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Paper Mario Story Cheats for N64
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Paper Mario Story N64 Cheats

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Paper Mario Story

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Quit Game 100%
While playing a game, hold L2 + R2 + X to lose.
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Force CPU to Quit 100%
While playing the CPU, on controller two, hold L2 + R2 + X.
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Paper Mario Story 381267Is there paper mario for wii cheat codes? if there are can somene tell me an cheat code that makes me not hurt when an enemy attacks me? PLEASE FIND ONE Answers: 2
Paper Mario Story 562788Hey, um where or how do you get to the sixth star? I am dyeing to know! Answers: 2
Paper Mario Story 984120In paper Mario 64 in Yoshi village when you get to the tree with the spring on the bottom how do you talk to the raven on the top with a hut Answers: 0
Paper Mario Story 59000HOw do you get to Shiver City after rescuing the 6th star spirt by defeating Huff N Puff? Answers: 1
Paper Mario Story 426233Can you continue the game after you beat bowser? Answers: 1
Paper Mario Story 71982How do I beat the lava pirahana Answers: 3
Paper Mario Story 261852How do you get to bowser plz tell me fast? Answers: 1
Paper Mario Story 400118How do you get to the door to shiver city Answers: 1
Paper Mario Story 220167How do I get water to plant the bean in flower fields? Answers: 3
Paper Mario Story 256562How do I get to tubba blubba on windy hill, im stumped! Answers: 1
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