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The Fast And The Furious Cheats for PS2
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The Fast And The Furious PS2 Cheats

Rating: 3.3/5 VOTE
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The Fast And The Furious

Rating: 3.3/5 VOTE

Drift Battles 84%
*** This does not include the grip/drift battles.
Description: Do power overs (aka donuts) in one location to get many points. Have enough room to do the donuts or you will hit rails. Use your Clutch (L1) + Gas (X), and when in the donut keep them both held with your direction held to either the left or the right. Try using the '67 Mustang Fastback. To be able to buy the car you must complete and win a few roll up races.

Set-up specs for the '67 Mustang Fastback:
Nitro None
Intake/Exhaust Level 5
Fuel/Ignition Level 5
Supercharger None (leave stock)
Intercooler None
Suspension Level 5
Brakes Level 5
Transmission Level 5
Clutch/Flywheel Level 5
Weight Reduction Level 5
Tires Stage 2 Drift
Differential None
Namebrand Rims Wedsport Kranze Cerberus II
Front Rims/Tires Smallest Rim Size/Smallest Tire Width
Back Rims/Tires Largest Rim Size/Largest Tire Width
Spoiler None

Use transmission Level 3 while drifting. It helps keep drifts going longer without stooping.
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Recommended car 81%
Toyota Supra: Put all Level 5 parts on it and it can reach 250 mph.
Corvette Z06 : Tune it as follows and it will be able to reach over 270 mph. Set everything to Level 5 except Gearbox (Level 3) and Differential (Level 4).

*** Corvette Z06 is fast but has too much hp for drifting. A good drift car is best if it is between 400 and 500 hp and with Drift Tires Level 4, Gearbox to Level 3, and Turbo/Supercharger to Level 2 or 3.

It is recommended that you only use FR/MR/AWD cars in this game. All the FF cars are slow even when fully tuned.
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Tips for beating Torreto or Brian 81%
To beat Brian :
Use a light car (for a good drifter and a good braker) ex.rx-7
Tips: dont go to much fast because some of the bends are too curve, if you wnt to go fast you must get DRIFTING

To beat Torreto: a fully tuned car with Nitrous LV 5
Tips: use nitrous when starting
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D.K. 79%
Use the Brake Drift on the entire track. This is the easiest way to complete the track.
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Boss's Car 78%
When you have defeated all the members of a crew, you are left with the crew's Boss. After defeating the Boss you will be awarded with their car and a new performance upgrade. Right on!
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Grip Battles 78%
When doing Grip Battles in the mountains it is easier to win if you treat it like a drift match. You will take corners faster and finish quicker.
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Racer & Car references 76%
Location: Find famous names and cars throughout the game, such as cars and actors from the 3 The Fast And The Furious movies, cars from D1GP and Formula D, and drivers from D1GP. Torreto's Muscle shop: Dominic Torreto from The Fast And The Furious
Hans Tuning shop : Tokyo Drift
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Money $$$ Money 75%
How to: Purchase the $35,000 '02 350Z Fairlady Nismo S-tune, then turn right around and sell it back for $37,300. It is fully tuned as it comes, so its potential is limited.
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Tuning Limitations 75%
Cars that are won from defeating Bosses cannot be tuned.

Special versions of cars cannot be tuned, such as the Nismo Skyline, or any other car that was a specially tuned version from the manufacturer.
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The best drift car is the tureno, it costs about 8000$.Put all the modifications in level 5.To build an awsome drift car
By: kalley(37)
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The best drift car (very very helpful) 71%
The best drift car is the 86 trueno sprinter . you can find it in the toyota dealership . its truly awesome. from the starting to the end I used this car. do the following and you will be able to win every top speed , drift and destination battle. you can also win the grip battles if you have the drifting skills ( I beated brian o conner).
fully tune every thing to level 5 or 4 according to what you have.
in modification add a spoiler between type 3 and type 7. in width, keep the front tyres the smallest and the rear tyres the biggest because they help in side drifting and countersteering . now it has the fastest accelaration in the game and you can match it with any car in the game. it becomes very powerful . but you need to practise a little to use this car cause its very light (after weight reduction of 401 kg ) good luck and just submit a question and write "1@$$"in front of it ill try to answer in. good luck
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Start with drift battles. 69%
At the menu, when you choose new game,after you defeated Hanzo the faker from velocity,buy a fr car and set it as a drift car.Start with drift battles first,and collect an enough amount of money to buy a new and faster cars.For me drift battles are to easy even in the hardest touge that is mount suicide.Ya 'all should try this tip,its really helpful to you all.See ya!

