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Crash Bandicoot 1 Cheats for PSX
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Crash Bandicoot 1 PSX Cheats

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Crash Bandicoot 1

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Extra Life 98%
On the `native fortress`level,when you get to the top of the gate,go to the 3 fire pits that are beside eatch other,jump on the middle one and press the up button.You should land on a piece of the gate that is smaller than the others.Now,go forward and go left and right and you should gain an extra life.

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Extra time 98%
When you are in the level plantfood, there is an easier way to win the timer to get a gem. when the timer 1st starts keep going until you get to the bonus level. jump on the platform and when you get to the level, just jump over the edge. since it is the bonus level, you will not lose any lives. yuo will just be standing next to the platform but you should have about 1 minute and 43 seconds added to your timer. NOTE:if you die after you get the extra time, the timer will stop and you will have to reenter the level to get the gem.

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Cheat 96%
t=triangle x=x b=box o=circle

You'll notice that there is only onn line but enter the 1st 3 thing and tada!!


Where to do it=At the cheat-password screen

What it does=Every Level, 100% compleate score, both keys and all gems.

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Ride the coloured gems 96%
In order to ride the coloured gems you will have to get all the boxes and not die in the levels which give you a coloured gem instead of white

Yellow gem: The Lab

Green Gem: List city

Apricot: Slippery Climb

Blue: Toxic waste

Light orange: Generator room

Pink: Lights out

Once you have done this find the levels which have oloured gems in it (eg: jungle rollers) then ride the gems and you will be able to get the white gem much easier.
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Extra 27 Lite. 100%
It Level Castle Mercia You Well Have The Green Gem
The Green Gem Is Percent On Level (The Lose City)
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Game 100% Complete 82%
With this cheat the game is 100% complete (All levels, Gems and Keys).
At the main menu, go to the Password screen and enter the following:

Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, X, X, X, X.

The cheat maybe does look long and the field where to enter password looks too short, but don't worry, the field box gets bigger and then the text above the box is "Enter a Super Password", instead of the ordinary "Enter a Password".
By: RipperRoo(320)
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Never End Light Glitch 67%
This Glitch Works From Level Fumbling In The Dark Go Backward You See 4 Aku-Aku.
Get Aku-Aku With You Fail And It Work!

Note : When You Use This Glitch And Get Aku-Aku This Glitch Is Not Work!
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Bosses 32%
Her is howe 2 defeat evry singl boss in the game!

Papu Papu: jump up on hiz hed wenevr you can. wen hez got no HP left, dodge him sow he doesnt fall on top of u!

Ripper Roo: git used 2 hiz patterns & hop on 2 the "Big TNT's" so that thay explod next 2 the pletfoorm that hel jump 2 next. Don't git hit buy the TnTs either, n dont let him touch u, ore you git damaged.

Koala Kong: dodge the bowlders and TNTs, n nok the bowlders bak at him that stey on the grond. but dont let a mine cart get in betwean you and Koala Kong when you shoot the bowlders at him, ore the cart will blow up, n Koala Kong wont git hert

Pinstripe Portoroo: hide behind the fernature. wen he switches sids, het hem, then hide agan. wen his health sas Pinstripe Pot-hide on the rite sid, den, wen he jams his gune, hit hem. do that on da left sid, then wen hez on the chare, and the glass behind him breaks, n hez dead!

Nitrus Brio: jump on the grean blobs that com owt ov da grean poshins. dodge the perpel wons, n wen he drinks a poshin, use the bloks 2 jump up n bownse Nitrus Brio on the hed til hez ded!

Dr. Neo Cortex: dodge his lazers, n blok bak the grean wons. som hav to git mor than 1 2 damag Dr. Neo Cortex. the credits show wen you win.

Hoped this helped a lot!
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