom billups prince
By: kickmen100(62)
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Extra money 33%
When your doing carrier mode make sure you do alot of three pointers that gives you extra money
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