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Supra rz 66%
Upgrade supra rz all level5 and very goes fast and can turn very well
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Markelikins117 62%
$500,000money cheat:R2,R2,L1,L1,Up,Down,Left,Right
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Mobil Drift Terbaik 61%
Madza RX8 Mazdaspeed2 dan Madza RX7 Type A
Di Jamin kamu akan Memenagkan Drift Kurang Lebih Bisa 30.000
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Good car for suicide mountain 59%
I used the following setup to beat a few drifters at suicide mountain, and i'm sure it will work on other tracks too

99 Silvia S15 Spec-R Aero

upgrade it to get a total of 413 bhp. from suspension thru differential upgrade to highest, tires level 4 DRIFT. the reason I put drift in caps is cuz when I went to race the last opponent, d'stars boss at suicide mountain, I did all of the above, but I accidentally put level 4 GRIP and when I went to race him it didn't drift right. after I put lvl4 drift on I beat him on my second try, and I am not the best drifter, trust me. this setup will smoke'em and all the rest of 'em. good luck.
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Best begginig 59%
When you first start buy the 2somthinsx put only performance upgrades put nos on first.then go to the auqa line and get about 25,000.then go to the us dealer ship and buy the mazda rx-7 r1.its fast stock so you can put veilside bodykits on once you get enough money
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Speed car 59%
First race all around until you unlok gto twin turbo buy it put all on lv5 (except transmission put on lv3) and grip tires lv4 if you have lv5 use it I reached 232 mph with nos and 210 without it
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The best car to start!!! 59%
When you finish the firs race of the game ,u will get to buy your own car ,buy MRS tor or pro it is a very good car to star your game
By: sam khan(20)
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Good and bad drift car 59%
For me,the best drift car in this game is 99 silvia s15 aero,tune it until 413hp then use a stage 5 brake,stage 5 suspension,and stage1 drift will work better with braking drift and clutch kick.
silvia s13 is different with s14 and s15 ,its harder to control even you tune it just for 300hp and the best handling level because when you already in the drift,the s13 is very hard to sway back again and easier to hit the barrier,the last one is 1997 s14,its a good car because its very easy to control as silvia s15,just tune it until404hp,and all handling to stage 5 (exept tyres at stage 1 and LSD at stage 30)and your s14 will rule the touge! trust me! try my tips and you will rule this game even with the hardest difficulty
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Drift king 58%
Have a trouble when drifting this is a beat tip first go to sucide mountain buy any cars accept awd cars install a drift tire lv 5 then beat anyone you want if you challange d.k just do a power over drifting until it's score 30.000 then just go to the finish line
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2nd best car!!! ! (280mph) 57%
To get started get 96k and go to the US Dealership and buy the Corvette. The one that costs 75,850 (Z60). Then go to a Tune Shop and buy everything level 4, if you have level 5 then buy it for that item, except on the transmission, buy level 3. That one is for racing. And for the Visual upgrade, do what ever you want. Leave the place and go on the AquaLine and hit the gas and use the nitro and you will go 280mph! That will get the babes if that was in real life.
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Unlock LF-A concept 57%
After you beat DK another group called Dstars
Beat the D stars boss at suicide mountain
And you win the lexus lfa concept
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Fastest Car!!! 55%
1986 Sprinter Trueno,

buy all upgrades (level 5)! and watch it smoke every other car!

this car fully tuned kills the z06 and the LF-A
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Earn the title king of the streets 54%
If you have really loved the game, then do as the following,
first. forget about roll-up races, you wont stand a chance without a super luxury fast cars.
second, the easiest races are top speed races, after you get a FR or MR car, Use nitros to get a head start,
third-cars won after boss battles are useless. do not buy the cars thatlly are already fully tuned.(eg250,000 US dealership car)

