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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Cheats for PS2
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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life PS2 Cheats

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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

How to have a daughter 98%
Go to the harvest sprites' house. In their home there is a pot in the back. Chat to the pot 100 times (you will know you are there when the pot says "you win"). Chat to one of the 3 harvest sprites, they will ask you what your wish is, say that your wish is to have a daughter. Your child will be a girl instead of a boy. (*** this must be done in the 1st chapter of the game)

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Marry Lumina 94%
To marry Lumina you must give her flowers of any kind. Also give her Moon Ores from the Dig Site. She likes both. As long as you give her one a day it does not matter which one you give her.

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Games 91%
There's so many games at the valley. You cn challenging some person at the valley.

-Rubbing tombstone.
You is only can do this at second year where moment of Nina dead and of Galen have moved to a small maisonette across the garden property of Vesta. come around 06.00 A.M talking and to him, accept its challenge to rub tombstone of Nina.

-Territory Campagne.
Go to Kassey and Patrick fireworks at 10.00 A.M talk to Kassey or Ptrick and accept his challenge.

-Drinking Milk.
Go to Inn at 01.00 P.M and talk to Rock and accept his challenge.
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Son Or Daughter 89%
At the end of the Chapter 1 you can choose between having a son or daughter.
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The Person who have the gift for you 86%
Some characters will give you some gift if you be they friends.

Nina: Recipes.
Romana: Watering Can E, Cat, and music book.
Grant: Alarm Clock.
Vesta: Weird Hoe.
Flora: Choker.
Carter: Cihuaha.
Cody: Metal Statue, and Weird Sickle.
Gustafa: Small Drum.
Ruby: Recipes, and Ruby's Special Spices.
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Get 3000 coin 72%
Go to dig stite at 3year . get the stone disk sell to van talk to him if he says  "i take 2500" say no and you can get 3000coin
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How to win Nami's heart and cutscenes for her!!!! 70%
Nami is the best girl that you can marry. If Nami seems like your girl then each day at 9AM go talk to her in her room in the Inner Inn ( her diary is the blue book on the desk ) anyway do this everyday and also talk to her when she leaves the Inn. Dig at the digsite and give her the wierd statues or fossils and in Fall give her the trick blue flower. It takes 5 gifts to win a pink heart (trust me it works)

When she gets 1 pink heart exit your house around noon ( 00:00PM )then you will get a scene with Nami choose the second option which is "OK do what you like" and she will look around your farm the say that she is jealous of you and leaves ( this is just her hiding the fact that she likes you )

When she gets 2 hearts follow her to the bar ( 6:45PM - 7:00PM ) go in after her and a scene will happen she shall ask why you are there choose the first option which is "is this seat taken?" and you will start up a conversation then on the next conversation choose the first option which is taling about how nami went to forget-me-not when she said she likes travelling choost to turn to her and nod she will get surprised and she will giggle then leave when she is long gone Muffy discovers that Nami forgot to pay for her drink. Choose to pay for Nami be sure to bring money) but soon later muffy will have a pink heart for you. If you only want nami then show the blue feather to her she will reject it thus making her heart turn to green. if you wanna keep muffy's heart and nami's heart. then that's OK.

When she has 3 hearts enter your house at 8:00AM Ruby and Tim will come to your house saying Nami is missing choose to look for her they will get surprised then all of you leave to look for her you then arrive in front of the Inner Inn sadly Nami can\'t be found suddenly she will then come out of nowhere asking whats going on she only came back for Ruby\'s cooking ( supposedly ) ruby and Tim then go to make Dinner Nami will talk to you kinda nervously saying stuff like I didn\'t know you cared so much then enter the Inn afterwards you will get control of your character but it is 11:00AM Wow. If you never got the cutscene then woo other girls and show he blue feather to other girls it will make nami jelouse liking you more.

When she has 4 hearts enter the Inn in the morning when Nami is there she gets a letter from her parents saying she must get a job. Say that she can work on your farm she will refuse but is still happy you would let her work there.

In late winter when she has 4 hearts go into the Inn and Nami will come down the stairs Tim will talk to her but she just ignores him follow her and you will wind up at the beach you will find her crying saying she will have to leave since she is nearly out of money say that she can live with you she will get super happy then the scene ends ( this is like another way to propose to her ) When you give her the feather she will take it Immediately without hesitation. Or you can just give nami the blue eather and you will get engaged to her. if you give the feather to nami when she has 3 or 2 or 1 heart she rejects it so be sure it is 4 hearts to propose to her. Another way is to not propose to her at all then at spring the first chapter 2 she will come to your house saying if you got a girlfriend or someting. Choose to propose to her.

If you don\'t marry Nami she will leave before she sees you and your wife this can be really depressing. but if you go to the blue bar when only Patrick and Griffin are there a scene where a few guys start talking saying they miss Nami agree with them then Carter will come in saying he just saw her all of the guys rush out to find her choose to chase her and you will find her outside surrounded by guys she will be happy then they leave when Tim comes out to see whats going on then leaves to whip up some food for Nami. You and Nami have a chat choose the option stay as long as you like and Nami will always stay now yay ! ( she must\'ve had at least 2 hearts in the 1st chapter for this scene to occur in chapter 2 )
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Infinite Gold 51%
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Infinity gold 41%
Infinity gold 1500g
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Ryuryuj 37%
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