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Perfect Dark Cheats for N64
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Perfect Dark N64 Cheats

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Perfect Dark

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Invisibility 100%
To get this cheat you have to win the level listed in under the time limit. Also on the difficulty level listed. Beat the G5 Building: Reconnaissance in under 1:30 on Agent difficulty.
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Infinite Ammo 100%
To get this cheat you have to win the level listed in under the time limit. Also on the difficulty listed. Beat Pelagic LL Exploration in 7:07. On Special Agent difficulty.
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Break into the Carrington Institute Website 100%
To break into the Carrington Institute website ( ), use the following user name and password: Username: solaris Password: pal32ver21z Enter these at the 'agents only' section of the Carrington Institute's site and you will be granted access to a new area complete with information on "CI Scientists Missing", DataDyne files recovered, biological sampling system and intelligence reports.
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Easy way to beat Challenges (Glitch) 100%
I figured out a cheap (but VERY effective) way to beat every single combat challenge in Perfect Dark, each in as low as 1 second! No you don't have to have a GameShark or DexDrive, but you gotta have at least 2 controllers to make this one work. Read these directions carefully! 1.) Have player 1 select Combat Simulator and select Advanced Setup. 2.) Player 2 Presses Start 3.) Player 1 Selects "Load Settings" on the Advanced Setup menu, but does not select any setup yet, just stays at the "Load Game Settings" menu. 4.) Player 2 selects the challenge they want to beat in the Advanced Setup menu. Player 2 presses start until the green "...and waiting" screen appears. 5.) Player 1 Selects the Game Settings They want in the Load Game Settings Menu (NOTE: You must have a custom or already made setup, you cannot alter it after you load it.) 6.) Now player 1 can drop out or join the game it doesn't matter, of course staying in will give you 2 stars instead of just one. If you want to save some time, make a custom setup beforehand. Choose a level, some sims and a limit. As long as any person can reach the limit or have the highest score you will win the challenge.
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Game Hint 100%
How to get into the pond punk bar in Chicago.
Start off by shooting the guy nearest to you.
Then make your way to the black car with the FBI guy next to it. If you turn left slightly you will see a metallic blue door. Open that and go down it, but make sure the guy at the bottom does`nt see you. Shoot him in the foot then run down all the way trough the door, shoot the 2 guys, then wait by the locked double doors. Most of the time the guard will come hobbling through and open the double doors.
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Shortcut in Mission One 100%
This trick helps you in no way during the solo missions, but it's still pretty cool. First you have to unlock the grenade launcher and actavate it. Now, in mission one, after you get off the roof and kill the 1st guy, go through the doors. Then kill the 2nd guy. Turn the corner and blast a grenade at the pipe. Then go down the pipe. You will be in a small room. Blast away at the walla nd go through! You will be in Cassandra's office! Objective one is in the bag! P.S. This works really well to fool the other person in counter-operative mode.
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Unlocking Special Assignments 100%
Mr. Blonde’s Revenge is unlocked by completing all solo missions in Agent difficulty or higher. Maian SOS is unlocked by completing all solo missions in Special Agent difficulty or higher. WAR! is unlocked by completing all solo missions in Perfect Agent difficulty. Duel is unlocked by finding all weapons in the solo missions and gaining at least a Bronze rating on each weapon at the Carrington Institute Firing Range. Unlock Perfect Darkness (new difficulty setting) by beating all solo missions in Perfect Agent.
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All guns in solo mode 100%
To get this cheat you have to win the level in under the time limit. Also on the difficulty setting listed. Beat Skedar Ruins:Battle Shrine in under 5:31 on Perfect Agent difficulty.
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Warehouse Floating Glitch 100%
Go to Combat Simulator. Chose your character. Chose the level "Warehouse". Then start and go to room with the tall building. Go up on of it and walk to the edge of it. Then wait for sum1 to kill you. if another player drops by he'll see you floating!
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Shoot outside shooting gallery 100%
First you must go to the basement and find the floating crate push B to grab it. Take it in front of the shooting gallery door. Push B to let go of it and open the door grab it again. Take it through the glass door where you shoot. Turn around while holding onto it and let go of it while the door is open the door shouldn't be able open now. Then go to the computer and push B and pick any gun. You shold now be able to shoot anybody or anything outside the shooting gallery. Using rockets and grenades you can make all of the lights go out. If you shoot the guns in the displays they will disappear. You can shoot outside of the door but if you go past it your gun disappears.
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Where to Destroy flying cars 100%
In any of the levels in the DataDyne Building go to the floors where you can look out and see cars flying. Shoot the glass and gaze out over the night sky. Shoot any of the cars with the CMP150 and they will blow up PS: Great way to kill people in the room next to you.
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All Weapons 96%
From MAIN MENU type, L,R,C-UP,C-DOWN,C-UP, C-RIGHT, and the screen will shake, that means the code is activated. You can also, get this code by beating a certian level in a certain time.
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win all levels 96%
: at the begin press abab
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Easy way to kill the last boss 96%
when you get to the last boss take out your 2 alien weapons(forgot what their namames are)then open the door shot him and when he goes to charge his sheld shot the pillars then close the door keep doing this and you successfuly will kill the last boss
*** it will only work in agent mode will not work in special or perfect agent mode.
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To get a naked Joahna 93%
1. Go to area 51 2. Get out a laptop gun 3. Using the laptop gun shoot sum1 in the head 4 times 4. Exit the level 5. Go to the opening screen 6. Play any level and Joahna will be naked
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Flying of level 1 31%
If you go to level 1 open the first door go behind it then close it and open then go up on the heili pad and jump of as you are direclety hedin to the door try to get on the door then crouch and go left SLOWLY the run as fast as you can then you will be out side the lercane tower thise is relly usfel on perfect agent
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Hacks 25%
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