save money and buy-
either Toyota Supra
or Corvett 206-top speed and acceleration is all that matters
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Sprinter trueno 54%
The sprinter trueno is awesome on drift battles.
i think its the best drift car on this game
it practically owns the competition!
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Good 1st car and strategy!! 52%
A very good 1st car is the cheapest one this car is EASY to drift so you can skip the aqualine and go strait to the drift mountain. it leaves you cash to tune it, so make it about 300hp(if you have the money. if not, 200-250hpor anything between 250 and 300hp.) and put grip tyres on it. leave the looks alone for now. then beat guys in the first crew not including boss(buy nos to beat him) at aqualine. when you're done with the first crew, go to the tune shop and put drift tyres on your car. then go to thefirst drifting mountain and race the one that'll give you the most $$$ until you have about $30,000 then go to the us dealer and buy the rx-7 and sell the cheapest car. since I first bought it all my drifts are PERFECT! tune it to have around 350hp. but don't go over. then buy lv. 3 tyres and do only drift racing with it. race until you have enough for the zo6 then buy that car and do grip races in it. ps. the rx-7 might take some getting used to, so practice. don't buy the 350z it's hard to drift in that car and don't buy the silvia s15 it requires a veeeeeeeeeeery low amount of hp. and even then it runs into the wall too much. go on from there and at the atami touge beat han and when you beat him keep beating him until you have as much $$$ as you want. trust me, this works. I done this and now have around 1.5million.
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Free nos 52%
L1 l2 r1 r2 up down square triangle up down l1
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Best starting car 52%
I reckon the best car to start with would be the nissan silvia s14 ks aero (if you can afford it)if not then by the same but Qs aero.They are brilliant cos I started off with one of them (forgotten which one)and I completed the game within 5 days.I didnt use any cheats.
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Top secret 50%
Have a probelm at grand tour

nissan skyline if you have unlocked it just give it full tune but the rims brand is nismo because it helps the handling but watch out the boss car has 730 hp don't get a bump or your are in trouble if you one easier buy a zo6 full tune accept supercharger lv 2
By: tristanpwg(48)
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Nos first 50%
Buy the 180x in the begining of the game and upgrade with nos first and could goes up 185 mph and upgrade more and it will be faster
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Money!!!! 49%
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Best car drift 49%
The best car for drift is fairladyZ
By: ec2crew(1448)
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To get 9,000,000 48%
R1, up,down,r2,l1,12
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Undercar light 48%
First delete one car then go to Yabitsu then press : L1,L2,O,X,R2 then you can pick your own color then battle any car then you will get it
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I gott all the cars! 46%
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Free car 46%
Choose a free car from any dealership with no money
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Unlock all 44%
While playing type in r1,l1,o,l1,r2,,r1,square
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Fast and furios tokyo drift 42%
When you get to dk at suicide mountain go do all roll up races and buy the 67 shelby fast back tune it every thing lv 5 and your good to go it costs about 16,365,569 but make sure you have everything done before racing dk and to get money got to aqualina bridge hootspot and keep racing the last crews boss
By: DKmaster(16)
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To get a dodge viper 40%
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A good way to get dicounts at tune shops. 40%
When you get a car go to any tune shop and go to piant then go to villie and if you look though the vinlies that start with d you should find a dalie driven villie and in the v's you should find a volosty vilnie. I did
By: gunfigher555(22)
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Starting Car 40%
The best starting car is the "93 Nissan Silvia
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Recomended car for drift 39%
Use Toyota A 86 tureno for drift battle put turbo lv.3 intercooler lv.2 drift tyres lv.5 Nitrous lv.5 brake lv.5 all parts except (turbo and intercooler) put in lv.5 your tureno will be 250-300 that the perfect hp for drift! try it..
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Fast and cheap car 38%
99 silva s15 spec-r aero upgrade everything max excapt gearbox make that lvl 3... myne went 222.4mph with nos wihout 215.3
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Final boss beatdown 38%
If you want to beat the final boss(grand tour),the easiest way is to be head to head with him.Try to lure him to the traffics,that should slow him down.Then,if he is far enough,just enjoy the grand tour and relax.Good luck!
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The cheapest car but fasest!! 37%
When you are about a qauter way throught the gameplay in career mode, buy a dodge charger it goes 223mph using noss and 193mph without and it costs 32,000 and it nearly wins all the Top Speed Battles!
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How to get a 350z easily 36%
First, buy the "93 silvia (nissan) then tune it up with Nos then complete a hotspot (any) then go to han's tune shop and sell your parts and then go in your prize car then go to any dealer then sell your car ("93 nissan silvia) then go to the nissan dealer using your prize car then buy the nissan 350z.:)
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Dodge viper 33%
At robo garage press r1,r2,o,o,o,l1,l2
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Best beginning Stradegy!!! 32%
Buy the Nissan Silvia S14 KS Aero then beat Criss 4 times. After that, warp to a Tune Shop and buy level 2 NOS and go back to Aqualine Hot Spot and beat the next guy (Tommy). Beat Tom 5 times and then go to a tune shop, upgrade the transmission to 3 and your good to go!.!.!. Then keep racing the boss of DailyDriven until you get 79k then buy the 3rd Corvette (Z06) at the US Dealership!
By: Dlizard12
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