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Gregory Horror Show Cheats for PS2
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Gregory Horror Show PS2 Cheats

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Gregory Horror Show

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Hard Mode 100%
Complete and save the game to unlock the hard difficulty setting.
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Alternate Title Screen 100%
Complete and save the game to unlock an alternate Title Screen background.

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How To Get Evil Nurse Catherine's Soul 50%
When you wake up you will find a note under your pillow from Neko Zombie. After reading it, you will be automatically taken to Neko Zombie's room, where he will tell you about the evil Nurse Catherine.

You will have to go after Catherine's soul. It is the first proper chase for a soul in the game. When you leave Neko Zombie's room you will be likely to run into Catherine, who says something to you and then runs away. Do not run after her. Go to the dining room in the lobby.

When you enter the dining room there will be a door saying "Kitchen" on it. Enter he kitchen. Walk to the end of the kitchen and you will see something glinting in the rubbish bin. Pick it up. You will receive a new Key Item "Banana Peel". You can switch between Key Items using the L and R buttons on your controller.

Leave the kitchen and look at your map by pressing the SELECT button. If you haven't already got your ground floor map, talk to Gregory and he will give it to you. He has hidden the maps for the other floors of the hotel to try and get you lost, saying that he has "misplaced" them.

You will notice on your map that Catherine is making a circular route around the hotel. In order to get Catherine's soul you need to leave the banana peel on the floor somewhere where she will be walking. The most ideal place to put the banana peel is outside your room door. Then, go inside your room and peek through the keyhole and wait for Catherine to come.

When she slips on the banana peel, there will be a cut scene of her falling. When the cut scene is over, leave your room and pick up the soul as quick as possible. When you pick it up, you will be automatically taken to Neko Zombie's chamber. When he finishes talking to you, you will be automatically taken to your bedroom, where you will lie in your bed and hand the soul over to Death.
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